Daughter of a Frost Giant

A dog lured Jenny into Asgard through a secret cave from Midgard. Thanks to this dog Jenny is able to meet her biological father: Loki. But the thing about being the daughter of a well known Frost Giant, is that. . . it leaves people wary.This is Jenny's adventure through the mess Loki left behind.


12. Dottir

Of course ending the streak that Thanos has or had begun wasn't going to be easy. Raven had  somehow, and miraculously, been able to visit the new Avengers to ask them for their help. To save the world, their own lives, and the previous predecessors by going up against Thanos. He already had a couple stones. Powerful stones through someone known as The Collector.

"Whats in it for me, again?" A young man named Harry Baxter asks, leaning into hi chair. Raven darts her head towards the man's direction.

"You get to live." Raven said. "We all get to live. "

Raven looks toward the woman with a bow an arrow, a man who had terrific skill in spying, a woman who had the strength of a former Avenger team member, and last of all; but not least,  Lokidottir and Cahiff of Asgard, aka, the paranoid Asg.  Asg is a in-side joke for Asgardian between Oscar and Raven.

The Terrific archery woman is Feyiona, the woman of Hulk strength is Izzy Banner, and the spy man is Harry Baxter. She had arranged and assembled her own Avengers team. Thor, on the other hand, had not been aware about the end of days on his home.So he hadn't been requested to come in this potentially dangerous life changing mission. Raven didn't want her own revenge to be thwarted.

"We're gonna save the world." Feyiona said. "Why don't we have a advanced tech person here?"

"We don't have that kind of people on our side." Raven said. "Those kind of people stay out in the daylight. You, all these people in the room, are the outcasts of society, Mr Baxter. I am well aware of your gift to hear people's thoughts and your ability to become transparent." Harry becomes visibly uncomfortable."You are going stand up for our planet. You're going to avenge it, We're the second Avenger. The unknown second one." Raven said it with a dramatic flare. "And there is not a bug is in this room. I made sure."

"I made sure." Cahiff mockingly said.

"Shut it." Raven said, sending a glare towards Cahiff.

"No, you shut it." Cahiff said in a lower voice but not that clear enough it could be noticeable since he looks down to his left acting like a brat.

We're on a deadly mission, kids." Raven said. "A mission that may end in our deaths."

"My death is likely to be ruled a homicide." Izzy said,calmly folding her arms together. "I already have my brother thinking I am out shooting some good ol' turkeys." All the people in the room stare at her."I do hunt for  living, not only am I a member for Shield."

Harry clears his throat.

"So, where are we gonna find this Thanos?" Harry asks, he asks the question that everyone was thinking about.

"Yes," Feyiona said.  "Where is he?"

We see the golden British retriever under the table with its head on its paws. Our perspective turns straight back to Raven who seemed calm about the attention focused on her in the room. She walks around right towards Harry sliding her finger on he table letting it become frozen and her frost Giant features became evident except she had green eyes not red.

"We need one thing, actually two, and you are going to get it and you won't question my motive."Raven explains to the small group of people at the brown table in a dusty old basement at Oscar's house."I am not allowed to go."

"...Mind if I ask why?" Harry asks.

"Not your business, Mr Baxter." Raven said.  "As I You will be going with Izzy." Her instructions were clear and worded well.  "And you must get out before someone makes Izzy mad."

Harry had this cocky kind of smile.  "Easy to do!" Harry cheers. "I know how woman work around poodles." The women in the room stare at Harry. "What?" Harry spins his chair in a circle. "Doesn't all people love poodles, including women?"

The other women share a eye roll from Harry's sexist opinion. We see a scene transition to later on where Harry Baxter is running out of the building with a long golden item that had a A blue item in this short golden scepter that was fit for a kin g. We see a big figure hop out from the building. Harry runs off into the black van and jumps in before the security get to him.

"DRIVE!" Harry orders Feyiona.

"Raven is going to be pissed." Feyiona said.

"At least I have the scepter." Harry said, buckling himself up and waved the scepter in the van.

Feyiona drove off away from the burning building and headed straight into a 'get-lost-among-other-cars'  while a suit that strikingly seems familiar to an Iron Man  is seen blasting after them.Harry  puts a bug de-tracker on the scepter with presently and virtually not getting effected by the scepter.

"Next van coming up in two blocks." Feyiona said. "You cannot take the stone out. Got it?"

"Don't take the stone out. Don't take the stone out. Don't take the stone out!" Harry repeats.  "I've been reminded twenty times already!" He seems visibly frustrated. "I may not have any secret desires but that doesn't mean I go off the game plan."

"We just did." Feyiona remind him in a cold hard hiss.

"Give the scepter back!" The voice of a much older man came from outside the van.

"Sorry no can do!" Feyiona said, taking a small set of a bow and a arrow.She lets it dart out through the rolled down window right into The Iron Man helmet sending him flying back. Harry looks is baled at first how just doing that bubble gm, a rock,  arrow, and a bow can send a metal man flying back into the streets so easily.

"Don't think, act." Feyiona reminds him. "We're here!"

They get out of the black van and head into another--Feyiona left  a holographic image in the vehicle going on using a self made program on a DVD player and a disk. Tony Stark came to the bandonded car thinking that they were still there, of course. He opens the side door. 

"Come out with your hands out." Tony aid. "And give the Scepter back."

The hologram  of  Feyiona didn't move.Tony Stark looks into the car and saw not only was she not doing anything so was a terrible hologram of Harry who seemed to be holding a paperbag with Dorritos hanging in a bag between his teeth and wore a fancy ugly hat. At first it seemed unbelievably and ridiculous to have happened in the mere span of fifteen minutes. Then when the image flickered it became apparent that he was being tricked , not by Loki but through technology. Something was going under his very nose and plausibly SSHIELD. Who have been going under a tough fight against HYDRA spreading lies about it.

He had some catch up to do with SHIELD. Today he had been visiting SHIELD's new base for some go through things and then this happened.

"Something is not right." Tony said, picking up a phone from the passenger seat. He saw a name that was new and different.He recalled Thor telling him 'Dottir sounds like daughter when you say it fast' which is what Tony initially did.

"Loki Daugter-ir-ery." Tony said out loud. "That...He had a kid?" 

The name read 'Raven Lokidottir'. He wasn't familiar to a  strange name like this but knowing Thor's last name and Asgardians strange desire to name their children after their parents made perfect sense. Or at least this is the first thing Tony thought at the name 'lokidottir.'.All Tony needed was an answer from Thor why he thought it was necessary not to tell the team that Loki had a daughter.

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