Love Apart

Another group faces the challenges of the maze. They must find escape but inside, lurks the dangers of grievers.
Aileen wakes up to remember nothing. Nothing at all. Except her name.

Now enter a blonde hair, blue eyes boy who claimed Aileen is the love of his life.

The maze just got a whole lot more chaotic...


3. chapter 3

"So Luke, how long have you been here?" I ask him, facing him.

"About three years." He answers.

"Three years?" I exclaim. "That's a long time."


"Do you remember anything before the maze?" I glance at Luke.

"Nothing, 'cept my name."

"What was it like before I came?" I ask.

"It was dull and tedious until this bright, cheerful girl entered the Glade." His eyes lit up and a smile crept up on his face.

"Her name was Aileen." Luke sadly speaks. "She was the love of my life."

"What happened to her?" The sadness radiating off Luke seems to effect me.

He sighs. "She saved my life. If it wasn't for her, I would be dead, in the hands of a griever."

Tears begin welling up in his eyes. "I was in the maze and the doors were closing. I was injured and couldn't run in time to make it."

A single drop of water slips from his eyes.

"Aileen rushed in and carried me out but the maze was closing in and just as we were nearly out, the maze closed in tightly, making it quite impossible to leave."

I gasp slightly. "She pushed me out of the maze before the walls could slam into me and let the walls crush her instead."

"She died." I mumble, more to myself than Luke.

"Yes." Luke frowns. "The first couple weeks- No, months, were painful without her."

He let out a dry laugh. "I miss her laugh, her smile, I miss the way she could make anyone laugh."

"She sounds beautiful." I say, feeling a tad bit envious of the said girl.

"She was,"



"Aileen." I whisper to myself. "Aileen!"

"My name is Aileen!" I exclaim noisily. "I remember my name!"

"Congratulation Greenie." Michael chuckles and ruffles my hair. "Glad you remember your name."

"Ashton! I remember my name!" I say to Ashton. "It's Aileen!"

My smile is wider than ever and everyone can see my pearly whites. "I remember my name."

"Someone tells me that you remember your name." Calum chuckles at me and messes up my hair.


"So what is it?" He asks and gently smiles at me.


Calum's eyes widen and his jaw is ajar. "We must tell Luke!"

"Huh? Why?" I ask but Calum is already dragging me away.

Once we reach Luke's shack, Calum calls out for him. "Luke! I got news!"

"What?" He scowls at Calum, looking like he just woke up. "What now?"

"She remembers her name." Calum replies.

"It's Aileen." I whisper, remembering the Aileen that stole Luke's heart.

"Aileen?" Luke's eyes drop to me. "Aileen."

I slowly nod and my eyes avert to the floor. "It's Aileen."

"It is her." Calum says to Luke. "Aileen is back."

"What?" I'm clearly confused.

Luke shakes his head. "Don't worry, it's nothing."


Luke turns to Calum. "Can Aileen and I have a moment please, Calum?"

Calum walks to the door. "Yeah, sure."

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