Love Apart

Another group faces the challenges of the maze. They must find escape but inside, lurks the dangers of grievers.
Aileen wakes up to remember nothing. Nothing at all. Except her name.

Now enter a blonde hair, blue eyes boy who claimed Aileen is the love of his life.

The maze just got a whole lot more chaotic...


5. chapter 5

It's been a couple of weeks since I last talked to Luke.


I have isolated myself from the glade and just kept my mind on the important thing.


But once in a while, my mind would fly over to Luke.


I couldn't help but think of what he had said.


Should I believe him or should I not?


This is really confusing and frustrating.


Anyway, I approach Ashton. "Hey Ashton."


This is one of my first interaction with the glade.


Ashton looks surprised when I spoke to him. "Um. Hi Aileen!"


"Do you know where Luke is?" I ask, my hands fidgeting.


"Actually no." Replies Ashton, a sympathetic smile smears on his lips. "Probably in his shack or something."


"Do you think, that I'm the Aileen that Luke loved?" I say.


"Loves, not loved." Ashton corrects me. "Luke is still very much in love with her."


I nod awkwardly. "So do think I'm the Aileen?"


Ashton's sigh is audible. "Yes, I do think that. You look exactly identical and have the same sweet personality."




"I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable." Ashton weakly smiles at me and I gaze away.


"No. It's fine."


Ashton takes a glimpse of me. "If you say so, remember I'll be there if you need me."


"Thank you."




Strolling up to Calum, I hide under the curtains of hair.


"Hello Calum." I say.


Calum whips over to me. "Aileen?"


"Can I ask you a question?" I ask Calum, looking at him in the eyes.


"You just did!" Calum says, trying to lift the tension.


Instead, an awkward atmosphere surrounds us. "So I was wondering but do you find me, in anyway like or exactly the same as Aileen."


"Aileen?" Calum repeats. "Like the old one."




"In a way, everything about you matches Aileen." Calum replies, tentatively.


"Like what?"


"Besides your appearance being exactly the same, I'll say just about everything." Calum sums up with a grin.


"Well, that's very specific." I mutter, sarcasm lacing my words.


Calum releases a small laugh. "Why you asking?"


"Well," I trail off. "I was thinking about Luke`s words, and, I just want everyone`s opinions before I make a decision on what to do next,"


"Smart." Calum states.


"I guess."


Calum pats my back, sympathetically. "Go ask Michael now."


"Going now," I say. "Bye Calum."





"Hey Aileen," Michael slowly lets out, as if the words were in his mouth, waiting to spill out.


"Hi Michael," I shyly smile. "Can I ask you a question?"


"Sure, fire away."


"Do you think I, in any way, like the previous Aileen?" I hesitantly say.


"Well," Michael stretches out the word. "Can I say everything?"


I sigh. "Guess Luke was right, I am Aileen."


'Cheer up, it`s the past," Michael beams at me. "You`re a diffrent person now, no matter what in the past." 


His words plaster a smile on my lips. "Thank you Mike,"


"No worries," 


Now Luke to confront...









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