Daughter of a Frost Giant

A dog lured Jenny into Asgard through a secret cave from Midgard. Thanks to this dog Jenny is able to meet her biological father: Loki. But the thing about being the daughter of a well known Frost Giant, is that. . . it leaves people wary.This is Jenny's adventure through the mess Loki left behind.


9. Lights

Cahiff stumbled out of the bright yellow-orange  waterfall light and landed on his knee's first on the  wet grass.The sudden light in the forest night had brightened the dark scenery to reveal that mostly there were trees, grass, some rocks, and a road right across. Cahiff looks over his shoulder as his eyes are small and wide. We can see a certain trace of fear on his facial reaction.

Cahiff quickly gets up getting some grass stains on his knee's.

We see headlights in the distance to the right hand side of the scenery.We can hear crickets from the forest making their well-known empty theater melodies.Cahiff held a small bag in his right hand that had a firm grasp.A moment after Cahiff's arrival the bright light from behind him sent rocky material flying out of it at a incredibly fast velocity. Cahiff ran towards the road dodging the debris that were sort of slingshot-ting in the air.

He ran across the road and made it to the other side.

We see that bright blaring waterfall formation disappear shortly after more rocky-metal debris had been thrown out.The oncoming car did some unusual swerving on the road to dodge the flying building material. Some of the rocks landed in the grass and a few metal pieces somehow managed to land in a ditch.The car continues driving, yet it did speed up much faster when out of flying-material harms reach. We see the back-lights to the car are turning on and off pretty much indicating the driver is probably unsure what to do other than drive.

"Must..." Cahiff pants, leaning against a tree with his left arm pressed against the tree bark. "Get my bearings...before going further."

Cahiff looks down to his right hand that held  the intact bag.He had this knowing kind of expression on his face; lowering his head and briefly closing his yes.An average child could tell he just came back from something bad. And that he needed a hug just at the moment. A few minutes pass as Cahiff was getting a grip on himself.

Barking, belonging to a dog, that sounded close by easily startled Cahiff.

"Not a wolf." Cahiff quickly acknowledged.

Cahiff looks forward to see the British golden retriever standing there down the road beside a ditch wagging its tail and pretty impatient. The golden retriever slid its front two paws forward towards the grass almost straightening its legs. The dog, Cahiff thought watching the golden retriever wag its tail back and forth, It still has the pink spiky collar.

The golden retriever barks, again.

"Wait a minute..." Cahiff squints at the British golden retriever.  "Weren't you golden?"

One can wonder how Cahiff can see The British Golden Retriever in the dark.

Perhaps we'll never get the legit answer.

British Golden retrievers have bigger jaws than American golden retrievers and bigger eyes,the British golden retriever has a tail that doesn't curl up unlike the American dog, British golden retrievers have a balanced head while the American has a tilted one,and just a general description is that the British golden retriever has a pair of ears set on the level of the eyes--unlike the American golden retriever's eyes that are above the eye-level--, and last of all a white coat.

The British golden retriever barks, again, standing up on all four legs.

"What do you want?" Cahiff shouts after the British golden retriever.

The British Golden retriever barks at least two more times while wagging its tail.

"I can't speak dog!" Cahiff yells.

The British Golden Retriever ran towards Cahiff, and then suddenly grabbed the bag out of his hand.The British golden retriever ran away from Cahiff.The classic image of a man, in full protective armor, chasing after a British Golden Retriever came into play.We can see them go through a abandoned-drive way and the view goes up  showing some lights up ahead in the darkness.By a almost complete view of a lake behind the vast blanket of sparkling-glinting various colors of lights it is very  easy to assume this is a city.

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