Daughter of a Frost Giant

A dog lured Jenny into Asgard through a secret cave from Midgard. Thanks to this dog Jenny is able to meet her biological father: Loki. But the thing about being the daughter of a well known Frost Giant, is that. . . it leaves people wary.This is Jenny's adventure through the mess Loki left behind.


15. A frost Giant's father

The thing about being a certain Frost Giant's daughter is that going under the radar and leaving everyone clueless what you're doing can be a bad approach. Especially when this approach is used to save the day literately.But we're getting off the topic. We basically are doing a time skip to a later date after Thanos's gets pretty much beat by a group who he hadn't expected. He didn't know their pasts,their history, and nothing. The setting transforms into a newly reconstructed Asgard that looks better than before. 

We see a much older Raven walking alongside a young boy who seems to be about eleven years old. This boy is Pratt Tuffson, Grandson of Thor and Sif, Son of Tuff and Pheria. Raven looks pretty aged well except for the cane she is using to help her walk. The cane made this light tap that wasn't loud and too annoying.

"Grandma Raven,what about my grandfather?" Pratt asks.Raven looks down towards Pratt raising a brow as though wondering which one he's talking about. "The one who  got all mad after you broke the news. The news you had been working on a way to to restore Asgard 's realm and you hadn't told him anything abut it  it until then."

Raven's right eyebrow settles down.

"Your grandfather...Oh Thor." Raven said, her British accent is not noticeable. She shook her head both ways ever so lightly. Her hair is a mix of black and white. "He took part in getting the realm restored." She looks up to the sky. "And the others...They had a brilliant story to tell their grandchildren."

"So the outcast group o avengers just broke up?" Pratt asks.  "Just like that?"

 "They lived happier lives." Raven said as she turns her attention away from the sky down towards Pratt. "Long fulfilling lives."

"What about the fountain."  Pratt asks.

Raven raises one of her eyebrow sup.

"I didn't tell you about a fountain." Raven said.

"My mother told me you were struggling to make a fountain when you were younger." Pratt said. "I'll like to see if you can make one outside."

Raven  makes a small smile down towards Pratt. She lowers down to  Pratt.

"I cannot take  step into the light  Pratt." She pats on the side of his face lightly. "And if I did then you may never see me again."

"Why?"  Pratt asks.

Raven had left out the whole bat-shifter part.

"When you'll old enough, you'l understand." Raven said, standing upright.

We can see the hallway  holes  have a dark  window set up when viewed sideways.Pratt's rounded eyes become bigger and wider as his mouth became the shape of a 'o'. The flooring is a light brown tint matching the walls beside the two. Raven held her hand out and then a miniature version of a fountain appeared complete with water trailing out of the tip.

"I became quite good at making fountains." Raven said, giving it to Pratt.

"Woah." Pratt said, holding it in his hands. His eyes sparkle. "This is way cool!"

Raven stands upright.

"So was I, one very long time ago." Raven mutters to himself  recalling  her young energetic days.

Pratt looks up to Raven.

"What about the dog?" Pratt asks, curiously."What ever happened to the British golden  retriever?"

We see  a brief transition to the past  where we see a defeated Thanos--who's dead, by the way-- where the British golden retriever  is across from the group wagging its tail and had some scars evident on its back.The group had been giving each other a congratulations for the mission they had pulled off quite well.

"He left." Raven said.We  watch the British Golden retriever turn away  and run down the exit they had came in at the first place. "Right after we defeated Thanos." We eventually follow but not see  the British Golden Retriever on screen. We only see the shadow  trailing on the ground.

"He left?" Pratt asks, blinking.

"Yes." Raven repeats. "He left."

The British golden retriever was slowly and slowly changed its pace from running to walking.

"Did you ever met the golden retriever again?" Pratt asks.

We see the shadow become  a walking figure that is very and strongly familiar.

It bore a strange resemblance to someone who should be dead.

No,no,no; it is not Thanos.

"I saw him a few times but lately he ...stopped appearing." What had been part of the British golden Retriever--as in the pink collar--was now on the ground discarded and in two pieces. "Without the strange collar." We see the shadow disappear among the rocky--the rocks gigantic shadows casting over the pebbled land. "He never wore a collar after that." There we can hear background music that sounds dramatic right as if it is ripped out from a very good movie aired in the theaters.

"When he did stop appearing?" Pratt asks.

