It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


35. Band practice

Zoe's POV;

When I woke up this morning I had a text message from Ashton that said 'don't forget our thing today baby. Have a good day.'

When I arrived back home I had lunch all by myself and before I noticed the time, dad has already arrived as well.



"Have you eaten already?"

"Yeah like two hours ago.."

"And Alice?"

"I don't know. She hasn't got out of her room since I arrived."

He went to check on her and I managed to hear a few sentences.

It was something with how was school and a movie he wants to watch with us later today in the cinema.

They both walked into the living room, dad took the remote and switched into his rugby thing again.

"Dad?" I played with the pillow I had on my laps

"Mm" he kept his eyes on the screen

"I'm going to Emma's later. okay?"

"You'll miss a great movie with me and Alice"

"I'm good thanks."

"I'll drop you by her house on our way to the cinema then."

"It's okay actually.. I'll walk"

"No you won't" he laughed arrogantly

"Dad we've been living here over three months now, I think I know the way."

"You still can't walk alone."

"Why?!" I raised my voice

"Do you want to stay home instead?" He finally looked at me

"Okay. Drive me."

He turned his look back at the tv.

My outfit was simple but yet, cute. It was a pair of black skinny jeans, not ripped this time. A grey Rolling Stones tank top that didn't even show an inch of my skin. A black and white vans. And Ashton's bracelet, that was always on me. I let my hair fall down this time, and that's about it.

Before I went back downstairs I texted Ashton to pick me up from Emma's instead and he was okay with it, like always.

I waved at him and he left with Alice. I set on the sidewalk, staring down at the time on my phone.. Waiting for him to arrive.

He's here.

"Hey" he smiled

"Hey" I closed the car door after me

"You okay?" He stroked my hair with his palm

God I missed the way he touches me.

"Yeah" I smiled back

"Okay, now.." He started driving "there's four of us in the band, me, Luke, Calum, and Michael."

Oh, like Emma's Michael.. I'll remember that name for sure.

"Are we good?"

"Yeah. Keep going."

"Okay, now, don't freak out if they're like teasing.. goofing around.. being dicks.. That's their way to welcome someone new" he smiled " I talked about you a lot with them and I told them I talked about them a lot with you, which is not true. You basically supposed to know which one is who cause you already supposed to know them."

"Wait, why would you tell them you talk about them with me?"

"Cause they would think I'm stupid that I didn't tell you about them, about the band."

"Well.. They're right."

"Don't tease me missy.. It'll come back at you."

"I'm so scared. Please no." I laughed

"We'll see.."

Okay now I'm really scared

"So who's Luke?"

"Blonde hair, blue eyes, lip ring, amazing voice.. You'll see."

"And Calum?"

"Okay, the most important thing is not to call him Asian. He hates that. Black hair, brown eyes.."

"So Michael is.."

"He's the weirdo. We all are, but he's like the ultimate one. You'll love him, you'll love all of them... They already love you." He smiled again

"Really? What have you told them about me?"

"That you're great. That I love spending time with you.. Things like that"

I'm so annoyed that he can talk to people about me and I can't. Well yeah.. Emma... Maybe Alice from time to time, if she's on a good day.. But that's it. Two people.

I'm glad he didn't hide our relationship though, that he's proud of me.

"Do they know about.."

"Your age?" He looked at me and then back on the road "yeah of course."


Did he tell them we did it? Do they think I'm a slut who sleeps with a 20 year old guy?

"Hey.. Cheer up" he noticed the tone of my voice "look" he rested his left palm on my thigh and rubbed it gently "you'll love them. And if somehow you won't feel comfortable there, I'll make something out and we'll leave. Okay?"


We arrived to a beautiful neighborhood. It was a two story house, with a garage by it side, a few pretty tall trees and some flowers as well. Looked like in the movies you could say.

He held my arm and we started walking towards the front door. He opened it like it was his own private house and I followed him.

In the living room a blonde haired guy was sitting next to a brown haired one, I guess that's Calum and Luke. He left my hand to hug them and it felt weird, like he was a rope that held me from falling and someone ripped it. It felt unsafe.

"Guys, this is Zoey."

"Ohh so you're the famous 'zoey'.. Nice to meet you, I'm Calum." He reached his hand for a shake

I shook it "hey" I smiled

"And this is Luke, he's a bit shy you know.. You're a girl.. He gets all.."

"Shut up" Luke punched him "hi I'm Luke" he reached his hand as well "and don't listen to this idiot"

"So where's Michael?" Ashton asked

"In the kitchen" Luke answered

"I'll go get him" Calum said

"No stay here. I'll do it." Ashton stopped him

Calum grabbed me by the wrist and led me to the couch. I didn't resist him.

