Daughter of a Frost Giant

A dog lured Jenny into Asgard through a secret cave from Midgard. Thanks to this dog Jenny is able to meet her biological father: Loki. But the thing about being the daughter of a well known Frost Giant, is that. . . it leaves people wary.This is Jenny's adventure through the mess Loki left behind.


14. Not a wimp

Perhaps the day of vengeance never had been so  nerve wrecking and otherwise fantastical visit to some other world  that had no name could be a source of worry. As of yet to Harry this just got one step further into a amazing science fiction movie. The land was barren and rocky enough it seemed remarkably familiar to The Great Rocky Mountains.The sky above them was dark and and science fiction-ey it could have been used to film a TV series. Harry gasps at the sight lain before his very eyes.

"We have a target to take down." Raven reminds them.

Raven is the only one not in a suit. 

 "I suddenly feel scared." Izzy said. 

The dog seems to be undefeated. Basically it doesn't seem to be bothered by whatever climate and weather conditions. The British golden retriever walks forward sniffling out someone in this very realm that had more than one person residing in it. The ground rumble beneath the groups feet The British golden retriever lift its head up slowly wagging its tail between its legs. Izzy gulps down her fear at this potentially existence wiping mission.

"It is only  small earthquake." Raven reassures them.

The British golden retriever ran off into the distance.

"Follow that dog." Raven said.

"Why should we follow a crazy ass dog?" Harry asks.

"Because dogs have better sense than frost giants do." Izzy said.

"...Okay I'll go with that." Harry said.

The gang followed the dog yet we see Feyiona peeping over the gigantic rocks to see there were sauropod-human sized guards standing place. They were going round the correct way to get their way towards Thanos; the great and most threatening force int e entire galaxy of existence. If there even was a galaxy of existence then that would be beaten to the punch. They had assumed there wasn't going to be correct oxygen for Midgardians in this realm so this is why they had to bring it. They had to bring the astronaut suits just for this leg of the mission. 

One lousy and very ugly tall guard looked over his shoulder to see a tail belonging to a dog disappear in the corner of his eye. He initially dismissed it a his imagination on work. He turns his head away from the rocky middle pass in time for the group to sneak on by. Harry is invisible and we can hear a chuckle from him every so often. He was chuckling over a single thought that was too funny not laugh at.

"Harry Baxter." Izzy said.  "Stop chuckling. You're creeping me out."

"Then why are you comparing us to the scooby gang from the Scooby Doo  franchise?" Harry asks no where in sight. He is invisibly frankly. 

"Cause someone has the Scooby Doo theme song running in the comnlinks." Izzy said.

"What is wrong about ending a tension?" Feyiona asks, through their comnlink.

The group passed a sleeping guard who had a spear sticking  out from the crotch of his elbow and his helmet over his head that tipped up every time a snore came out.It seemed very stereotypical when analyzing that kind of scenery. It meant that Thanos did not get regular visitors.

"It gets on people's nerves. " Raven said startling Izzy and Harry.

All that walking made them forget who they were following in the first place.

"I agree." Izzy said. 

"Mr Baxter, turn off the Scooby Doo music." Raven said.

"Yes mam."  Harry said.

They eventually came to a mountainy pass close to the throne where Thanos resided.The British Golden Retriever is already chewing on a random bone it had come across during their obviously long tread through the outrageous rocky and bumpy range.They had came to abrupt halt thanks to Raven.

"Mr Baxter, take the cloaking devices out." Raven said.

"Cloaking devices?" Feyiona said, with a raise of her eyebrow as Harry take out a couple  and odd evened edges devices from his astronaut suit pocket.

"It makes anyone invisible when clicked." Raven explains. "Not just  Mr Baxter."

"I got it." Harry said. "Here, take it."

Harry hands the two devices to the other women in this group. Teh dog didn't seem to require this  as clearly presented by its aloof nature to set  in motion a revenge thread. They activated their devices and in went in Raven. It took Raven five minutes to get in there in the for of bats, brown bats with icy fur and white snowy flakes on their backs. Their crystallized flapping made a beautiful sound in the air as if it were a tap on the glass water in a accurate created glass for a 'gift display' show. Thanos turns away from the sight he ad created very recently. The remains of a destroyed a planet that had refused to do what he said and hi agreement of a surrender. Raven stood there here Loki had stood many years ago before her.Raven's Asgardian form--the one where she looks normal as a human being--was not present but her Frost Giant side is.Her green eyes stood out o the tall towering figure sitting in a chair.

The dog, the British golden one, stood by wagging ts tail in the air back and forth.

"Who in the realms are you?" Thanos asks.

Raven's lips were still in a grim dead locked frown.

"Oi, is that how you ask?" Raven asks, folding her arms.

The British Golden retriever looks up towards Raven apparently caught off guard by her reply.Then the British golden retriever looks towards Thanos.

"No one visits me." Thanos said. "Not unless they came by accident." The last part came out in a hateful hiss. "You sound familiar." He squints at Raven and scratches under his chin trying to figure out why she sounds femilar when this is the first time they met. "You sound like a  wimpy Frost Giant I killed."

The British Golden Retriever looks back towards Raven.

"I didn't come by accident." Raven said, unfolding her arms. "I hail from London in the proudest place on Earth in the United Kingdom." Thanos's grip on the arm to his chair is tightened enough a piece of rock breaks off from the flat square surface  "I am Raven Lokidottir of Midgard."

Thanos made this unsettling chilling cackle. There was a look of realization in his eyes.

"The daughter of a coward." Thanos said. "I should have known to get rid of you earlier."

Raven frowns, taking out a long strangely odd tipped sword with icy white features sticking outwards on the side of the blade in the pattern of snowflake designs and a light gray handle. This oddly and not of midgard weapon had a gem in the middle of the grip part to the sword in the shape of a bat.It had a bronzed golden engravement in the fuller that glowed in a light blue tint at Thanos presence. Raven's fingers were claw like unlike previous encounters with Frost Giants from Jotunheim.

"My father is no coward." Raven said, sensing the arrival of the three. "Loki is not a wimp."

"So you consider your father not a wimp by sending the one who made you this way as stone to me?" Thanos asks, making a statue of a man--the one who made her as a bat-shifter--appear across from Raven. There was a message that was written in Latin.It was what Raven could not understand.

"No." Raven said, seeing a golden gauntlet one of his arms.

Thanos made the statue fade from view.

"Then does this mean you've giving me the infinity stone?" Thanos asks. "I gave your father a powerful weapon, and then, he dropped it." He stood up from the chair. "I am dying to get the stone of deception."

Raven's grasp on the handle to the scepter tightens.The glint of the other infinity stones closely struck a cord. She wouldn't be here if it weren't for this dog. She looks down towards the British Golden Retriever.Raven gives the British Golden Retriever  a nod.

"Don't make me regret bringing you, you old fart." Raven said  towards the British Golden Retriever in a icely and chidely tone of voice. She looks back towards Thanos. "Why would you want this old thing?"

"To conquer the entire universe." Thanos said.

"And?" Raven asks, leaning forward.

"To get rid of my hindering distractions." Thanos said.

By this point this line of questions was going to get annoying.

"Which are?" Raven  twirls her hand in a circle as though deliberately making him explain."Which are?"

"The Avengers."  Thanos said.

A smile spreads across Raven's face.

"You need this stone." Raven said, shaking the scepter back and forth.

"Yes!" Thanos said,in a loud voice.

"Then face your unexpected opponents; the other Avengers." Raven said. "Cloaks off!"

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