Daughter of a Frost Giant

A dog lured Jenny into Asgard through a secret cave from Midgard. Thanks to this dog Jenny is able to meet her biological father: Loki. But the thing about being the daughter of a well known Frost Giant, is that. . . it leaves people wary.This is Jenny's adventure through the mess Loki left behind.


1. Daughter of

"Daughter of Mischief?" Odin said, raising one of his hairy eyebrows.

Jenny nods.

"What my mum told me." Jenny said, twisting a lock of her curly hair in a knot. "Before she had died."

Jenny had found her way to Asgard, in some unknown form of circumstance. All Jenny had said was 'the golden retriever lead me here' as a explanation.It had been a few years since someone living among the mortal population had found their way to Asgard without being guided or retrieved via the Bifrost. Jenny did have a last name.Except most people would find it; strange.

"And did she tell you about not being your mother?" Odin asks as his eyebrow settles down. He is leaning to his left against the long golden item resembling a spear with two items on the top.

Jenny stops twisting her knot of hair.

"E-Excuse me?" Jenny asks, puzzled.

"She didn't tell you the full story." Odin remarks.

"My mum told me they first met on a full moon at a gorgeous hotel." Jenny said. "And the rest is history." Her eyes sparkled the mention of history. "In the town; that is."

"Your real mother was not human." Odin said. "She was of an Asgardian heritage. And what else did she say about your father?"

"That he was a Norse god." Jenny said, with a shrug. "I didn't bother checking it out. Being 102 years old and all, at this time.  .  ." She pauses for a moment. Why is he saying my mother is not human?, Jenny asks herself. Her eyes darted at both sides of the room.It's not as though "It was put on the back burner."

"You put it on a machine that burned backs." Odin said. "I thought Midgard could not come up with more--"

"Dumb movies." Jenny finishes for him."They do."Jenny narrows her eyes at Odin.The doors leading to the room are swiftly shut. There were no guards in the room. "She was human, and, my real mother."

"Not true." Odin said.

Jenny's eyes dart  briefly to both sides of the room. No guards?, Jenny thought a tad bit confused, This entire grand piano castle has a buttload of guards but not here. She briefly bit on her lip. A habit that she had developed over the previous one hundred years. 

"You're planning something." Jenny said.

Odin laughs a little.

"How can you tell?" Odin asks.

A smile grew to the edge of Jenny's face.

"No guards, no guests, no queen." Jenny said, gesturing to the almost empty room.  "It seems kind of  .  . . boring." She swipes at the yellow reflective table. "It's as though I'm staring at a fake personality built off King Arthur's glorious fables."

"Nice deduction." Odin said. "But it was built long before 'King Arthur'."

"Hm?" Jenny said, raising one of her eyebrow's. 

"Asgard has been here since the beginning of Midgard." Odin said, with one hand sliding on the table.

As viewers; we can see a green glow from Odin's eyes. Did his eyes just twinkle?,Jenny thought startled by the unusual glow. Her face looks perplexed in all accounts. Jenny seems far confused by Odin's eyes than her unusual situation. 

"Oh really." Jenny said.

"Yes." Odin said, nodding.

"And I suppose you want to know my last name." Jenny said, folding her arms. "It's Jenny Jogers."

"Jenny, Jenny Jogers." Odin repeats Jenny's name. "Whoever made that name up must have hailed from Muspelheim."

"Sorry?" Jenny said.  "I'm not familiar with realms."

"Muspelheim is hell." Odin said. "To mortals, at least."

"Excuse me." Jenny said. "But what did you mean by 'your real mother is not human'?" Jenny taps her fingers on the table. "There must be a reasonable explanation why a dog lead me into a cave and into this .  .  ." She looks around the awe-gaping room. "Strange destination."

Odin smiles.

"I knew your mother." Odin said.

"Go on." Jenny said, twirling her finger forwards

"And I am not who you think I am." Odin adds.

