The Epic NaNoWriMo Race 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, roll up and witness the most extreme race known to the writing world. That's right! NaNoWriMo!
But who'll be first to the finish line? Only time will tell.


21. The Finish Line

Well, that was a crazy month! My goodness, I had no idea it was going to get that intense!


Here are the NaNo champions in all their glory:


1st Place: Evelyn Shadownight - 10 DAYS

2nd Place: Aunt Midnight Rogue - 11 DAYS

3rd Place: Molly Looby - 12 DAYS

4th Place: - 17 DAYS

5th Place: SofiaF - 18 DAYS

6th Place: Prodigy - 19 DAYS

7th Place: Rodrigo The SwishyFish. - 19 DAYS

8th Place: K.s Nightshade originals - 20 DAYS

9th Place: Artemis J. Potter - 23 DAYS

10th Place: DragonSoulJess - 28 DAYS

11th Place:ᙢᗴᖇᙓᑕᗩ☂ - 29 DAYS

12th Place: White Ravens - 30 DAYS

13th Place: mandyrosask - 30 DAYS

14th Place: kokopixie22 - 30 DAYS



Also a huge congratulations to our Young Writers Programme Winners!



Uniqua Niques 




The Winners Lists for both NaNo and the YWP are on my profile but I'll aslo put them in the comments: Molly Looby


Myself, K.s, and Georgia would like to thank you all for participating. Even if you didn't make this list, you still did something amazing, started a novel. We're extremely proud of you.

Till next year!

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