Feel the Beat

What happens when you have two soulmate timers?
What happens when you find out the one thing your soulmate's life revolves around is the one thing you'll never have?
What happens when your soulmate is a drummer in a famous band and you're deaf?
What happens when your soulmate seems to be anything but your perfect match?


29. Chapter 28

I wake up to a faint buzzing coming from underneath my pillow and I pull out my phone to read the text.

From: Ashx.

im sorry i had to leave x


I faintly smiled, while rolling over on the empty side of the bed that still felt warm from where Ashton had slept. Seconds later I receive another text.

From: Ashx.

i wouldve loved to have woken up next to you but i dont think your parents wouldve liked that :( xxx.

To: Ashx.

I know, tomorrow they’ll be at work again so you can wake up here. Is it safe to come downstairs yet? Xx

After receiving another text saying that I had to hurry, because Eliot was getting impatient. I make my way downstairs, still dressed in my pyjamas and as I open the door to the kitchen I am greeted by my parents, Eliot and Ashton signing and singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. I blush and look around the room, seeing that there’s balloons and other decorations everywhere.

After the song Mum tells us to sit down and eat our pancakes, it’s kind of become a tradition; every birthday in our households means pancakes for breakfast in our PJs. Ashton, who thankfully put on a t-shirt, is sitting opposite of me and he just keeps on looking at me, his gaze barely leaving me even when he receives a plate full of pancakes in front of him.

“Ashton, do you like Beth?” Eliot signs with his mouth stuffed with pancakes to which Ashton nods in response.

“My sister likes reading, baking cookies and ice cream, if you like her you have to like that. She doesn’t like broccoli and football.” The serious expression on Eliot’s face as he told Ashton that almost made me burst out in a fit of laughter.

“You don’t like broccoli?” Ashton turns to me, his mouth falling open in shock. “I’m sorry I don’t think this can work if you hate the best vegetable in the world.”

I can’t help it, I just start laughing uncontrollably which causes him to laugh too.

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you have my broccoli. We can work this out.”

To which Ashton replies “We can try.” But we soon get interrupted by a text message.

From: Lynn Mealing

You better be up and ready! Im coming over in 30 mins

“Lynn will be here in 30. I’m going to get ready.” I quickly sign while going upstairs, Ashton closely following me. I go into the bathroom while Ashton waits in my room for me. After a very short refreshing shower I wrap myself up in a warm towel and walk into my room to get dressed.

“Ashton,” I wave for his attention “you can use the bathroom now.”

But instead of sprinting to the bathroom to get ready Ashton just stands there, staring at me.

“Ash! Hurry up, she’ll be here any minute!” I tell him which seems to snap him out of his gaze, he incoherently mumbles words while grabbing the clothes that he had put down next to him.

After he stumbles through the door I change into my favourite jeans and a nice blouse, because well, after all it’s still my birthday. From the corner of my eye I can see the door swing open and a girl with long blonde hair comes barging in, pulling me into a tight hug.

“Oh my god, Beth! You’re so old now!”

“What are you talking about, Lynn? We both know you’re older!” I sign at her while laughing, god I do miss this crazy girl sometimes.

“Well, at least I’m not the one with grey hairs, now am I?” She jokingly signs back at me.

“And who’s giving me all these grey hairs?” I laugh “Right? Lynn?”

She doesn’t reply and just simply pulls me into another hug, but quickly releases me and turns towards the door where there’s now standing a fully dressed Ashton.

“Hi Lynn, I’m Ashton.” He signs, still standing awkwardly in the middle of the opening of the door. Somehow this causes my best friend to laugh “You don’t have to introduce yourself, I know who you are. She won’t shut up about you.”

The way Lynn lightened up the whole meeting and conversation made Ashton a lot more relaxed, he must’ve been very nervous about meeting everyone important to me. I can’t help but blame myself a little, I probably made him all nervous about meeting my family and Lynn, because I myself was so damn nervous. Luckily for the both of us everything seems to be falling into place.

The flashing light in my room takes my attention away from my thoughts, I quickly hurry downstairs to see that my Mum has already opened the front door to let my grandparents in, I hug both of them and invite them in. I follow the three of them into the living room and not too long after that Ashton and Lynn come in both comfortably chatting to each other.

“Ash,” I interrupt. “These are my grandparents, you can call them W-i-l-l-i-a-m and M-a-r-y, they’re from my Dad’s side of the family.” I turn around to my grandparents and change my signs into gestures. I point to Ashton, sign “my” by tapping my chest with my fist and point to the zeros on my wrist, trying to get them to understand that Ashton is my soulmate. Ashton walks up next to me and shakes both their hands after which he introduces himself in sign language.

“Dear, … speak … . We don’t … language.” My Nan tells to him, the Australian boy shoots me a confused look, but introduces himself again using his voice this time. As soon as I see my Nan reach for his hands and pinch them slightly I know he’s alright. She only ever does that when she likes someone, it’s like her secret sign, most people have body language signs that they don’t know about. Deaf people pay close attention to stuff like that, closer than hearing people do, we read people’s bodies and facial expressions, we’re trained to do that.

“Mum, we still have to wait for Uncle Henry.” I tell my Mum as she starts serving tea. Uncle Henry is my Mum’s younger brother who is a surprisingly natural signer, he is a lovely person and tells the most amazing stories.

“Honey, I thought I told you that Henry is on one of his travels again.” She signs to me with a sad expression.

Yeah, that’s another way to describe Uncle Henry: he is addicted to travelling, which is also where he gets his amazing stories from. When I was little he promised me he’d take me on one of his travels, or adventures as I liked to call them, now that I’m finally eighteen I hope that he’ll take me on one really soon.

I try not to let my disappointment show about my Uncle as Mum excitedly signs: “Time for presents!”





I'm really sorry, guys. I haven't updated in like forever, but uni is being a real bitch atm. 

I'm not too happy with this chapter, but let's hope you are. 

29 will be up very soon, I promise.

Thanks for reading, commenting and everything else xx

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