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  • Published: 23 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 1 Nov 2014
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A story inspired by the song Chandelier by Sia, Lilith is an eighteen year old stuck in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Daniel, a man of twenty-one who enjoys nothing more then a good beer and humiliating Lilith in front of his friends. But even in a depressing world like her own Lilith knows she can break free from the life Daniel has forced her into.


3. One. Two. Three

My eyes drift in and out of focus as I stare at the bottle in my hand, trying not to sway from side to side. Robert, who's sitting next to Daniel on the couch while I sit in the corner lets out a loud, drunken laugh that hurts my head and makes me wince. I've drunken way to much over the past hour, but every time I try to stop, Daniels orders me to fetch them another, and one for me too.

I count the empty bottles on the floor in the middle of the room, trying to focus on something that isn't the pain in my head or the rolling sickness in my stomach. 
One bottle, two bottles, three bottles.... My eyes glaze over and I quickly rub them, shaking my head in the process. I try to start over again. One. Two. Three...
and they glaze over again.
Huffing out a breath of air, I give up and take another distasteful swig of the bottle I hold in my hand, knowing full well Rob or Daniel could ask why I've stopped.
As if to confirm my thoughts, Daniel chooses that moment to look up from their card game with a sly smile.
"Lilly Lilith, are you feeling woozy?"
I feel so much worse then that, but I try not to show it.
Robert snickers at his side and Daniel elbows back before turning to me.
"Come over here, love."
There. There's that word I love to here so much. Love, love, love. I wish he'd say it more to me. I wish he'd acknowledge my existence more, just so I could feel the love I know he has for me. It just takes twenty bottles of beer and Robert for him to say it. But I suppose that's better then nothing.
I stumble to my feet, ultimately tottering into the wall in the process and making Robert roar with laughter. I eventually make it over to Daniel, but only after multiple trips and a near fall.
He wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me onto his lap. I snuggle against his shoulder, peering at the cards he has in his hands. He sets them down after rubbing his face against my neck and moves me until I'm face to face with him, legs cradling his waist.
He sharply kisses me, once, twice, thrice. Robert giggles and whistles in the corner, but I don't mind all that much. This isn't the first time Daniels gotten over affectionate with me in front of his friends.
I can taste the alcohol in his mouth, combining with the alcohol in mine. It's such a drunk and sloppy kiss, but one of the rare few he gives me. I'll take them any day.
My alarm bells start to go off when his hands travel to the bottom of my shirt and creep up underneath.
I pull away a little but his mouth clamps down on mine again, rougher then before.
"Daniel," I say as his hands cup my breasts. "Maybe we should-"
"No," he says harshly back. "I want you now."
My shirt is pulled over my head before I can stop him and Robert hoots loudly.
"Check out the rack on that one!"
"Daniel," I squirm a little, bring up my hands to cover my chest. "Can't we go somewhere private?"
"You've never had an issue being a dirty slut until now," he says against my neck. "Why start now?"
The words hurt, like a knife into my heart and I want to cry, but I don't. 
"Please," I say, clearing my throat. "Please."
He sighs, but stops.
"Okay fine. Rob, we'll be back."
Robert winks and giggles, knocking back more beer as Daniel scoops me up bridal style and heads for the door.
"You two have fun. Be as loud as you want."
As we're leaving, my eyes fall on the bottles again. I only manage to count three before they're gone from sight.
One. Two. Three. 

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