It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


13. A pretty long chapter

Zoe's POV ;

It's already morning. Emma sleeps like an angel with a tiny smile on her lips, guess its because she finally took that thing off of her heart. Poor girl.

I got on my feet to make some breakfast and saw a note on the dining table.

"Good morning sweetie. I went out to do some work stuffs, yes on Saturday too. Your sister's at a friend she met at school. All the numbers are on the refrigerator. Love, dad."

I barely see him lately. The house is too quiet and as I hate to say this, I kinda miss Alice's yelling at me or dad being around bothering me to do my homework or helping him to pick a tie..

I wasn't that hungry after the noodles last night so I just made a cup of coffee and set in front of the tv as usual. I don't know anyone in here so it's not like I have something to do. Except Emma of course.

She woke up about an hour after I did.

"Morning" she walked towards me

"Morning. How are you?"

"After last night? Better, thanks to you."

"I didn't do anything and you know that"

"What?! Of course you did. Zoe if it wasn't for your safety, I would keep that secret forever."

"Listen, about that.. I don't think asht..."

"Promise me Zoey." She didn't let me finish the sentence


"Promise me you won't meet this guy"

"Em.." I got on my feet

"Don't call me Em.. Promise me"

"Emma I'm.."

"Okay I get it. Thanks for last night. See you at school." She took her phone and left

Dad came back around noon.

"Hey! Barely seeing you around lately." I hugged him

"Yeah well.. Let me make it up for you and Alice then." He threw his keys on the table. "Tonight, Alice you and me, whichever restaurant you will choose, my treat"

I laughed a little cause it's always on 'his treat'.

"Sounds great"

"Great. Now I'm going to take a shower, call your sister and tell her about the plans."

On our way to the restaurant I got to see some of the places in Sydney.. So different from what I've seen by far, good different.

We took our reserved seats and looked in the menus.

"Hello mates. Today I'll be your waiter. Are you ready to order?" A soft Australian accent, just like Ashton's, heard beyond my menu. I lifted my head up, hoping it won't be who I'm thinking it is. Well god probably hates me. It's Ashton.

He stared at me for a bit but didn't say anything.

"Umm well I'll take a hamburger and a diet coke please" Alice said

"Yeah sounds good. Me too please."

"And for the young lady?" He smiled.

It was the same smile he gave me after he called me 'young lady' at the shop the other day.

"Dad?" I turned to him like it was my first time visiting a restaurant.

"She'll have the same. Thank you." He handed him our menus

And Ashton walked away.

Most of the time I spent avoiding him. I felt embarrassed. When we finally got out of the restaurant I remembered I left my jacket on the back of my seat.

"Hey dad..I forgot my jacket there."

"Then go get it." We'll wait for you in the car.

I obviously didn't want to come back and get it cause Ashton was there.. I just walked as fast as I could, grabbed the jacket and prayed to get out of there before he notice. He didn't.

When we got back home I took a long bath, relaxing my mind a bit. It didn't work though, I thought about Ashton, wondered if he thinks I'm a bitch for letting my friend shout at him through the phone. Thought about Emma and how mad she is at me.

It's Monday morning and dad woke me up. Sunday was boring, I did absolutely nothing.

Threw something on me after I brushed my teeth and went downstairs. Dad pushed me that he'll be late for work and me for school so I didn't even have time to grab something to eat. Shitty morning after all.

I saw Emma by the lockers.

"Hey" I smiled at her

"Hey" she looked angry

"Look I'm sorry okay?"

"Zoe I don't need you to be sorry! I just can't believe why would you want to meet him after what I told you"

"Em, you're a good friend, and I appreciate it. But let me do what I think is right"

"Going out with a 20 year old boy sounds right to you?"

"See? You're doing it again." I rubbed my face with my palm

"Okay okay. Listen, I'm not fine with it BUT"

"Oh oh oh oh I hear but"

She smiled

"But I'll be supportive if you think it's right"

"Supportive how?" I crossed my arms

"I don't know..I'll.. I'll.. I won't bother you about him"

"Yeah that's fair enough" I reached to hug her

Lunch time and I'm starving.

"Hey where's your phone? I want to text my mom. Mine's dead"

Then I realized I didn't use it the whole weekend. Or at least after the restaurant.

"Didn't bring it today, sorry"

"Hey wanna come over after school?"

"Sure but how will I tell dad?" I took a sip from my apple juice


"Hey but you can come over if you'd like"

"You have food?"

"Yeah" I laughed

"I'm coming!"

