Love Apart

Another group faces the challenges of the maze. They must find escape but inside, lurks the dangers of grievers.
Aileen wakes up to remember nothing. Nothing at all. Except her name.

Now enter a blonde hair, blue eyes boy who claimed Aileen is the love of his life.

The maze just got a whole lot more chaotic...


6. chapter 6

"Luke." I reluctantly whisper, just loud enough. 


"Aileen?" A blonde figure slowly walks up to me. Uncertain to reach out for me.


"Luke, we need to talk." I say, trying to keep my face clear of emotions.      




"Yes, talk." I answer, robotically.


"O-Okay, come in." He gestures to his shack and we step into his shack. 


Once we are inside, safe away from any prying eyes. "So what do you want to talk about?" Luke hesitates.


I take a deep breath before answering. "I want, I want to talk about the past. About Aileen."


"Oh." A look of surprise and shock is plastered on his face. "What about it?"


"I want to know everything, so I could judge from there and decide what to do next." 


Luke nods."Okay. Since you already know the basics, I don`t know what to say." 


"I want to know why, somehow, the old Aileen dies and I just randomly appear in the box."


"That I do not know." 


I`m disappointed. I was expecting answers and I get none. 


"How do we explain this?" I gesticulate us two. Luke has a past that is connected with me and I? I don`t know anything.


"I do not know."


"Well, do you like me?" I ask, a tad bit worried about his answer and I didn`t even know the reason.


"Like?" Luke splutters. "I will never just like you, I will always love you, Aileen. No matter if you`re from the past or the future." 


My eyes drop to the floor. I feel bad that I don`t share the same feelings, actually I don`t know what I feel for Luke. 


"Do you like me?" Luke asks, hope gleams in his eyes and I feel terrible that my decision can easily burn out the fire of hope in his deep blue eyes.


"I don`t know," 


Luke sighs sadly, then he puts on a weak smile. "How about we crompomise?"




"Yes, we`ll try being together and by the end of the next month, if you still don`t share the same feelings then you may leave." Luke explains and I nod. 


"I guess," 


Luke smiles. "So you agree?"


"Yeah, it`s worth a try, I believe." 


Luke beams and gaze at me. Then his face starts zoning in until his face is directly abovd my lips. 


And then his lips crash onto mine. 

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