And then a green light replaces Odin with a fairly pale man with curled back black hair,black coat, golden items--including  shoulder armor---, leggings, boots, some of his attire appeared green,and a face that suited a royal prince. Jenny could see where her eyebrows came from. Those wiggly, definite shaped eyebrows came from this young man.

"Y-y-y-you are--" Jenny starts.

"Loki." Loki finishes for her. "The one responsible for the battle at New York."

Jenny gasps.

"No!" Jenny said, putting her hands on the table.  "I remember you differently."

"Enlighten me what I am associated to." Loki said, tapping on his chin.

"You're the man who raided a cat store and put all the cats into the cat food isle!" Jenny said. "With all the bags torn open." Loki seems genuinely surprised. "My town has this tradition to look at that old security video and have everyone's two cents on who it is."

Loki looks so smug with the golden spear like weapon.

"You're the Daughter of a Frost Giant." Loki said with much reluctance at the 'frost giant' part.

Loki briefly shows his real side, and then, takes on his Asgardian form quickly.

"Frost.  .  . giant?" Jenny said, grasping the idea that a man can become completely blue with red eyes and strange markings on his forehead.  "You're not covered in frost." Loki is amused by her reasoning, if only those qaulities were true. "Nor are you a gigantic person with boots that can change your height."

"I was born different." Loki said.  "Some say my real mother was a Asgardian, and some say Laufey had a quarter of Asgardian in him."

"Asgardian." Jenny repeats.  "I don't understand what that means."

"As in the inhabitant of Asgard."  Loki clears it for her.

"Oooh." Jenny said.  "Makes sense."

"What does not make sense is not looking up who's the god of mischief." Loki notes.

"Back burner." Jenny said.  "It is kind of weird that my dad is a villain. So you and my mother decided to leave me on Earth--"

"Midgard." Loki corrects her. "We call Mortal culture by Midgardian."

"Fancy wording." Jenny notes. "Anyway you left me on Midgard with a husbandless woman and told her you were the god of mischief, and then, you left." There were some anquish in her  voice. "You left your own daughter at the hands of a woman who was not her mother."

"Your mother and I agreed it was the best place." Loki said.

"In Britian, you say?" Jenny asks. "I grew up, and every saturday for ninety nine years, I was forced to watch a show with my fake mother." She folds her arms. "Please tell me you ditched me for a really good reason."

"Of course we did." Loki said. Jenny rub her forehead. "Show me your magic."

"M-M-Magic?" Jenny asks, startled.

"Of course!" Loki said.  "Make a fountain; if you're my daughter,that is."

"You expect me?" Jenny said, tapping on her chest. "Someone, who has never tried Asgardian magic, to make a fountain," She taps her finger on the table. "In this very  room."

"When you say it that way." Loki said, with a chuckle.  "I don't mean by this instant."

Jenny gets up from the chair.

"Then you expect me to have got the magic done with the fountain by a week." Jenny guesses. Loki nods.  "When did my real mother die?"  Loki held up two fingers. "No."

"She  died during the Dark Elves attack." Loki said.  "There was nothing I could do to stop them."

"Why?"  Jenny said, as her fingers glow a icy  color.

"I was in my prison." Loki said. Jenny threw a ball of ice to the wall.The engulfed ice ball lands on the golden sculpted wall that had decorations. it became a butterfly sculpture that almost seemed like it belonged when someone made it into metal.Loki seems impressed by the near miss. "Impressive; you missed."

For now, when Loki is disguising himself as Odin, let's call him Odin during that time.

When he's not under that disguise but as himself; we'll call him Loki.

"Next time it'll be your hand." Jenny said.

"It will be the chandelier." Loki said, referring to the item with a fleet of candles at the top.

"Betting now?" Jenny asks.

"Apparently." Loki said. "If I am right; you must go out on a ride with Fandral and his friend Fraut."

"I'm so in." Jenny said.

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