3. Chapter two

I keep running, tree branches and leaves crashing into me but I can't stop. I see arrows and broken bows from my previous attempts, 'why am I never given anything useful like a sword?' when I suddenly get to a huge field, but it isn't like you would expect, the grass is on the verge of brown, there is no animals and all the trees have no leaves. But I still run, my heart is pumping and my head starts throbbing and I climb a tree hoping that the creature will go away and I can see it at the bottom obviously trying to get me down by ramming itself into the tree; I decide to look for something useful so I look far out to the horizon and see a line of trees and before it a bench with a sword on it. A SWORD! I scurry down the tree and sprint as fast as my legs can carry me until I get to the bench grab the iron tool and turn with my arm outstretched when the creature evaporates without even the slightest touch of the sword. It teleports further away and I use this extra time to run away, I close my eyes and hope for something good to finally happen when I crash into another human a small bit taller than me but a human all the same.

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