Daughter of a Frost Giant

A dog lured Jenny into Asgard through a secret cave from Midgard. Thanks to this dog Jenny is able to meet her biological father: Loki. But the thing about being the daughter of a well known Frost Giant, is that. . . it leaves people wary.This is Jenny's adventure through the mess Loki left behind.


8. Paranoid much?

Two months pass since Raven's mysterious and abrupt departure from Asgard at night. Odin had told them that Raven felt homesick and wanted to go home.Most Asgardians fell for the little lie but there were some who were unsure about Raven's true reasoning's. We dive down to a scenery with two individuals.In the distance we see Dephinal painting a frozen version of the waterfalls that had a sketchy image of a woman in a cloak walking past the beautiful scenery.

"Cahiff, are you listening?" Borris asks,waving his hand up and down in Cahiff's way.

Cahiff is deep in thought. I have to use the bucket on him, Borris thought as he grimaces.We watch Borris leave, and then return with a heavily full brown wooden bucket. The water inside slides back and forth. Borris stands to Cahiff's right side then he holds it up above Cahiff's head.He turns the bucket upside down which makes the water pour out then splatter all over Cahiff.

"Hey!" Cahiff said with a quick shake of his head and turns his attention towards Borris. "What was that for?"

"You were day-dreaming, again." Borris said.

Cahiff frowns.

"I wasn't day-dreaming." Cahiff said.  "I was being productive."

Borris puts down the bucket beside his foot with a not-so-convinced expression.

"Sitting on a rock holding a mirror while in the act of brushing your hair, however you not brushing your hair when really you are day-dreaming is not productive."

"Yes, it is."

"What makes  day-dreaming productive?"

"The golden dog." Cahiff said, earning a groan from Borris who lowers his head and pinches the bridge of his nose, "I've been seeing it for the past 4 months roaming Asgard."

Borris rubs his forehead a bit annoyed by Cahiff's paranoia that seemed to be long term. His recent paranoid didn't seem to be wavering away at the given time. Borris lowers his right hand down from his forehead.

"The golden dog, the golden dog, the golden dog." Borris repeats the name association. "Not everything is tied to Loki's daughter."

"The daughter of a traitor can do anything."  Cahiff interjects.  "Just imagine what she can do; lure Ghost Giants into Asgard, giant winged hunchbacked sparrows, and unicorns that have the heads and necks of a dragon!"

A little smile grew on Borris's face.

"You've gone mad."  Borris said.

"I have not gone mad." Cahiff said, taking out a towel out from his knapsack. Cahiff puts the comb into his backpack and then wraps the towel around his head. Cahiff turns his attention to Borris who seemed to be judging him. "I am sane as you."

"All those creatures you listed do not exist, Cahiff." Borris said. 

Why else would a man wrap a towel around their head?

"Yes, they do." Cahiff said. "I saw her speaking to a ghost giant  months ago."

"You've been crazy lately, friend." Borris said. "Sure that you haven't been revisiting old times? The ones when Thor, Loki, and the three Asgardian warriors roped us into silly tasks? Please tell me you're not going blind!"

"I am not." Cahiff said.  "But you wouldn't be here arguing if you did not have a favor to ask from me."

Borris's two lasts fingers fidgit.

Of course Borris had a favor to ask from Cahiff!Borris usually came to the paranoid Asgardian when he needed favors. hey shared the same dislike towards Raven.But what they did not share is the burning paranoia that Raven may do what her father had done in Midgard years ago.We can see from the distance beside a tree that a certain golden retriever wearing a pink collar that had spikes around it.

The dog walks into the forest away from the two Asgardians while wagging its fluffy groomed tail.

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