2:30pm and dad's late. I can't even call/text him. Half an hour later, me and Em are still waiting..

"Maybe he has some trouble at work..wanna come over anyways?" I asked her

"Yeah sure. Let's walk"

It was so hot outside. I should appreciate dad for driving me all the time.

We got home and I placed the keys on the dining table.

"Hey help me look for my phone. Haven't used it since Saturday night."

No matter where we looked, it was gone. Em charged her phone at my place cause we have the same kind so she had it working.

"Hey give me your phone. I'll try to calling it"


"I don't hear any ring" she said

"Em..someone answered"

"Hello?" I said "who is it?"

"You should watch your stuffs better" the person giggled. A giggle I know

"Yeah I know. Who is this?"

"It's Ashton."

I kept in silent

"Hey are you coming to get it or I'll just keep it for myself?"

"Umm.. Yeah.. Sure. Where do you live? I mean where.."

"It's fine" he laughed. His amazing laugh. "The restaurant you've been to, two days ago, go two blocks down the street, there's a building there. Ring Irwin and I'll get you in"

"I'll be there. Bye" I hanged up.

My voice was normal. For the most of it at least.

"Who was that?" She shook my arm

"Um it was.. It was Ashton"

"What?! But you called your phone"

"I know.. I probably left it at the restaurant on Saturday"

"And again, how did the phone got to Ashton's hands if you left it in the restaurant?!"

"Oh I didn't tell you.. He was our waiter"

"What?! And you didn't tell me by now?!" She punched me

"Well ouch...Listen I'm gonna go get it"

"Oh you're kicking me out I see"

"No you asshole. You have to be home so incase my dad calls you.. I'm at your place and we're doing homework."

"You have such an amazing luck to have me as a friend"

"I know.. And I'm going to make it up for you. Now get out"

"I like shoes!!" She yelled

"Okay bye bye" I slammed the door

"Especially heels!!" She kept yelling through the door

She makes me laugh a lot.

One thing I forgot. How am I getting there? A few thoughts passes by...I could...Maybe I can.... I don't have time for this! Dad's gonna be home in a few hours and I need to be home by then so he wouldn't ask questions.

I just started walking.. I don't know where..

Dad always lecture us to carry some coins whenever we go out cause we don't know when we may need them. At this moment I appreciated him more then anything. I saw a pay phone and dialed my number.

Pick up pick up pick up pick up pick up pick up

"Hello?" It's him

"Ashton it's Zoey. The one who.."

"I know who Zoey is...Hey what's up? Are you coming?"

"Well.. I don't know how"

"You're lost? Did you forget my directions or.."

"I can't remember the way to that restaurant and I can.."

"Where are you?" He didn't let me finish the sentence

"I'm at some pay phone, I think it's like.."

"Don't bother. I'll find you" he hanged up

Well I have to say I was pretty shocked.. I didn't think of him as this kind of guy. Very confident one.

6pm. I assume. Me. Sitting on a sidewalk. Crossing my hands. Waiting for some stranger to drop my phone.

He came with a car I assume was his. He walked towards me, reached his hand to help me get up.

"Thanks" I smiled.

His hands are

"Hey no problem" his dimples appeared. Something I missed

Why am I still thinking of him like that?! He's just a 20 years old guy who had been nice to me. That's all.

"Umm your.. Your phone" he handed it over

"Thanks. Again"

"You don't speak much. Do ya?"

"Why are you here?" I stared at my phone, trying to avoid eye contact with him.

"You've left your phone in the.."

"My friend was mean to you. I ignored you at the restaurant... Why are you here?" I cut his words

"I find you interesting"

My face started hitting. I don't know why. The guy just said I'm interesting... I don't think it's a compliment

"You don't know me." I don't know why I said that

He placed his palms on my right cheek and lifted my head up to make an eye contact. I backed off

"I didn't mean to.."

"Can you take me home? Please?" I don't know why I said that either. The guy just touched me, and first thing I'm doing is asking him for a ride back home. Fantastic.

"Yeah of course. Give me directions"

10 minutes of silence. Except for right, left, straight.

"Thanks for um.. The phone.. And the ride.. Goodnight"

"Zoey. I'm sorry" he sighed

"I'm just.. I'm a little bit tired. Bye"

When I got home Alice was on the couch, watching tv, and dad didn't arrive yet so I'm pretty lucky. No questions for today.

"Hey I'm gonna go take a shower and then straight to you need anything?" I took my jacket off

"Ohh look who's here. No I'm good"

"Okay then"

Did my things and hoped to fall asleep like a normal person this time.

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