Daughter of a Frost Giant

A dog lured Jenny into Asgard through a secret cave from Midgard. Thanks to this dog Jenny is able to meet her biological father: Loki. But the thing about being the daughter of a well known Frost Giant, is that. . . it leaves people wary.This is Jenny's adventure through the mess Loki left behind.


5. We all change

Fraut, Fandral, and Cahiff go on a horse ride with Jenny. However we see that Fandral and Jenny are no where in sight near the two men on horses. We can see Fraut's white hair has a few black streaks in it.Fraut is humming a tune not usually heard in Midgard; it is a mix of low and high entertaining melodies. Cahiff's face is still burnt yet he looks proud.

"Borris is still mad." Fraut said.  "I never seen my brother be mad over a small subject."

"I can't imagine why." Cahiff said, with a  bit of a grumble.

Fraut laughs shaking his head.

"Cahiff, you should go to the healers." Fraut advises Cahiff.

Cahiff  furrows a brow and his hands tighten on the rein.

"My face is gorgeous." Cahiff said, puffing his chest out.  "I am pretty."

Fraut gives Cahiff a look.

"Tell me you are joking." Fraut said, leaning  down to his right and his left eyebrow raised up.

"My face is so handsome." Cahiff said.

Fraut straightens himself then he rides off  on the light gray horse. Cahiff sat there on his horse wondering,What did I say? pretty dumb like a Midgardian man who had been ditched in the middle of a cornfield by his girlfriend and was left stranded without a car for miles. Except Cahiff is riding a horse, and, he was roped into this by Fandral. Cahiff shook his head then ushered the horse to go after Fraut.

Cahiff rides after Fraut, who is speeding--it would be determined to be speeding if Cahiff was driving a car--, determined to catch up. Yes, Cahiff is a bit of a racer underneath that selfish and arrogant kind of character. We watch Cahiff ride through a flock of birds which surely then after attacked him using their wings repeatedly and left him covered in feathers. White and brown feathers were sticking out all over Cahiff.

"Nice costume, face burn!" Fraut said with a cheery laugh.

"This is a decoration."  Cahiff loudly replied, taking the feathers off little by little with his free hand.  "Not a costume!"

The corners of Fraut's mouth tilted up in a broad smile.

...One hour and thirty four minutes later..

Jenny stood at the top holding her hand out for the little bat. Cahiff's mouth falls open as he is  watching her cape turn into nothing but pitch black bats. Her hair turns from almost dark cherry red to a pitch black with streaks of apparent cherry red.  The woman seemed at home petting the little furry bat creature in her hands. A certain sign of Divine beauty lingered around Jenny's pose in the full moon's way and the bats flying away.

Cahiff rubs his eyes and then blinks. It is best to say that Cahiff is unable to believe the sight.

"Am I dreaming?" Cahiff asks.

"No." Fraut said.  "It is real."

___                                                         __                                                       __

...At the Castle...

...An Hour  had passed probably  . . .

"From what I have been told; the three of you and 'Raven'; were attacked by bats." Odin said. "Then you were separated from 'Raven' and Fandral during the chaos." The two Asgardian men nodded. "The next you saw this 'Raven'; she was different, and, Fandral was injured. I have one question; who is this Raven?"

"Lokidottir." Cahiff said.

Odin frowns, his fingers--that were not wrapped around the golden spear--were tapping on the chair's arm. We can see that Cahiff's face is healed--finally--thanks to the healers doing what they are well known to do.

"Why would Loki's daughter change her name?" Odin asks.

Cahiff and Fraut share a unsure glance

"It is best if you ask her." Fraut said.

"When she is not acting mysterious." Cahiff adds.

"Mysterious?" Odin repeats.

"She's been acting mysterious since we got back." Cahiff said.  "Avoiding us."

Our scene transitions to later on in the day, taking place between Odin speaking with Fandral.The setting can be imagined in a private room where the Asgardians--who were healed by the healers--would get their bearings together. The Carpet is rather pretty and more rich appealing than rugs made on Midgard.

"Fandral, what happened in the forest?" Odin asks.

Fandral seems unsure.

"I am not sure." Fandral said. "One minute Cahiff was arguing with Raven about constructing a fishing pole, the next, there were bats all over. Raven and I were separated from the others while fleeing from the bat chaos. We stumbled in to a dark cave."

"And how did you manage to get all those wounds from a cave?"  Odin asks.

"The cave wasn't the cause of my injuries." Fandral said.  "It was something, but not mortal."

"So this 'something' attacked you two." Odin said.

"Bats attacked us in the cave." Fandral said. "When we were exploring it.The floor was covered in crushed bones; there was weapons not from Asgard, some of them hailed from Midgard and Jotunheim." Frandral shudders when he recalls another image from this cave.  "We found a dead Midgardian body."

Odin raises a brow.

"I can only remember fighting off these hordes of bats, and then, Raven helping me out." Fandral said.

