It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


24. A yellow swing

Zoe's POV ;

"I'll be gone for the weekend and I want to make sure you two are okay with that."

"That's all?!" I said

"Dad likes to make a big deal out of nothing.." Alice whispered me.

"We're fine dad" she said

"Yeah it's just a weekend" I continued

"I'm not sure though. Maybe I'll find a babysitter and.."

"What the hell dad I'm 15"

"Yeah but still.."

"I don't wanna hear any 'but's. I'm 15 and I can take care of myself and my 12 year old sister for a freaking weekend c'mon"

"Hey watch your mouth there."

I rolled my eyes

"Don't you trust us?" I played with my spaghetti

"I do"

"Then stop worrying all the time" she added

"We'll talk about it later. Now eat."

We finished eating. Dad went with Alice to her first ballet class and I stayed with the dishes. Then I went to take a shower and when I went back downstairs they were already back.

"So how was it?" I took the towel off of my head

"Bad" she crossed her arms and set on the couch

"What happened?" I referred it to dad

"Well she thought she can do some professional moves and ended up on the floor while everyone's laughing at her"

"It was humiliating" she stared at the turned off tv. Still crossing her arms.

"Well" I walked towards her "if it makes you feel better" I set next to her "I can't dance either"

"Me neither" dad added

She smiled

"Dad she smiled" I screamed cause he was in the kitchen

He came back with some weird dance moves and a cooking pot on his head. We all laughed.

"I love you guys. But I still feel awful.. I'm gonna lay down a bit" she gave me one of her fake smiles

A few minutes after she left the living room, dad tried to start a conversation.

"So how's in school?"

"It's fine.." I kept my eyes on the tv

"What about boys?"

No. Just not a sex talk.

"What about them?"

"Have you laid your eyes on someone?"

"Dad you don't talk like that anymore" I got up

"But you know what I mean"

"Yeah" I walked to the kitchen

He got up and followed me

"So have you?"

"Dad I don't have a boyfriend if that's what you're digging for" I opened the cabinet, and obviously lied. Again.

"I just want you to know a few things about love. For example me and your mom.."

"Oh no. Dad I know this story by heart" I took a glass out of it and filled it with water

"When we first met" he ignored my reaction "I immediately felt it, and she would say the same. There was her dad though. He thought I'm using her.. I was seven years older and she was very young when she had you but it didn't bothered us, we wanted to make our own family."

"Dad what's your point?" I stopped him and took a sip from the water.

"What do you know about sex Zoe?"

I choked.

"What the hell dad?!"

"You know I don't like it when you swear"

"Well you surprised me" I took a paper towel and wiped my mouth "I'm not answering that"

"Yes you are"

"I feel very uncomfortable right now"

"Deal with it. Now answer"

"Jeez what's got into you"


"It's about two people who love each other. Can I go now? I have plans with Emma." I lied.

"Do you know how to.."

"Dad they talk about this in school, it's not like I'm not expose to this kind of stuff. Can you stop?"

"You can go.."

Now where the hell I would go to?! Emma is out. I didn't think much, just grabbed my jacket and my phone and left.

It was dark outside and I had no idea where I'm heading to.. In some point I was freezing, my legs hurt from walking and when I looked down at my phone it was 12am.. And dad didn't even call.

Message to: Alice

"Hey are you up?"

She's probably asleep cause she didn't respond.

I sent the same message to Emma. She didn't respond as well.

I'm in the street, alone, midnight time, freezing, can't hold myself anymore, lost.

Ashton. I couldn't think of someone else besides him. And also because he's the only one who left.

I didn't want to be a bother so I didn't call. If he's asleep he won't wake up from the text ring.

Message to: Ashton

"Are you up?"

* lost in stereo lost in stereo * it's him

"Did I wake you?"

"What happened?" He sounded sleepy

"I'm.. I'm kinda lost"

"What do you see around you?"

"There's a playground and.. Cars" I was very confused

"The swing is red or yellow?"

"How do you know there was a swing in the.."

"Just answer"

"Its yellow"

"Stay there. I'm on my way" he hanged up

I didn't mean to wake him up but I needed help.. And he was there. Like always.

A few minutes passed and he arrived. I got into his car.

"Did I wake you? I'm sorry" I brushed his blonde curls off of his sleepy eyes

"I'm fine." He looked mad

"What happened?" I kept touching him

He took my palm off of his face "what the hell were you doing here?!"

"Funny story actually.."

"You could've get hurt!"

"Relax it was just a.."

"Why didn't you call me earlier?!"



"Stop talking and listen. My dad started a conversation about sex and I had to get out of there. He didn't call me since then so he probably fell asleep. He thinks I'm with Emma."

"I'm still mad. Why haven't you called?"

"I didn't want to wake you up"

"I'm actually not mad anymore"

"Good" I came closer to kiss him on the cheek

He backed off "I'm disappointed Zoey"

I went back to my seat and crossed my hands "drive me home"


Great. One of his games again.

"Ashton I don't want to start a fight, especially not now. Just drive me home."

"You can walk" he locked the car doors

"Very funny. Open them"

"And then what? You don't even know where we are" he gave me an arrogant smile

"Open the fucking door Ashton"

Things became serious

"I will. After we're okay"

"I don't want to be 'okay'. I have school tomorrow I want my bed."

"Well you don't always get what you want"

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