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  • Published: 21 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 21 Oct 2014
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Creepy poem for the Trick Or Treat Competition!


1. Demon

The leaves, they rustled,

the wind blew quick
The trees tapped the window,
and the clock steadily ticked.

The hour struck one
and the girl stirred in bed.
She could hear someone calling,
but was it all in her head?

She sat up slowly 
and climbed to her feet.
She padded over to the window
no more thoughts of sleep.

There, she saw it stir,
a figure in the dark.
He was watching her stealthy,
in the distance there was a bark.

She wanted to call out,
but something kept her still.
Then he rose and finger and beckoned
and it was like she lost her will.

She pushed open the window
and pulled herself out.
She tried to scream for help 
but she couldn't even shout.

This figure, she realised,
was way more then bad.
He was from the stories she read
a demon? How very sad.

Not for him but for her,
because now she's all his.
With one look she gave him all power
and with a touch and kiss.

She fell in his arms
and he stood up straight.
And creeped back into the night,
hat young girl met her fate. 

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