Daughter of a Frost Giant

A dog lured Jenny into Asgard through a secret cave from Midgard. Thanks to this dog Jenny is able to meet her biological father: Loki. But the thing about being the daughter of a well known Frost Giant, is that. . . it leaves people wary.This is Jenny's adventure through the mess Loki left behind.


11. Bad news

..In the morning..

..basically the next day.....6:45 AM.

"See you in the afternoon, Aunt Ravey." Oscar said.

That was one of the first words Cahiff heard that morning as he awoke feeling ice on his forehead.Actually he is starting to regain consciousness after he managed to knock himself out on a driving machine.There was a ceiling fan spinning above  Cahiff making the lightly non-noisy woosh-wosh flying by sending cool air across the room.

"Aunt Rav-en."  Raven corrects Oscar.

 Cahiff heard the sound of a door close.

I made it to to her castle, Cahiff thought relieved  he had caught a reliable ride.

He heard the whine of a dog close enough to be sitting near where Cahiff is resting.He fell right over hitting the side of his head on the edge of a coffee table.Cahiff lands on the rug feeling some ruff rough surface drag on his face.He clearly opens his eyes to see an awful not-recently-vacuumed blue rug that had an unusual pattern with black and yellow designs.

"Nice to see to see you, pan head." Raven said, her feet easily indicated she had come forwards towards Cahiff.Cahiff heard a dog whine. "He's clumsy." Raven uses the excuse. "He is not in trouble,yet."

Cahiff gets up  using the side of the couch.

"No." Cahiff said.  "I...Have news you should sit down for."

 Raven lifts up a brow.

"How so?" Raven asks.

"Just do it." Cahiff sid

So Raven did, and without a bump on Cahiff's forehead, Cahiff gave her the bad news. His little brown sack had a a miniature sized weapon that could become the size it should be  when being held. We can see through the knapsack that the weapon is a blade that has frost designs,different shades of gray, and a black gem in the handle. We see the knapsack is on the table. Cahiff explained  the news that a child would never want to hear, adult or not.

"Odin requested  you to be the bearer." Cahiff finishes. "Before he went to a negotiation with Thanos."

We see a ice-like tear go down her warriors face.

"I..I..I can't accept that." Raven turns away as her eyes became  a tearful and stained grieving tone of red.

she went out to the porch that had blinds and a metal surface set up everywhere in all all three sides of the room that would have been exposed to the evident sunlight. She puts one hand on the door frame and cried. Raven's grief for a loss she barely knew had became clear, first her mother, and then her own father.Raven made the floor below her become icy. The British golden retriever, to be precise, went over to her and nudged to Raven in the other room.

"He's...He's dead." Raven cries. "He's actually dead!"

"Woof!" The British golden retriever barks, wagging its tail back and forth. 

"What do you want?" Raven asks, not wanting any of the crap this golden British retriever wants.

The British golden retriever sat on the floor waving its tail back and forth staring down Raven with intent. It pawed at her knee and scrubbed at the floor using his paws and sat down. The British golden retriever whines at her and turns over holding out it's paws eager to be given a belly rub.For awhile there Raven was unable to give a general retort towards the creamy light gray British golden retriever that looks white not gray. Since when did his coat become gray? Her eye sight must be blurry.

"I...I am not giving you a back.. back..A belly rub." Raven finally managed to say in between her sobs, looking away from the British golden retriever.We see her teardrops shatter once hitting the floor as if they were icicles. "You brought me into this situation in the first place!"

The British golden retriever barks yet again.

"I go to met my father, my real father." Raven said. "And  he is dead."

The British golden retriever turns over  and ad both paws on the floor. It tilt its head at her. She could see the dog had green eyes, which were unusual since golden retrievers had gray, golden, and blue eyes. Maybe it was just a new breed left to roam on Asgard and Midgard without anyone paying attention to it.It seemed odd that ...this dog had been the very stemming animal to lure her into Asgard. Perhaps she was meant to come.Perhaps she was sent after to trigger a set of deadly domino's.

To set the end of Asgard. The realm that is gone. 

"Who sent you for me?" Raven asks, after she stops sobbing.She held her left hand out letting a few snowflakes drift towards the British golden retriever. Her facial reaction became a stern and upset expression. "Who sent you."

The British golden retriever trots out the room leaving only its tail brushing against the door frame.

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