Daughter of a Frost Giant

A dog lured Jenny into Asgard through a secret cave from Midgard. Thanks to this dog Jenny is able to meet her biological father: Loki. But the thing about being the daughter of a well known Frost Giant, is that. . . it leaves people wary.This is Jenny's adventure through the mess Loki left behind.


3. Keep trying

Jenny is practicing her ice skills to make a water fountain in the mountains. Jenny stood in the middle of a clearing with a pond, trees that match the grass color, and rocky walls surrounding the area.It's very possible that forcing a power to come out is taking the wrong foot.Jenny is frustrated that today isn't going in her favor. We can see a couple birds on a tree branch watching the frustrated young woman attempting to get what she wants.

"Oi, stop becoming a mud puddle!" Jenny complains as she shook her fists.

There is a mud puddle across from Jenny.

"Lets try this again." Jenny said, letting her fingers come out of their fist form and spreads her fingers out.Jenny clears her mind from the current problems she is facing. She raises her right hand up aimed at the mud puddle while focusing on one thought. "Become a trampoline!"

Instead  the mud formed into a chair.

"I wasn't thinking about a chair!" Jenny said, going through her curly shoulder-length hair using both hands.

Our view flies over the mountains to a cliff-side where we can see three riders--each of them were men--on horses that were grazing the grass. Cahiff is the man on a brown horse that had white diamond spots all over it's body. Delphine is a silent man riding a horse that has a short yellow mane while reading a small book in his left hand. Hogun is riding a raven black horse.

 "Odin allowed the daughter of a traitor to stay in Asgard." Cahiff said as his horse paws at the ground.   "I am not sure if the allfather has fallen ill or lost his mind."

"The Allfather always has a reason." Hogun said, petting the side of his black horse.

"To decide the traitor's heir will live?"  Cahiff said, with a frown. 

"The Traitor has a name." Hogun said.  "And if it were not for his heroic actions then you  would not be alive."

"I would be alive, either way." Cahiff said.

"Thus there wouldn't be a griever." Dephinal chips in.

"Glad to hear the silent poet for once." Hogun comments, apparently amused by Dephinal's rhyming.

"The traitor's heir is surrounded by a rocky climate." Cahiff gestures to the rocky mountains. "Why must we be watching from afar if we are on watch out?" Dephinal turns the page in his small book."I hate to be the one who asks; but what can Jenny Lokidottir possibly do?"

"She can make you dru." Dephinal said.

"Not helping." Cahiff said.

"None was intended." Dephinal replied.

They hear a loud shriek from Jenny that went along the lines: "Damn it!" We can hear a rumble from the mountains followed by birds fleeing the mountains right over the three Asgardian men.Unfortunately when the birds were flying over the three men; Cahiff had the luck to get his head covered in white liquid. Cahiff closed his eyes as though fearing the liquid to drip into his eyes and was very still.

"Hankerchief." Cahiff said, holding his hand out.

"You don't have a handkerchief?" Hogun asks.

"Don't see the use in bringing one on a stake out." Cahiff said.

Dephinal hands Cahiff a white handkerchief.

_                                                      _                                        _

  .    .  .  .Fifteen minutes pass..  . .

.  . .  After the group deals with whatever Jenny summoned . . .

"This is Dephinal," Hogun introduces the silent man. "He does not speak much for a man of poetry." Cahiff rolls an eye while folding his arms.  "And this man is Cahiff Fonlimson."

 "Cahiff?" Jenny repeats.

"Yes." Cahiff said, unfolding his arms.

"Sure you're not named after Cardiff?" Jenny asks.

"I am sure." Cahiff said.

"Blimey!" Jenny said, throwing her hands into air. "It would have been perfect to call someone  Cardiff." She repeats the name multiple times walking in circles. "I should be defined as a berk instead of a Frost Giant's child!"

"You're not a idiot." Hogun said.

"Cheers for someone catching up!" Jenny said, delighted as she puts her hands down.  "I sound British, but, you guys really sound formal."

"British?" Cahiff repeats.

Jenny stares at Cahiff.

"Swear to me you're not from outer space." Jenny said.

"I swear I am not from outer space." Cahiff said.

"Swear over a unicorn." Jenny said.

"Unicorns do not exist." Hogun said.

Jenny sends a glare towards Hogun with a 'just go with it for this one time' look on her face.

"I swear over a unicorn that I am not from outer space." Cahiff said. "Now can you tell me what British means?"

"I am from Great Britian." Jenny said. "Well," She taps her fingers together. "I grew up in London for the first 26 years of my life." The three men still look confused. "Great Britain is part of the awesome United Kingdom."

"I remember visiting Great Britain." Dephinal said with a fond tone in his voice.

The creature that Jenny had accidentally summoned into existence made a groan that was shortlived.Hogun stabs his long electrical sizzling Asgardian sword into the brown scaled creature's forehead.The creature stopped moving including making this small but barely audible noises. The creature's odd eyes remained open despite dying in front of the Asgardians.

"Perhaps you should begin reading magic books." Hogun suggests.

"I tried." Jenny said, gesturing over to the broken chair.  "I got a chair."

The men look down towards the dead creature.

"A creature like this wouldn't be found in a ordinary magic book." Cahiff said.

Jenny taps her fingers together.

"I may have read a few magic monster creating books." Jenny said in a low voice.

"I can't wait to hear what Odin has to say about this." Cahiff said.

"Perhaps it could be bliss." Dephinal said, rhyming again.

A marking on Cahiff's palm drew Jenny's attention. It seemed to bare a striking resemblance to the one from a movie involving a Dragon Rider.

"Hey Cardiff man,where did you get that marking?" Jenny asks.

Cahiff held his hand up.

"Oh this?" Cahiff said, holding up his hand and then lowers it. "It's a birth mark."

"Say Eragon." Jenny said as Cahiff looks unsure.   "Say it."

"Eragon." Cahiff said.

"Say the word like you mean it." Jenny said.

"Eragon!" Cahiff said.

A gust of very hot flickering flames shot out from Cahiff's hand and crashed on the ground thereby sending him flying into the air merely several feet above the ground.Jenny watches Cahiff's figure fall back somewhere else while shielding her eyes from the pretty bright sun.Hogun seems to be startled by this weird apparent phenomena where a birthmark became a weapon.  Dephinal takes out a small notebook and began writing some poetry about the marking that made Cahiff fly.

A smile grew across Jenny's face.

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