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  • Published: 23 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 1 Nov 2014
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A story inspired by the song Chandelier by Sia, Lilith is an eighteen year old stuck in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Daniel, a man of twenty-one who enjoys nothing more then a good beer and humiliating Lilith in front of his friends. But even in a depressing world like her own Lilith knows she can break free from the life Daniel has forced her into.


2. Feel the Love

I open the door the instant I hear Robert knock, knowing if I were to wait one second to long, I'd pay the price later when he's gone.

Better to keep them both happy, I reminded myself as I gave Daniel his beer. I want him to love me and for that to happen, he, Robert, would have to love me, too.
"Hey, love," he nods when I open the door. "Looking fine."
I know I don't. I know he's straight up lying to me, but I smile anyway because Daniel told me he liked it when I smiled.
"Thanks. Daniels in the office."
I lead him towards the stairs which he begins to climb instantly, only stopping when I turn back towards the kitchen.
"Are you coming up? You're usually done the housework by now."
Because apparently that's what we as women are only good at.
"Oh," I twist my purple shirt around my fingers. "I was gonna-"
He interrupts me before I can continue.
"Bring me a beer, love. And one for yourself." 
I want to argue. I don't like alcohol anymore, not since I tried to kill myself and ended up with alcohol poisoning, resulting in a very brutal beating from Daniel who was more mad at the fact I drank all his beer then anything else. 
I think Robert picks up on my line of thoughts because his face turns clouded.
"Lilith, be a good girl and come drink with us. You don't want to make Daniel angry now, do you?"
I can feel my heart rate increase and a red flush creeping up my chest. He eyes me coldly, a twisted evil in his eyes.
"My little Lilith, I'm only trying to help you. Do you want me to love you? Do you want Daniel to love you?"
Clearing my throat and swallowing hard, I nod.
His eyes immediately soften. 
"Good girl, Lily Lilith. Now go get us our drinks and come join us."
And then he continues to climb the stairs and I turn around, fingers digging into my wrists to keep my thoughts, my dark and scary thoughts, at bay. 


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