Feel the Beat

What happens when you have two soulmate timers?
What happens when you find out the one thing your soulmate's life revolves around is the one thing you'll never have?
What happens when your soulmate is a drummer in a famous band and you're deaf?
What happens when your soulmate seems to be anything but your perfect match?


27. Chapter 26

Today is it, Ashton is coming to see me. He took time out of his busy schedule to come and see me in boring England when he could’ve easily spent his ten day break back at home in Australia.

I let out a shaky breath and look around my room one last time, I’m too nervous to sit still today which resulted in me cleaning nearly every room in the house. I walk into the empty living room and am really thankful for Nanny and Granddad for looking after the little excited boy that leaves his Legos scattered around the house. I take the kettle to fill it up with water to make myself a cup of tea, but drop it as soon as I see lights in the kitchen flash, indicating that someone pressed the doorbell.

I knew his plane landed safely, because I may or may not have checked the internet every five minutes if his plane had arrived yet and as soon as I saw it did the fact that I wasn’t at the airport started eating me up alive. My parents both have work today, so he was forced to take a taxi since little seventeen year old me isn’t allowed to drive yet. Well, little seventeen years and 164 days old me.

I quickly rush to the front door and let myself fall into his arms as soon as he steps into the hallway. His strong arms wrap around me and I can feel my cheeks turning wet with tears, but that’s okay because Ashton is here now, he is here with me. After what feels like forever Ashton slowly pulls away.

“Good morning.” He signs to me with the widest smile on his face which causes even more tears to roll down my face and onto my lips that are pulled in a dopey smile similar to Ashton’s. He carefully lifts his hands and wipes away the tears with his thumbs before bending down and kissing each cheeks before kissing my lips slowly moulding them together with his.

After putting Ashton’s stuff in the guest bedroom, we walk into the kitchen and Ashton takes the kettle that I previously put down to open the door for him.

“What are you doing? I thought you didn’t like tea?” I ask him while frowning.

“No, I don’t, but you do.” He simply states.

“No, you can’t make me tea!”

“What? Why not? What’s wrong?” He asks in confusion.

“I just, I have a very specific way of making tea and I don’t trust your tea making.” I sign before taking the kettle from his hands and proceeding to use one handed signs. “Now you go sit down, I’ll be there in a bit.”

Ashton sits down on our sofa and not too long after I join him with my tea and a drink for him. Just as he is about to lift his hands to sign something to me I interrupt him.

“No, I want to say something first. I’m sorry when I got mad at you for wanting to use your first language to me, it’s selfish to only expect you to use my first language. Lip reading is going a bit better now because of therapy, I wouldn’t mind if you talked to me once in a while.”

“What? No. What are you talking about?” Ashton replies in confusion. “No, you were right. I can learn how to sign, but you can’t learn how to hear and I’m sorry.”

I look down at my hands, trying to figure out if I should tell him what Dave suggested, it scares me honestly but it seems like it would bring me a lot closer to Ashton.

“I can learn how to hear, there’s this thing called a cochlear implant and it’s basically a hearing aid that is connecting to a receiver that is implanted into your brain. It wouldn’t exactly make me hearing, it would just give me electronic pulses that I would have to learn to put into sounds.” I slowly sign to him, the information terrifying me.

Ashton looks baffled. “What? You mean like surgery? Why would you do that? I thought you were happy being deaf?”

“I am, I really am, but it doesn’t make you happy. I want to be able to be a good girlfriend and enjoy your music and I just want to be perfect for you.”

“Oh Lizzy, but you don’t have to be perfect. You don’t need a robotic device in your brain to be a good girlfriend. I know sign language, we’re going to be fine, okay? You don’t need to be hearing.”

I slowly nod feeling very relieved, I have given this a lot of thought ever since Dave brought it up and it honestly terrifies me. But I wanted to try it for Ashton, but he doesn’t want me to and that makes me happier than anything in the world, because for the first time I feel like he is accepting my deafness.

“And also,” Ashton continues while laughing, “Our music isn’t good, so you’re not missing out. If you’d hear us play you would probably be disappointed that you had surgery to hear that.”




A/N: Deaf people have special doorbells, they have lights in their house that flash when someone rings the doorbell, so if anyone was confused by why there were flashing lights in Beth’s house; that’s why :)

Also: there's a lot of information about cochlear implants if you have any questions about that or you could ask me for some information, i know i didn't exlain it in great detail but it would've been very boring if i did. 

Thank for reading :)


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