Feel the Beat

What happens when you have two soulmate timers?
What happens when you find out the one thing your soulmate's life revolves around is the one thing you'll never have?
What happens when your soulmate is a drummer in a famous band and you're deaf?
What happens when your soulmate seems to be anything but your perfect match?


31. Chapter 30

“Lizzy, what are you doing?” Ashton signs to me as he eyes me packing a Nike bag.

“It’s Friday, it’s Eliot’s football practise. I need to pick him up from school and take him to Jayne, one of Mum’s co-workers, she drives her son and Eliot to their practise.” I sign to him as I sling the bag over my shoulder. Ashton casually shrugs and starts tying his shoelaces.

“Ash, what are you doing?”

“I’m coming with you, what does it look like? Now come on.”

When we arrive at the school the playground is still empty. “Aren’t we a little early?” Ashton giggles while signing. “I hate being late.” I simply reply. We wait for the school bell to ring and after what feels like forever Eliot finally makes his way out of the building.

“Hey buddy,” Ashton signs while he ruffles his hands through Eliot’s curly hair. “Ready to go to football practice?” To which Eliot replies with a strict “No, we need ice cream first.”

And who am I to say no to his cute pouty face?

So not long after that we walk into an ice cream shop while Eliot tells Ashton about his school day, mainly excitedly signing about how Miss Lowe did not give them much homework to do over the weekend. In the midst of Eliot’s story I glance over at the guy behind the till, he doesn’t look scared or confused by us and our waving hands. The looks he shoots us are more out of pity which is even worse. As I look back at Eliot I see that Ashton has lifted him up so he can have a clear look of all the ice cream flavours, they whisper things to each other while pointing at different coloured ice creams.

“Ashton, will you please interpret for me?” I sign at my boyfriend after I have figured out what I want, not expecting him to have anything against it, but he does.

“You know I can’t interpret for you.”

“Please, just tell him my order.”

“I just don’t want to, okay?”

Eliot doesn’t seem phased about the fact that he has to order for me, this is what we’ve done for a long time now, but as we walk to Jayne’s house I can tell Ashton is uncomfortable with it.

“I want more ice cream.” Eliot signs which causes both Ashton and I to laugh, slightly lightening up the mood.

“But you just had ice cream.” I explain to him as I throw his and mine empty ice cream cones in the nearest bin.

“It’s okay.” Ashton signs to me before he hands his half eaten cone to Eliot who immediately digs into it and hastily signs a “thank you” to the generous Australian guy.

The ice cream is quickly gone and just in time when we reach Jayne’s house who opens the door almost immediately after Eliot presses the doorbell. Ashton and Jayne briefly shake each other’s hand and exchange a few words that I don’t pay too much attention to.

“Eliot, could you please tell Jayne that Mum is picking you up around 6?”

“Why can’t Dad pick me up? Mum always stays to talk to Jayne for so long.”

“Because Dad doesn’t come home until 7. Please, just tell her, okay?”

I turn my attention to Jayne and study her face as Eliot tells her the information, she smiles and holds her thumb up towards me indicating that she’s alright with the plan.


“We need to talk.” Ashton immediately tells me as we walk into the living room, he didn’t even bother taking off his shoes first. “Why do you force Eliot to talk for you?”

There it is, the moment I’ve been dreading.

“Why do you rely on him for communication? You even tried getting me to talk for you.”

“It’s not as simple as it looks, I can’t just sign to people and expect them to understand. That’s just not how it works, okay?” I retort.

“Well, the way it could work is if you would speak to them. Eliot told me you go to speech therapy, then why don’t you ever speak?” Ashton’s jaw locks and I start feeling slightly angry. Why doesn’t he get it?

“Because people laugh when I talk! They laugh and don’t understand me and I have to repeat myself again and again and it’s embarrassing and just not fair.” I don’t feel like being calm anymore.

“So, it is fair to force your eight year old brother to be your interpreter? You’re supposed to be the adult here!”

“Oh and you know all about being an adult, don’t you? You do stupid shit with your band every day, way to be mature.” I know I pushed it too far as soon as Ashton’s hands drop, I shouldn’t have said that, but at this point I don’t care. She shouldn’t try to force me to speak.

Without another word or sign Ashton turns around and storms out the living room slamming the door shut on his way out.

Fine. It’s totally fine. If he doesn’t want to accept the fact that I feel too insecure to speak then he can leave. I’m still practicing my speech, maybe, someday I’ll talk again, but not today and not tomorrow. Is it so bad that I’m just scared? Why doesn’t he understand?

I can feel my cheeks turning wet with tears, but I don’t bother reaching up to wipe them away.

Suddenly the door to the hallway opens and Ashton stands in the doorway, slightly panting while still holding onto the door handle. He lifts one of his fists and I can tell he wants to sign “I’m sorry” by rubbing his fist across his chest in circles, but I don’t give him any time to as I jump into his arms and wrap my legs around his waist. I burry my face into the crook of his neck as I feel his strong hands wrap around my legs. I slightly pull away and before I can even look him in the eyes; his lips are on mine in a full frontal clash of teeth and tongue. I curl my hands into the curls in the nape of neck as I feel him press my back against the wall.

“When do your parents come home?” Ashton signs only releasing one hand while he breaths heavily.

I turn my face to look at the clock.

“We still have time, let’s take this upstairs.” I tell him which causes a dimply smile to spread across his face as he walks me up the stairs to my room.    




I'm really sorry guys, I'm way too uncomfortable with writing smut so yeah. 

Thoughts? Feedback? 

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