Daughter of a Frost Giant

A dog lured Jenny into Asgard through a secret cave from Midgard. Thanks to this dog Jenny is able to meet her biological father: Loki. But the thing about being the daughter of a well known Frost Giant, is that. . . it leaves people wary.This is Jenny's adventure through the mess Loki left behind.


13. Vengeance

Don't mess with a frost giant's Daughter. That's the number one rule a a alien such as Thanos should know. A  typical day at Stark Tower would be unusual in the eyes of a 'average' human being.Thor is seen  helping Bruce Banner  moving a big statue in his room since he just bought it and he wanted it there to be some decoration in the 'bland' room. Tony didn't know how that would get itself propped and taken care of without Thor's help.

Tony had a a question that needed to be cleared.

"What is it?" Thor asks, puzzled. "Did I forget to get Jane something again?"

"No. Tony said. "I  saw a name on this phone." He held the phone up. "Lokidottir."

The look on Thor's face became disbelief. 

"My brother has a daughter?" Thor asks. "Is she in this machine?"

"Her phone number is in this  machine, Thor." Tony said.  "I found this phone in a get-away car from two people who stole a 'destination transporter' and the Scepter."

"They stole the scepter." Thor said. "Why have you not called this '...Raven'.' Thor mentioned her name in a dramatic voice. "That may  get this over."

"Thor, are you aware that Loki had a daughter this entire time?" Tony asks.

"I never knew." Thor said as he took the phone. "Let me see why she took the phone--I mean the scepter."

Thor  pressed the call button and  in  a few rings a rather more women0-ly and familiar voice came on the other end, It sounded somewhat like Loki but more younger and smoother and frankly quite odd. There was a certain ounce of innocence in her voice that sounded believe-able, hopeful, and yet still a mystery.

"You're not the ghost of my brother." Thor said, at first startled by her voice.

"Hang on." Raven said "I am in the middle of some...business." She lowers the phone. "Oi,SHUT UP."

Thor is surprised to hear such loudness from a woman. The daughter of Loki was pretty much a yeller.

"Who gave you this  number?" Raven asks. 

"Your number is on this phone." Thor said.

"...Feyiona!" Raven yells. "I told you to take a burner cell!"

There is a pause between them on the line.

"Are ...you really his daughter?" Thor asks, just to be sure. 

"I...I am." Raven finally said. "I am sorry for your loss(es)."

"Losses?" Thor said, turning away from Tony. "What are you talking about? I haven't lost anyone."

"You have." Raven said.

"I don't like to be confused."  Thor said.

Raven laughs a little at Thor's reply.

"Just like my dad." Thor  heard a dogs bark from over the line.

"What?" Thor repeats. "You met him?"

"A long time ago." Raven sad in a knowing voice."Before...before this."

"Why did you steal the scepter?" Thor asks.

"I have to do something." Raven said. "And it will be the justice ...The injustice that Thanos has done to us. "

"Injustice?" Thor initially started to think different different bad things what she was meaning. "You don't have to take over Midgard like your father."

We see Tony gets alert by the last part.

"I AM NOTHING LIKE MY FATHER." Raven yells over the phone in a pitch that startled Thor.  "Do not compare me to him." He heard a emotional strain in her voice.  "I am nothing like him. I wouldn't sell my soul and end up destroying my home over not carrying out the deal, oi." He could tell there is a slight British accent in her voice. "We're different.If you cannot take that as a fact then I must tell you."

"Tell me what?" Thor asks.

"Asgard has fallen." Raven said. "And I ...am going to avenge it."

"Raven, do not pull my leg." Thor said.

"Asgard has fallen." Raven matter in factly said.

"That cannot be possible." Thor said.

"I am afraid it is possible. It is the truth." Raven calmly and carefully lays it out.  "The only survivors, that I've been told of, are your three Asgardian friends, and just another Asgardian, and I and you."

Thor takes the phone off his ear as his hand is shaking.

"Does this mean we're getting back the scepter?" Tony Star asks.

Thor puts the phone on speaker.

"I am sorry, but Odin died last year." Raven apologizes. "My dad just died."

Tony looks from the phone and then Thor.

"We're paying Thanos a visit." Raven said. "And we're bringing the fight he wants. Goodbye, Uncle."

Our scene transitions to Raven's surroundings with; Cahiff, Harry, Feyiona,and Izzy in full space gear. Raven puts the phone away into her motorcycle coat pocket. They were standing below a big machine swirling and twirling powered on by a teleportter destination software. Raven is wielding the scepter.

"Oscar!" Raven shouts. "Press it!"

"How are you going to find this ugly guy anyway,Aunt Ravey?" Oscar asks through the intercomn.

"The love of a child, the vengeance boiling inside, and the hate tied towards him will bring me to him." Raven explains. "And we will take him down. We won't let Thanos get what he wants."

"Goodbye Aunt Ravey." Oscar said with a small wave.

And in a blue blast the small group was gone.

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