The Epic NaNoWriMo Race 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, roll up and witness the most extreme race known to the writing world. That's right! NaNoWriMo!
But who'll be first to the finish line? Only time will tell.


2. Participants

Here is a list of your competitors. Now would be a good time to size up the competition. In brackets you will find competitors NaNo username so you can watch everyone's word counts go up.



Molly Looby (MollyLooby)

K.s Nightshade originals (Crimzen)

GeorgiaT (GeorgiaT)

TheTravellingLemon (TheTravellingLemon)

Evelyn Shadownight (Vampire Bite)

Rohini N (Rohini N)

Salamasunny (Kyra.S) (

Bewildersome (bewildersome)

Ahlaam Nightshade (Ahlaam.)

Danielle Paige (dizzyhurricane)

dramaticllama Nightshade (dramaticllama)

Prodigy (NCC1701-A)

sleepisfortheweak (poeticchances)

Luke J.R (Luke J.R)

Am Southern (webster139)

WinterSoldier (WildFyr)

Artemis J. Potter (artemisjpotter)

EE Dams (EE Robinson) 

Ms Holly (LMHbryony)

SofiaF (Sofia L Fionda)

White Ravens (White Ravens)

K. Weasley (Katie Marie)

Mereca (InkStainedBallerina)

Beautifully Jessica Catt (M.A Raven)

Ultraviolance (ultraviolencex)

kokopixie22 (kokowrite)

Enya Sanders☕️  (Enya Sanders)

SarcasticMockery (AimeeKey)

FelineFangirl Shadownight (FelineFangirl Shadownight)

Rodrigo The SwishyFish. (Rodrigo.R.R)

Diamessz (Diamessz)

Whitman (WordSplurs)

Helen Hiorns (Achhrules)

Aunt Midnight Rouge (Midnight Rouge)

Bathrxxm Singxr (Payoja)

mandyrosask (mandyrosask)

Kierstinnn (Kierstinnn)

Mirlotta (Mirlotta)

DragonSoulJess (DragonSoulJess)

MahoganyPumpkin™ (MohoganyPumpkin)

SnowyWriter. (SnowyWriting)

A Chemical Reaction 

ToriC99 (regiapuella)


Young Writers Programme

PonyMad_BookLover (PonyMad_BookLover)

Uniqua Niques (Uniqua Niques)

Ellie02 (Lilian Sky)

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