It must be love

15 year old Zoey moves to a new town. How will she handle it? Ask Ashton


37. A crowded place

Zoe's POV;

The three of us had that breakfast tradition this morning. It's basically pancakes dad make and some other goods, and then receiving the presents. Dad brought me a new phone, which I was very surprised about cause I just got my own room. I hugged him. And Alice told me I'll get my present tonight after I'm back from the birthday party.


The whole hall stopped and looked in both if us from that screaming.

"Shhh keep it down."

She rolled her eyes "and what's that beautiful thing?" She meant the new phone

"My dad got me it.. Put your number."

On lunch we talked about what she planned for the party tonight.

"So there's about 100 people or so and.."

"Excuse me?!"


"How come there's 100 people when the most I know is 10?."

"You don't have to know them.. People in here hear a party and they're there. The reason doesn't really matter. Get used to it honey."

"I don't think.."

"Next is the music. I don't know about your taste but there's a lot of alternative and stuff to make them dance a lot. You dance right? Anyways. The drinks. There's no alcohol in my house, according to my mom's rules. But, I've hidden a couple of beers in the basement without her knowing of course so we're good. Oh and one last thin.."

"Em wait. Maybe this isn't a good idea after all.. Maybe I should just stay home."

"You're not ditching me now. I've got people, I've got food, I've god beers for god's sake."

"You said yourself the reason doesn't matter for them. C'mon."

"You're coming and that's the end of our conversation."

"I didn't even want this."

"Don't start now. Every other person would kill for a party like that."

"Well I'm not 'every other person'. I like to stay home and get fat in front of the tv and not worrying about my make up all day or how short that skirt is. Maybe it's topical for the girls on here but I'm not like that. I'm sorry if it was hard for you to plan all this party thing but I honesty won't enjoy it like some other 16 year old girl would. So can we please just cancel it?"

"No. Not now. I've inverted people Zoey. It's too late now. Let me introduce you to people, dance a bit. You'll love it."

I sighed

"Stop acting like it's the most horrible thing ever. You'll thank me later."

I rolled me eyes.

I hate getting too much attention. I hate parties. I hate being the center of an event. I hate it when people think they know what's good for me.

I went to rest as soon as I got home. Threw my bagpack on the floor, change into pajama, covered myself up with a blanket though it was super hot outside, and fell asleep.

I woke up, washed my body, styled my hair with a messy bun although it didn't actually fit to this kind of an event, wore I cute pretty tight grey color dress with long sleeves, and a pair of high heel boots I could barely walk with. I applied a thin layer of powder, a light pink lipstick, mascara and eyeliner, and for jewelry I took Alice's guitar earring she brought me a while ago and Ashton's bracelet, like always.

When I walked down the stairs they had the same face like when I went to the club the other day with Emma.

"Wow.. I mean.. Wow.." Dad was still with his mouth open

I smiled

"Go hunt some boys." Alice said

I gave her a 'shut up, dad is here.' Look

"I'll wait for you in the car." He took his keys and left

"You remember not telling him about what we talked right?"

"I'm not stupid. I remember. Now go have fun." She smiled

Yeah like that's gonna happen..

"I will." I smiled back

All I could think of in the car was Ashton. That he doesn't even know my birthday is today, that he's probably still upset he made me feel this way. I know he deserves it, but the talk with Alice made me realize something, that he can't define me. That no one can.

"See how good father I am for not telling you to change although I think this dress is pretty.."

"Yeah thanks dad." I stopped him

"So who's gonna be there?"

"Honestly I have no idea. Em arranged it all.."

"If you need something.. Anything... Just call me okay?" We arrived

"I will. Thanks." I smiled

"Bye honey."

"Bye dad." I closed the car door and he left

I walked into Emma's house. The place was crowded. The music was too loud. The people were sweaty.. Ignoring the fact they all looked Ashton's age and not mine's.. A couple of beers turned into all the drink you could possibly get there. I tried to find Em during this mess but just couldn't. I managed to push the people and make my way to the bathroom, and how surprising, there were people there too. I tried calling her, but she didn't answer it.

When I was tired of searching and about to leave her house to take some fresh air outside, my arm had grabbed by someone. I turned around, and it was Michael, with a beer in his hand. He said something but I couldn't hear it so I led him outside.

We set on a bench by Emma's house. The same one I set with Ashton.

"Great party.." He took another sip but looked pretty sober

"Yeah.." I lied

"So what are you doing here? You don't seem like a party person if you ask me.."

"Lucky I'm not asking right.."

