Feel the Beat

What happens when you have two soulmate timers?
What happens when you find out the one thing your soulmate's life revolves around is the one thing you'll never have?
What happens when your soulmate is a drummer in a famous band and you're deaf?
What happens when your soulmate seems to be anything but your perfect match?


10. Chapter 10

For the second time in one week I find myself standing in between sweaty teenage girls, waiting for my soulmate to perform. Originally they were going to give me VIP seats, but I asked to be put in the audience where I’m closer to the stage. I’m able to see a lot more and feel the beat of the music more from the place I’m currently in. All the girls surrounding me start to scream and jump up and down, I switch my gaze back to the main stage and see the four boys I spent the past few days with walking up on stage. Watching them rock out on stage makes me understand what Ashton said earlier today, when they’re not on stage they’re four Australian boys, but when they’re performing they’re themselves. Playing their music in front of a massive audience that sings all the lyrics right back at them makes them glow and it just looks right, it just feels right watching them like this.

Their set comes to an end way too fast as I walk back through the maze to the dressing room to grab my bags to catch my train. One Direction is currently performing but unfortunately I can’t stay, if I stay I’ll miss my train. Four sweaty boys come jogging into the dressing room, all still hyped up from the adrenaline they receive when they perform live.

“… time …?” Ashton asks me. I give him a confused look, not really understanding what he wants, so I just hold up my phone, showing him the time. According to his headshake that is not what he was asking for as he pulls out his phone and starts typing.

Is it time for you to go already? Quickly adding: to go home I mean.

I nod and what he does next surprises me, he talks to someone from their team and receives car keys from them, he takes my bag from me and leads me out of the stadium and into a car. Just before he’s about to start the car he re-ties his bandana around his forehead. “What?” he questions, noticing my obvious confusion “… driving you … train … .”

The ride is quiet, well, everything is quiet to me, what I’m trying to say is that no one tries to communicate. He pulls up the car in an empty parking spot and slightly shifts his body so he’s facing me. Suddenly the lack of communication feels awkward and I resort to what I’m most comfortable doing with: signing.

“Thank you for driving me to the train station and for spending these past few days with me.” I start out hesitantly, but my enthusiasm and confidence soon rises as I mention the concerts “The concert was absolutely amazing. I love watching you perform, you look so happy, you belong on a stage. You deserve all the fans singing the lyrics you wrote, you spend so much time on twitter, you’re so close to your fans and I just think you’re an amazing idol for them to have.”

Midway through my little signing speech Ashton’s slight frown changes into something else, his eyes start to sparkle as they beam with excitement. “… love watching … talk … , … have … passion in you, … hide …, … you beautiful.” He tells me and even though I didn’t catch all of that it still makes me blush. The happiness in his eyes convey the words that I missed out on and I can feel my skin tingle. The need to hug him and touch him falls over me like a warm snuggly blanket, making my fingers twitch, wanting to curl themselves into the material of Ashton’s shirt, but I refrain. Instead I lock my hands together, intertwining my fingers.  

Ashton breaks the awkwardness that my confusing feelings have created by handing me his phone, I take the device from his hands and feel his fingers lightly brush against mine, sending lightning bolts down my spine. I look down to his phone and see my name written down and a blank space for where my phone number should be. I quickly type down my number and hand him his phone, this time making sure that I don’t touch him. I receive a small smile from him as he holds up his phone and points at it. “I … text … .”

I give him a small wave before exiting the car, I hoist my bag over my shoulder as I watch the car with Ashton in it leave the car park.

After waiting for what felt like forever I finally get on the train, plopping down on an empty spot and pulling my bag down on the seat next to me, not caring about being rude, there’s enough empty seats left on the train anyway. Boredom strikes and I pull out my phone, going through my text messages. 


From: Lynn Mealing:


What is he like?


Excuse you. Dont you think it’s a bit rude to ignore my texts like that…???

I cant believe you havent texted me in three full days.

Btch. We are so not friends anymore.


To: Lynn Mealing:

Babe dont get upset like that :( ily. We’ll talk when i get back, theres too much to talk aboutt. xx


To: Dad:

Dont worry, i just got on the train, be home in about 2 hours. xx

From: Unknown Number:

Hi beth, this is Ashton..


To: Ashton Irwin:

Hi ashton, this is beth.


From: Ashton Irwin:

I know :p


To: Ashton Irwin:

Good. Dont forget.


From: Ashton Irwin:

I wont.


I put my phone back in my bag and rest my head again the window, suddenly feeling inhumanly tired. Me neither, Ashton, I think, me neither as I slowly doze off to sleep. 

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