Love Apart

Another group faces the challenges of the maze. They must find escape but inside, lurks the dangers of grievers.
Aileen wakes up to remember nothing. Nothing at all. Except her name.

Now enter a blonde hair, blue eyes boy who claimed Aileen is the love of his life.

The maze just got a whole lot more chaotic...


4. chapter 4


"I'm sorry that I have to remind you everyday of your dead lover-" I start to ramble on and on.

"Dead?" Luke says. "She's not dead."

"What?" I gasp. "But you said she got crushed in the maze."

"She was." He blinks. "But I found out she is very much alive."

"Alive?" Even a blind man could see I'm very confused and definitely clueless.

"Don't you see," he clutches my shoulder. "Aileen is you."


"Yes. You look like her. You act like her. Hell, you even smell like her!"

"B-But it can't be." I stammer. "Aileen is dead, I'm not Aileen. The one you love."

"But you are," Luke runs his hand in his hair. "Everything is starting to piece together."

"Piece together?" I repeat. "This is all so confusing and wrong."


"No Luke." I shake my head. "I refuse to be your dead lover!"

"But Aileen-"

"No buts Luke." My eyes begin to water. "You must be purely mistaken!"

I storm out of the shack, tears falling.

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