Daughter of a Frost Giant

A dog lured Jenny into Asgard through a secret cave from Midgard. Thanks to this dog Jenny is able to meet her biological father: Loki. But the thing about being the daughter of a well known Frost Giant, is that. . . it leaves people wary.This is Jenny's adventure through the mess Loki left behind.


10. Aunt Ravey

"Aunt Raven!"

Raven glances over shoulder, right towards the direction of her great-grand Nephew. Yes, that's right, this is a impossible relative to Raven. Family threads tend to have no bounds around Asgardians living among Midgardians.This nineteen year old boy is Oscar Rogers.We can see the foundation to a fountain in front of Raven in the middle of the yard.

"What is it,Oscar?" Raven softly asks.

"I hit a guy who was chasing after a bright golden retriever in a abandoned street." Oscar said. "And I,may have, er, brought him in the house. That dog has not left the man's side when he  woke up in the back of my good black and white GMC truck..." Oscar scratches the back of his neck. "I was so startled by his abrupt movements in the back that..."


"I may have..." Oscar taps his fingers together innocently. He had one of his eye's gaze up to Raven and the other down towards his hand. "Made him knock himself out with a pan."

Raven has a sudden disbelief look.

"Don't tell me you still cook out in the woods." Raven said, lowering her forehead and rubs her temples.

"It is a hobby, Aunt Ravey." Oscar said.

"Rav-en." Raven corrects him, lifting her head up. "And cooking in the forest is so not a hobby. That is tempting fate."

"That so Raven." Oscar sang.

"...What?" Raven said, raising her eyebrows.

"Never-mind, you've never watched the Disney channel." Oscar said. Raven looks quite puzzled the mention of 'Disney channel'. Oscar sheepishly shrugs."I can't pass up some street thugs getting the loot of their lives! That's way too cruel."

Raven rolled an eye and shook her head.

"Just like your grandpa." Raven said, fondly. Oscar reminded Raven of a man she knew, years ago. The resemblance was uncanny. He reminds me of Steve Rogers, Raven thought with a small smile  "Always the helpful kind of man."

Raven lowers her hand which sent the fountain structure decreasing.

"Aunt Ravey, what was my grandpa like?" Oscar asks.

"Your grandpa..." Raven scratches her chin while looking down to her right. She recalled a young blonde man who was the same height  as Oscar--except Oscar has black hair---and a medium build for a nineteen year old. "He was very much like you, very much, except...He wasn't Mexican."

We witness Raven's  fingertips turn a certain shade of a light blue recollecting the ice out of the green blades of grass.The snowflakes were making a innocent white-crystal glow floating back into Raven's hand.We turn our attention to Oscar,There was a glint in Oscar's eye. A bright white star shaped glint that was a symbol of amusement. His eyes always began lighting up with a glint when someone had told him a joke or made a compliment about his physical appearance.

Yes, Oscar is a young and strong Mexican-American.

The details behind the Mexican half is something that should be left disclosed for the time being.

"Mexican-ness rocks."

"Mexican-ness is not a word."

"It is in the Oxford dictionary."

"Are you lying to me?"

"I am not, Aunt Ravey."

"You better not be."

Raven flips out her small flat device that is shaped similar to a Datapad from Star Trek. We see a curl of ice glide across the screen glowing a blindingly white in her face that is not at all human colored tone at the moment. Raven's face is a shade of blue. Her eye were green instead of red--which is strange because previously her eyes were red weeks ago in her Frost Giant form--in some way indicating Raven has two eye colors for her Frost Giant half.

"See?" Oscar said, folding his arms.

Raven grumbles with a frown appearing on her face.

"You're right." Raven said, as much as she hated to admit it.

"Score for Slytherin!" Oscar declares, shooting his fists into the air. "Five points!"

"I am never going to understand what you're talking about." Raven comments.

"You're not exactly the bookworm type." Oscar said, with a amused laugh.  "You're terrible at reading bed time stories."

"Oh." Raven said, turning off the ipad. There is a brief pause between them. "I didn't know your mother still read bed time stories before--"

"Yes, she did." Oscar said. "I have Dyslexia." Raven gasps. "Surprised, eh?" Oscar steps to the side of the open screen door and leans against the wall folding his arms.Oscar raised his left eyebrow up questioningly at Raven. He made quite a sigh with a slow head shake. "I thought mom had told you."

"She never told me before the London incident."  Raven said. "She was the one who raised you for...eighteen years, and she still goes down to the grave holding more secrets than mum."

"...Isn't it strange your dad kind of died there?" Oscar asks.

"Not really." Raven said, with a confident reply. It seemed so normal to speak about Loki this way with Oscar. "He's not dead. You've got this off track; did the man you hit with your truck have a name?"

"He calls himself;Cahiff." Oscar said.  "He's on the couch, out, with a ice-pack on his forehead."

That is all it took to get Raven striding right past Oscar through the open door.

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