Daughter of a Frost Giant

A dog lured Jenny into Asgard through a secret cave from Midgard. Thanks to this dog Jenny is able to meet her biological father: Loki. But the thing about being the daughter of a well known Frost Giant, is that. . . it leaves people wary.This is Jenny's adventure through the mess Loki left behind.


2. Arrow

"Trust me!" Jenny said, holding the bow and the arrow.  "I can do this."

"Shoot an arrow into a vase." Fandral said. He didn't seem to be convinced Jenny could hit the priceless vase on the wooden log across from them. "Last time you hit a dog."

"An unhappy bystander." Jenny said, dismissing the dog incident.

Jenny lets go of the arrow. Confidence rests in Jenny's eyes, while a hopeful feeling laying in her gut that this shot made it.Jenny has two of her finger crossed for luck.The arrow flys in the distance presumably heading towards the vase. The arrow abruptly changed direction turning left and flew towards a deer standing across inches away from the open woods.The arrow hits the deer's shoulder. Remarkably the deer just stood there frozen in place except move it's ears.

"You hit a deer." Fandral said. 

"A doe." Jenny said, as her two fingers slid off one another. "I hit a doe."

 "You get it." Fandral said.

Jenny turns her head towards Fandral with wide eyes.

"Are you serious?" Jenny asks, gesturing to the doe.   "Does are unpredictable!"

"It's your arrow." Fandral said. 

"Then why are you here?" Jenny asks, her eyes returned to their normal size. 

"Odin requested me to make sure you didn't hit a bear." Fandral said, as we can see a black bear with two cubs stroll behind the Fandral and Jenny in the background.

Jenny lifts her head up at the sky then made a groan.

"Just what I need." Jenny said, lowering her head down. Loki thinks I can gain the reputation of missing targets!, Jenny assumes, I'll show him otherwise! "A grandparent who worries about my aiming."

It has been two days since Jenny arrived in Asgard.Jenny puts down her bow and arrow on the grass well aware animals can fear weapons. She carefully walks towards the doe making sure not to make a noise. Making a noise would lead the doe into running away from Jenny with an arrow in its shoulder.  She steps on a trig then the deer darted off into the Forest.

"Hell no!" Jenny said at first.

Jenny ran after the doe. People may think she is crazy to chase after a doe with a arrow embedded in its shoulder into the forest. She goes into the woods hearing  forest life still yielding a good view of the running doe. Let's try turning a tree branch into a cage, Jenny reaches her hand out towards a tree branch that was right ahead from the doe. Jenny  focuses on the tree while thinking about a cage. The tree branch essentially became black then turned into ash and fell down to the floor.

"Damnit." Jenny cursed, gritting her teeth. 

Dog barks were coming from the left.From the corner of her eye she saw a furry bright yellow flash dart between the large green bushes. As the furry yellow flash got further and further away; Jenny could recognize the furry yellow creature as a golden retriever. The golden retriever that lured her into the cave pretty much two days ago.Adrenaline speeded thoroughly in her arms and legs.

The dog!, Jenny thought at first with her head aimed at it. The golden retriever had his tongue sticking out from the side in the middle of the forest jogging freely in the doe's direction. No no no!, Jenny forces herself to go faster, I don't want the doe to be scared by the dog! Jenny turns her attention back to the running doe. The doe apparently still has the arrow sticking out from the shoulder evidently in the distance. 

"Wait up, Bambi's mother!" Jenny yells,making twigs and leaves crack under her boots.She jumps over a fallen dead tree. Running after a doe can be heart pounding, or  more like the worst task to do in a dress. To be frank its honest to say Jenny is in a dress.  "I am here to correct my mistake!"

Sometimes life doesn't work in your favour but there are occasions it does bring good events. 

The golden retriever drew near and nearer to the doe. Jenny grabs at the skirts of her dress very determined at hand to prevent getting the arrow out much harder than it has to be. She runs up a boulder that lead to the hard wide tree branches freely hanging out in the open without a cluster of leaves in the way. Jenny runs over the fleet of tree branches while  imagining they were actually stairs leading up somewhere-else.

"No." Jenny said out loud as the golden retriever gets closer to the doe. "You don't!"

Jenny leaps off the tree branch and lands on the back of the doe. The doe attempts to get her off its back by standing up on its two back legs. The golden retriever had gone out of sight from Jenny's eyesight. Jenny yanks the arrow out of the Doe's shoulder. The Doe unexpectedly made a loud sound that went like this: Meeh.Only it was really startling to hear a deer make the sound of a creepy door opening. 

Jenny was thrown off the doe and then lands on her feet in the dirt.

"A deer is not a haunted house door." Jenny said out loud holding the arrow with blood at the tip.Her heart's pounding slows down yet we can see she is sweating from running after the doe. "Sorry, I'm currently learning archery."

The doe paws at the ground with a look of vengeance in its eyes.The doe then rams into Jenny sending her flying into a grassy part of the forest. She is actually six feet away from the doe. Jenny is on a large patch of fine green grass that has four tree's surrounding it. It seemed that the grass had covered every area that was exposed to the sunlight.Jenny gets upright pretty much still holding the arrow. The doe lowers it's head probably mad at her.

"Come on." Jenny said. "I apologized." She the looks dumbstruck.  "Right." She pinches the bridge of her nose while looking down  and her eyes were closed. "I am speaking to an animal that cannot speak.Maybe I should have not owed a horse ranch for 60 years."

The doe made the same exact door creak sound.

So Jenny ran away from the deer like it were armed and dangerous.

"Hit a bear?" Fandral asks as Jenny came running by.

"Worse!" Jenny said, running past the horses towards the castle.

Fandral looks towards the forest and saw the upcoming deer.

"It is only a deer." Fandral shouts after her. "Nothing harmful."

"Wait until she headbutts you!" Jenny shouts back from the distance. "Or better yet; runs over you." We can see her smaller in the distance but getting quite far from the woods. "Trust me!"

Oh yes, a deer chased Jenny back to the castle.

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