"Ouch." He played offended which made me laugh a little "now, why won't you tell doctor Michael what happend."

"Why did you ignore me that day?"

"You mean when you came to the band practice? I didn't know it was you. The one Ashton talks about all the time.."

"Still, why did you ignore."

"I don't know.. An instinct.." He took another sip

I took the bottle from his hand which made me spill some on his shirt

"Sorry.. An instinct." I referred the bottle taking, sarcastically.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!"

"You really pissed me that night. I really liked you at the sleepover you know.. I guess people change." I pushed his bottle to his chest which made him hold it himself, and left back to the party.

I spotted Em and grabbed her by the wrist to the bathroom. Nobody was there this time so I took the chance and closed the door after us.

"What the hell is this?!"

"Isn't that great?!?! You look goooood by the way."

"Em you said a couple of beers. That's literally the only drink in here."

"Yeah.. You should try some..."

"You look drunk.."

"Maybe I am.. Maybe I'm not.. Maybe I'm hot.." She started laughing drunkly

"C'mon let's get you to your room.."

I took her phone and dialed Michael's number. He was still outside on the bench cause I could hear what he said.

He walked into her room and closed the door after him.

"What cousin are you to give her a beer?! She's freaking 15."

"I didn't know she drunk. Stop yelling.. It's just a beer, she'll be okay tomorrow morning. Let her sleep for now."

"No.. I want you to kick all those sweaty people out of here. Now."

He didn't say anything. Just left the room.

I undressed her and left her only with her bra and underwear, covered her with a blanket and turned the lights off.

All the people are gone. Me and Michael are cleaning up after the mess they've left.. Trying not to speak to each other.

"So what are you doing in here anyways?"

"It's for me."

"What's for you?"

"The party."

He laughed "okay now the real reason."

"I'm serious."

"Why would she throw a party for you?"

"I'm 16 today."

"Oh. Happy birthday.."


"You didn't seem to enjoy it though."

"I told her I wouldn't. She didn't care about my opinion."

"That's rude.."

"That's your cousin.."

"Yeah.. We I'm all done here. You want me to take you home or.."

"I have a ride thanks."

"It's pretty late.. I think your parents are asleep."

"My dad. My mom is.. Never mind.. Aren't you leaving?"

"I am.. I'll wait for you in the car."

"But I told you I.."

He left the house.

I checked on her one more time before I left and then I went into Michael's car. It was pretty embarrassing but I let that feeling go as soon as he played some music. His type in music is more hardcore than I like. He would hear bands like sleeping with sirens or pierce the veil.. Too hardcore for me.

"Thanks for.. Helping me clean up."

"No problem.. I'm apart of this mess you know." He smiled

"Yeah.. Hope you had a great time. Goodnight." I left the car

He drove away and I walked in. Everybody seemed to be asleep, lucky I didn't call dad. And that present Alice was supposed to give me.. Probably will be received tomorrow morning.

I went upstairs and walked into my room, turned the lights on, and ashton was sitting there, right on my bed.

I closed the door quickly after me and ran to him to cover his my mouth with my palm.

"Happy birthday." He mumbled

"What are you doing here?!"

All I heard was 'I'm in pleasant half Irish'

"What?" I took my hand off

"I'm your present from Alice."

"When did you.. How did you.. And why did she.. Did my dad.. Ashton you can't be in here. My dad can see you, I'm sorry.. You have to leave."

"Then come with me."

"I can't. Haven't you noticed the time? I have school tomorrow.."

"And I have work, please."

"Wait, I'm still mad at you."

"No you're not."

"Yes I am."

He rested his palms on my cheeks and I instinctually closed my eyes.

"No." He whispered to my mouth "you're." Closer "not." He kissed the edge of it lightly

Then he moved to my cheek, to my jaw line, to my neck, to the collar bones. That's where I stopped him. "My dad is downstairs."

"I'll be quiet." He continued with the kissing

"No.. Ashton.. It's wrong.."

"We're rebels." More kissing

I pushed him away "I'm serious."


"When what?"

"When do I pick you up?"

"Tomorrow. After school."


"Now you have to leave."

"Kiss me first."

"Goodbye ashton."

"One kiss and I'm leaving."

"Not even a half of it."

"We can have sex right here right now if I would like.. You know that."

I singed him to keep it down because dad, again. And laughed a little.

"Shut up and leave you stubborn."



I closed the front door after him and laid against it. How amazing is he. I felt goosebumps all over the place..

I fell asleep with the feeling he's next to me again. Hugging me tight.

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