It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


25. Boyfriend

Zoe's POV ;

"Okay I've disappointed you, I'm sorry. What do you want me to do? I'm stupid that I haven't called you. I'm stupid for thinking you're the last one who will help me. I'm stupid. I'm freaking tired Ashton"

"I want you to understand. Understand that I'm not the second or the third.. I'm the first Zoey, I'm the first who will be there for you. You're driving me crazy when you think twice if it's okay to do something about me. I'm your boyfriend for gods sake, if I'm not there who will be?!"

"Did you just.."


"Never mind"

"See? You're doing it again. Say it."

"Did you just said you're my boyfriend?"

He smiled "yeah. Something's wrong?"

"It's just weird"

"What's so weird about it?"

"It makes me feel different"

It made me feel more confident about him, about us.

He started driving..

He stopped and unlocked the car doors "goodnight"

I couldn't help it anymore and jumped over him as my back faces the wheel, I took my palms and brushed his hair off of his face, looked into his eyes, dying to kiss him but knowing I won't stop on his lips this time. "Don't leave"

"I have work and you have school, I'll pick you up tomorrow?" He grabbed my waists


"After school"



I was going to get back to my chair but he didn't let go.



"I won't stop there. I can't."

He laughed "oh really? Now I'm curious"

I tried to take his palms off of my waists but just couldn't.

"Kiss me"

"No Ashton"

He took one hand off and locked the car doors again. Then took his palms and laid them on my cheeks. I closed my eyes.

"Kiss me Zoey"

That's my breaking point. I opened my eyes, laid my palms on his warm cheeks, and pressed my lips against his.

We kissed but I wanted more, I'm not really sure what, but I wanted more, more of him.

"Ashton.." We didn't break that kiss "we need to stop"

I pushed him away "I have to go"

"I know" he unlocked the doors

I went back to my seat and then out of the car "goodnight"

"Goodnight" he smiled

When I arrived I closed the front door quietly and went upstairs.

The alarm woke me up. I got up with the best mood ever.. I fixed myself and went downstairs.

Dad set on one of the chairs, a paper in one hand and a coffee in the other.

"Good morning" I kissed him on the cheek and walked to the kitchen to grab something to eat

"Someone's in a good mood"

"What? That's my regular mood"

"Yeah okay"

I came back with a cup of coffee and a chocolate bar "I'm going to Emma's after school so you can stay at work"

"Are you sure she's okay you always there?"

"What do you mean?" I took a sip from my cup

"You seem to hang out there more than you hang out here"

"Well she invites me all the time.."

"Invite her too"

"I can't"

Are we still talking about Emma?

"Why can't you?"


"You said 'I can't'"

"Oh. I meant I will."

"Okay.." He looked at me weirdly "c'mon let's go"

Lunch time

I took a salad and some fries today and Em as well.

"Ashton news. Start" she spotted an empty table

"That's how you call it from now on?" I laughed and followed her

"Good right?" She took a seat

"So listen, dad started talking about sex yesterday, and I felt like I have to get out of there.. I said I'm going to your place, anyways I ended up lost. At around 12am I texted you and Alice, but you didn't answer. Then I texted him. When he arrived he was all mad at me cause I didn't talk to him first and blah blah."

"Get to your freaking point Zoe"

"He called me his girlfriend! Can you believe that?! Well not exactly his girlfriend.. It was more like 'I'm your boyfriend blah blah' but it works in both ways"

She laughed

"What are you laughing about?"

"You're cute that's all"

"What?! I'm not cute! Why?"

She kept laughing "you have something innocent in you I don't know.. I honestly thought you'll say 'we did it' or something" she took a bit from her fries

"Did I mention I want to?" I took a sip from my water

She took the bottle out of my hand and spilled some on me "you what?!"

"Now I'm wet. Thanks."

She smiled

"Why the hell are you smiling?!"

"Nothing.. You said 'I'm wet'" she started laughing

"Very mature ha ha"

"Aren't you scared?"

"I am." I wiped my partly wet shirt "I still don't know for sure though.. Yesterday I wanted to rip all of his clothes off of him.. And now.. I don't know"

"Do you want me to go buy condoms with you?"

"Can we not talk about it while having lunch? Oh and I'm coming over after school"

"When will you actually come over after school?"

"We should have like a girls weekend"

"With nail polish and make up and cucumbers on our eyes and.."

"I was thinking more like pizza and movies"

"Shut up. I'm covering for you.. Let me decide"

"Okay okay"

"And have fun by the way"

I smiled.

Schools over. I spotted Ashton's car. He's here, like he promised.

I took a seat and closed the door. "Hey"

"Hey. How was school?" He started driving

"Boring. Work?"

"Same. I waited for this all day"

"Me too"

I know it's just me and him having some quality time together, but this time we planed it. It's like I don't have to worry on getting home quickly cause something might show up.

He unlocked his apartment and opened the door to let me in first.

He closed the door "so last night after we separated.. I made a bet with myself"

"Oh you did? What about?" I set on his couch

"About how far will you go in a kiss"

"Ashton. I'm warning you."

"You said yesterday, and I quote 'I won't stop there'" he set next to me

"I can't believe you remember the exact words"

"I'm not finished yet. One Ashton said 'she's a kid, her limit is being shirtless' the other Ashton said 'she'll go all the way through it'. Who do you think is right?"

"They're both very stupid so non of them"

He came closer and brushed some hair off of my face "want to find out?"

I backed off "you know what? I actually talked about this with Em today.." I got up and started walking "I told her that I think I'm ready for this." I took a seat on one of his bar chairs in the kitchen "and she.. She offered me to go buy condoms together" I looked down to my thighs "now.. Now I'm not really sure that's what I want"

He came closer "Zoey I was just teasing you"

"Ashton for me this is a big deal. It's not just 'sex'. What if I don't like it? What if it'll make me feel awful? What if I'm too shy to even take off my shirt in front of you? It's way more complicated than you think"

By this time he was already next to me, hugging me from behind, laying his chin on my shoulder

"You're cute you know that?" He smiled

Great. Second time today I'm being called 'cute'. It's not that I don't like it, it's just makes me feel like a baby.

I ignored it.

He took his chin off of my shoulder and turned my chair so I'll face him.

"We're going back to scared again. It's fine." He smiled and brushed some hair again "I know guys can't understand girls fears but I'll try. I promise I'll try" then his palm on my cheek "don't close your eyes" he laughed

Well he knows me..

"Now what?"

"Now, you and me" he lifted me and I grabbed the back of his head "are going to watch a movie" he started walking towards the couch "and I'm going to hug you" he kissed my forehead "and protect you from the bad guys"

He set on the couch and I'm on top of him. He grabbed the remote and played a movie I didn't recognize. My head on his chest, feeling his heartbeat, being in his arms, feeling safe.

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