It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


15. A date?

Zoe's POV ;

I'm going to tell Em anyways.. She's my friend. My best friend. I don't want to keep things away from her and no matter how much she hates knowing I'm meeting someone who's 20, she needs to be supportive.

The day went pretty fast.. At lunch time I decided to tell her everything. The phone drop, the car drive, me asking him for more..

"One day Zoe, I didn't come to school one day."

I laughed

" it serious?" She moved her food away

"I think.. I really don't know. All I know is that he made me feel something special, something magical"

She just stared at me for a while..smiling.

"So how's your mom?"

"Better now.. She wants you to come over by the way.. For a sleepover. She likes you a lot" she smiled

"I can't remember how it's like to have a mom.."

"Oh I didn't mean t.."

"No it's fine.." " I got over it" I think

"Well.. If it makes you feel better.. My mom is your mom"

"You know I love you right?" First thing I thought about

"Yeah I'm amazing"

"Okay shut up"

She giggled

2 classes cancelled so they dismissed us.

I got home..turned on the tv.. And fell asleep.

At 4pm Alice woke me up.

"You won't sleep at night if you keep napping...wake up!" She shook me

She was right but I had nothing better to friends to go out with.

"Do something with your life"

I laughed cause a 12 year old girl, almost 13, tells ME to do something with my life.. What does she know about 'life' anyways.

"What're you laughing about?"

"Oh nothing nothing..." I didn't want to start a fight

"Hey what about Ashton?"

"What about him?" Just hearing his name makes my heart beat faster.

"You have a what couples do..go out."

"He's not my boyfriend" I felt sad a bit "Alice stop lecturing me and fuck off"

"Wow.. Shouldn't touch that subject I guess"

"Yeah bye bye" somehow I got angry at her, very angry.

"Oh by the way I need you to get out..or go upstairs..whatever you'd like. You just can't be on the first floor, dad said it'd be okay"

What the fuck is she talking about


"Non of your business" she paid me back for being rude to her, and had a tiny smile as well

I would answer the same I don't blame her. The Ashton subject is something she can't touch.. Not right now at least.

Message to: Emma

"Hey can I come over? My sister's doing something and she needs the house"

Message from: Emma

"Let's go out. I'll pic you up in 10"

So lucky to have her.

Her mom drove us to the mall and left.

"Hey I haven't eaten since lunch today..wanna grab something?" She pointed at macdonalds

"Sure" I wasn't that hungry actually

I didn't eat.. Just drank diet coke.

I also did shopping not long ago so clothes weren't something I needed. Em bought shoes, shirts, skirts, dresses, everything looked perfect on her.. I still wonder how come she doesn't have a boyfriend yet. You could easily fall in love with her beauty.

Her mom drove us again. I need to thank her sometimes for that.

I got home and went straight to my bedroom. I wasn't tired cause I napped earlier and watching tv again seemed to be a headache.

*lost in stereo lost in stereo* it's ashton

"Hello?" Answered again like he's some kind of a starnger.

"Heyy how you doing?"

"I'm..I'm fine. And you?" Every time we talk it feels like the first time.

"I'm good.. I was thinking maybe you wanna do something?"

Did he really ask that right now? He wants to meet me again?

" right now?"

" you have something better to do?"

I had nothing to do.

"Not exactly.."

"Great so I'll pick you up then. Be ready I'll be there soon"

I quickly texted Em that I'm going out with him so if my dad always I'm at her house.

I didn't know where he takes me..what should I wear? A dress or that it's too fancy.. Just a shirt and the skinny jeans I have on right now or that it's too sloppy.. Eventually I went on a black high wasted skirt with a Rolling Stones crop top and fixed my hair into a messy bun.. I have curly hair so it's hard to control it.

Went downstairs all set and ready to go..

"Where are you going?"

"Non of your business" I gave her an evil smile

"'s that boy ashton" she knows exactly what buttons to push on

"Alice..please, stop."

"What?! I didn't do anything"

"I know you..I need you to promise me again, especially after today, that you won't tell dad."

"Chill I told you already..I'm.."

"Alice. Promise me."

"I promise I promise"

"Thank you" I sighed

I walked to the front door, picking my jacket from the back of the dining table chair, and suddenly dad walks in.

"Hey babydo..." His mouth was wide open when he looked at me.

"Hey dad" I smiled and hugged him, trying to ignore his weird reaction to the way I dressed up.

He never sees me wearing skirts that's why.

"So where do you think you're going young lady?" He said. Just like how Ashton calls me.

"She's going to Emma's dad. Don't you see?" Alice saved me

Dad turned his look to her and his back to me. Then I moved my lips 'thank you'. She winked.

"Okay dad I really have to go..I'm already late. Bye."

"Wait. Do you have a ride?"

"Don't worry!" I kissed his forehead and went outside before he'll change his mind and tell me he wants to drive me or something.

Ashton was outside waiting for me in his car. I checked twice to see dad doesn't check on me..

"Hey" I set in the seat next to his

"'re..pretty" he looked at me like I'm some work of art.

"Thanks" I began blushing "you too" I tried to move the conversation subject to him

"I'm wearing my work clothes" he laughed. Dimples appeared..they made me smile.

I guess that if he wear his work clothes we're not going to some public place..being alone with him.....I don't know what to think.

"So where are we going?"

"You'll see"

I looked on the view from my window and the way he drove was familiar..then I saw the restaurant my dad took us to. His house. He's taking me to his house.

"Any idea where are we going to?" He looked at me and the back on the road

"Your house" I kept looking through it

"I hope you don't think it's lame" he started parking

I didn't think it's lame. I though it was cute. I didn't answer him though.

We got out of the car and he locked it.

"Follow me" he reached his hand to grab mines

A few stairs and he stopped by a grey door 'irwin' still holding my hand with his, unlocking the front door with the other.

His apartment was a normal size one. Perfect for one person, two at the most. He had an island in his kitchen, perfectly clean. A living room painted off white with a large couch and a small tv. Framed pictures hanged on the wall above the tv, the people in there seem to be his family, and a square coffee table between the tv and the couch with 2 empty bottles of beer on it and some magazines.

"Feel comfortable..I'm going to change" he threw his keys on the island. Like my dad does.

I went to look at the framed pictures on the wall.. Turned around to the kitchen, passing the hallway I haven't seen yet, and watching him walking back to the living room half naked, struggling wearing his shirt.

I turned my look back to the living room, so he won't see me staring at his bare chest.

"That's my family" he said from the kitchen, referring to the pictures on the wall I'm looking at "coffee?"

"Yeah sure" I walked to the kitchen, maybe exploring it too.

I set on one of the high chairs by the island. "It's beautiful. Your house I mean."

"Thanks" he smiled. Dimples. Dimples. Dimples.

"You know I'm 15 right?" Why?why do I have to be so stupid?

"Yeah.. Your friend yelled it at me the other day"

"Sorry abou.."

"It's fine" he cut my words and it didn't seem to bother him as much as it bothered me.

"Go grab a seat on the couch, I'll just finish here"

He placed our cups on the coffee table and set next to me.



"Wanna watch a movie?"

"Yeah sure"

The movie was boring and I felt sleepy. I crossed my arms because I was a bit cold but too shy to ask him for something warm, I decided to close my eyes and hoped the tiredness and coldness will disappear.

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