Odin could tell Fandral is lying about the last part. One of Thor's friends, part of the 'honest' --more like the three warriors--type of group, had just lied to him. There is more to this story that didn't involve Odin pointing out the lie in plain sight. If he had done that to Fandral than it would be the first part to unravel that the real king of Asgard is dead.

"The healers say she came out without scratches." Odin said. "You say 'something' attacked you, but claiming bats were there makes this more puzzling than understanding."

Fandral sighs, looking down to his rolled up sleeve that showed his recently healed arm.

"We came to a cave room where it was boneless." Fandral said. "There was a odd sword with a red gleaming jewel in the middle,it seemed sinister, and more suited for a warrior from Svartalfheim." Fandral looks up from his rolled up sleeve. "Raven took it out.That is when the bats came flying out."


Odin realized he wouldn't get further with Fandral. If he pointed out the lie then it would be the first mistake that would be part of many. Fandral is telling the truth about the whole sword ordeal, as were Cahiff and Fraut. Odin requested to meet Raven in private at a time she felt best comfortable in.

It was night when they were finally able to meet.

But what Odin did not expect to hear from 'Raven' might be something different.

The door closed behind Odin. The candles in the room were well light.We can see a woman's figure standing across from the balcony at the doors. The disguise of Odin went down. In Odin's place stood Loki with a peeved look. Loki knew only one woman would stand at the doorway leading to the balcony with curly hair reaching to the shoulders. He saw a  bat perched on the shoulder that didn't have a lock of hair laying on top.

Of course anyone would get peeved when someone unexpectedly changes their name and acts mysterious.

"Jenny?" Loki said, recognizing his daughter's shadow.

"I prefer you'll call me 'Raven'."  Lets begin calling her 'Raven'. We can see streaks of red standing out from her recently black dyed hair. It is not because Raven is African American made this sight of herself;warrior like,older, and mysterious. We see her lips are a unique shade of red. "Not Jenny."

"And the bat?" Loki asks.

"Just a little friend of mine." Raven said.

Loki approaches Raven. He noticed a change in Raven; it wasn't subtle but drastic. The vibe he was getting from her was dark and felt like the angel of death was in his presence. The bat squeaks at Loki slightly flapping its wings.

"You've changed." Loki said.

"No I haven't." Raven said, lying to Loki.

"Then why do you prefer meeting at night?" Loki asks.

"It seems less exposing." Raven said.

Loki rubs his forehead using his right hand while leaning somewhat against a table with some remarkable talent that defies the laws of gravity.

"Raven, you're lying." Loki said, bluntly. Raven's face becomes puzzled.  "I am the master of magic, the prince of lies, and the god of mischief." He puts down his hand on the table. "There is nothing you can hide from me."

"Oi,would you say the same if you knew what I was doing?" Raven asks, raising a brow.

"Depends what it is." Loki said.

Raven writes on a piece of paper, and, then hands it to Loki. Loki reads it and then glances up to her.

"You don't have to be shy about your condition." Loki said.

"That I am a creature of the night?" Raven asks.  "No, people will be scared of me if they knew."

Loki looks back to the paper and squints at the writing. 

"And who told you this?" Loki asks

"Fandral was out when he had him." Raven said. "He claimed to be one of those blood suckers."

Loki has a concerned look.

"At Albyerith forest?"


"West of the swamp that stinks?"


"Over a cliff near a deserted climate, surrounded by high spiky plants, and nothing but rock?"


Loki calmly laughs at Raven's pretty worked up face.

"I know him, that's Fred, the original Bat Shifter." Loki said. "He can't drink blood."

"Explain what is a Bat-Shifter is." Raven said, rubbing underneath the bats chin.

"They are related to vampires." Loki said.  "Bat shifters are capable being killed by the sunlight, capable of summoning bats, capable of becoming bats,capable of communicating with bats, and can eat regularly." He puts the paper down on the table. "I met the original Bat Shifter six hundred  years ago retrieving a dragon egg with Thor."

Raven's mouth became a complete 'o'.

"Was Fred still there when you left?" Loki asks.

Raven shook her head.

"No." Raven said.  "He was going on about 'I am not the only one, anymore' and 'that stupid dog'."

"I wasn't asking what he said." Loki said.

"He left through a cave tunnel saying that." Raven said, followed by a small sigh. "I know what you're going to say; there isn't a way to undo it.  I've read the magic books, the dark magic ones, and the monster ones."

"How are you going to live out the rest of your life as a bat-shifter?" Loki asks. 

"Live among the shadows."  Raven said.

"So you would prefer to be the goddess of darkness?" Loki said.  "How flattering and sad."

"No." Raven said.  "I'll adapt, I'll still live, but life will be different."

"And what was the reason why he turned you?" Loki asks.

"He was holding  a long golden stick with a green gem in it." Raven said, as she watches the reaction on Loki's face turn into 'That man is unworthy of it' kind of reaction. "He was aiming close to Fandral.But it was the bottom half he was aiming at Fandral; the bottom edge was sharp as a blade.His eyes were glowing blue."

"And did he say a name?" Loki asks.

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