"So how's ashton?"

"What do you mean?"

"Does he treat you right..? Things like that.."

"I don't want to be rude but I don't think you're the one I'm supposed to talk about this with" I smiled at him so he won't feel like I'm mad or something

"Why not. He's like my brother.. We tell everything to each other" he smiled back

"Still.. You're a guy."

"So.. I've had girlfriends before."

"It's still not the same. What do you play in the band?" I tried to change the subject

"Ashton didn't tell you? I play the bass"

"Oh right. I remember that.."

"You play something as well?"

"No I suck."

"We all are" he started laughing

Ashton and Michael walked in. My Ashton, and Emma's Michael. What the hell is he doing here?!

"Hey Zoey, I want you to meet.."

"Michael. Yeah I know."

"See.. I talk about you guys all the time." He referred this to Michael

"What are you doing here?"

"Play in a band.. You?" He answered like he doesn't know me

"Do you guys know each other?"

"Umm.. I don't think so.. I probably confused him with someone else.."

"Okay.." He gave me one of his weird looks again "you okay? You look weird.." He checked my forehead with his lips

"I'm fine!" I backed off

I don't know why, but the fact Michael ignored me, made me angry.

"Oh! Look at the time!" Calum looked on his watch-less wrist "band practice is waiting!" He got up "everybody move your asses to my freaking garage!" And ran out of the door, screaming 'hehehehehehehe' and waving his hands.

He's definitely the funny one.

Everybody has left the house and me and Ashton still stayed in there.

"I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to.."

"It's okay" he left too, ignoring my last words

He's not okay. And I'm going to pay for that later.

I just tried to catch up and follow him so I won't get lost. They all had their instruments on them. Michael with his guitar, like he told me. Calum with the bass, and Luke with a guitar as well. Ashton went to sit behind the drum kit that was placed behind the boys and all I did was to sit on the dusty couch and watch them argue what song should they rehearse this time.

"Zoey you decide." Calum stopped all the speaking voices "sad song by we the kings, check yes Juliet by also we the kings, or go with Michael's choice which is.."

"Check yes Juliet" I stopped him

"Your boyfriend's choice." He smiled and then looked back at Ashton

"1, 2, 3, 4!" Ashton counted with his drum sticks and they started playing.

I have to admit, they were amazing.I wanted them to play more but they were all very tired and I didn't want to sound needy..

"So.. Did you like it?" Calum brushed his sweaty hair off of his face

"You guys are amazing."

"Told you we're suck" he smiled

"Wish I'd suck like you.."

"Ask Ashton to teach you. He's the suckest." He went out of the garage

Ashton talked with Luke and Michael abouth music things I guess and after a few minutes they both left too so just ashton and me stayed in there.

"Are you mad?" I broke the embarrassing silence

"I'm sweaty." He did the same hair thing as Calum did

I walked closer to his drum kit, where he was sitting "don't ignore my question"

"I'm dropping you home then?"

"You want me to leave?"

I swear I felt a pinch in my heart when he said that

"Hey hand me that towel over there" he pointed at the box in the corner which had the towel on it

I grabbed it and walked closer to him again "you want it..?" I waved it in front of his face

He tried grabbing it but I kept pulling it back.

"I'm too tired for games right now Zoey.. Just give me it."

"Come and get it." I walked backwards but kept my eyes on him

He got up from his chair and walked towards me "here" he threw his car keys to me "wait for me in the car" and when he was close enough he took the towel from my hand

"Why do we have to leave so early?"

"I don't know.. I just don't feel like 'staying' you know..?" And he left the garage too

I unlocked his car and just waited for him in there, thinking what have I done wrong. Except the raising voice thing in front of his friends.

After a few minutes he arrived

"The keys"

I handed it to him. No teasing this time.

"I wanted to say goodbye you know"

He ignored

"You can't just ignore me whenever something doesn't sound right to you. That's not how relationships work."

"What do you know about relationships anyways.." He talked with an arrogant tone.

"Don't use this card again. The fact that I haven't dated someone by far has nothing to do with my knowledge about relationships."

"Oh really.. If you say." He laughed. Arrogantly

"Would you stop?!"

"Doing what?!" He stopped the car surprisingly "is that bothering you? Are you hurt? You want your daddy?"

I don't know why, but the word 'daddy' made me look at him differently. I've never thought he'll use it. That he won't get that low.

I didn't say anything. I just teared. The fact that he thinks that way about me.. Made me lose it.

Me. Zoey. Risking everything I have. For him. For this guy, who thinks I'm a baby. Maybe he doesn't worth it after all.

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