The paw prints that we saw had turned into boot prints and some of the prints--were still dog like and the rest going away from dog prints were boot prints that apparently indicated this figure is definitely a human capable of shapeshifter. There is few shapeshifters known in that time among Asgardians and Midgardians.

"Right after your Grandfather Thor died." Raven said. "The last time I saw the golden retriever was at the funeral."

The conversation goes to a lighter tone after the funeral part. They went down the hallway and then as they left the windows went up. It seemed obvious these windows worked whenever Raven was around or not around. This didn't take a rocket scientist to make a reasonable guess because of her whole issue and all.

"What was your father like?" Pratt asks.

"Different." Raven said.

"How different?" Pratt asks.

"He was different from how everyone talked about him." Raven said.

Basically our scene transitions to night, but this night was not a happy one. We see a wooden bed burning in the distance on the sea.Pratt was sitting on a large big rock with his knees up and his hands wrapped around his legs.Pratt had his chin up on his knee's. We can tell that Pratt had been crying apparently as a tear came down his face.

"You could have stuck around, grandma." Pratt said with a sniffled.  "You could have tried!"

A British Golden retriever randomly appeared beside the rock, whining. Pratt looks to his left seeing the docile and worried dog. The British golden retriever tilts its head at him slowly wagging the straight tail on the ground. This pet doesn't have a  collar, Pratt initially thought, Could this be the dog my grandma has told me?

Pratt reaches his hand forward towards the British golden retriever.His hand meets the soft smooth fur that feels remarkably real.The British golden Retriever stops whining and  sat there letting Pratt pet him. Pratt's hand comes across a very old scar on the British Golden Retriever's back. There were other healed scars that came from ages ago.

"You're...the domino dog." Pratt said, as he stops petting The British Golden Retriever.

"I like to call him the Starter." A strange man said.  Prat looks to his right and saw a strange tall and skinny man.  "I see you found my friend."

"I never seen you before on Asgard." Pratt said.

"You can't possibly know everyone in this realm." The Strange man said, turning his attention to the distant burning body. "Is she really dead?"

"Yes." Pratt said.  "She died before...Our gate keeper could send her to Jotunheim."

"If I my memory serves right, she was born on Asgard." The Strange Man said.

"Grandmom liked to live on Jotunheim." Pratt said. "Its where she belonged. "

"I wasn't aware she roamed on Jotunheim." The Strange man said.  "It has been centuries since I last saw her; alive."

Pratt look up to the strange man raising his left eyebrow. The Strange Man sat on the big rock--that is wide enough for four people to sit on--but not too close enough to Pratt. The British Golden Retriever lifted its head up towards Pratt as though wanting more affection. Pratt continues petting The British Golden Retriever while looking at The strange man pretty oddly.

"How long ago was this?" Pratt asks.

"Before your father was born." The strange man said. "One day, I was just like you. Then  I screwed up and ended up designing a horrible fate for everyone else. I knew what my mistake meant for everyone else around me.So I figured a loophole to solve this problem before it escalated." Pratt continues petting the dog as he seems interested. "Fate came to me on the horrible day."

"What happened?" Pratt asks.

"I didn't die like everyone else should have."  The Strange man replied.

"You...didn't die." Pratt repeats.

"Instead of dying, in the manner  I was 'killed;the weapon that had been used on me had ..leaked." The strange man explains.  "Instead I was...I was...I was left unable to age, and apparently unable to die.I came to realize this was my punishment." The strange man laughs at himself pretty lightly. "A punishment that I've lived not wisely enough."

Pratt is staring at him.

"Are you from Asgard?" Pratt asks.

"I am." The Strange Man said. "A wise midgardian once told me; death is welcoming. More welcoming than living on and on watching others perish around you." The British Golden Retriever curls up beneath Pratt's legs. "I've learned to take advantage of my punishment. I did something good with it in the meantime."

Pratt is struggling to speak. The shock is evident on Pratt's face as he scoots over. Pratt is basically gawking at the strange man as if he just realized who he is speaking to and all the shock in the world had been beamed into his little body.

Our scene briefly transition to the past shortly before Asgard had been destroyed. We see a large figure heading towards Asgard. And there from behind this big figure who is most likely Thanos, we see a tall body on the ground. There is a few specks of orange glowing aura still remaining on the dark gray body specifically around the chest area.As though it were smoke we witness the orange aura hovering strands go through the nose's two entrance holes.We back off from the body

In two minutes we witness the chest begin moving up and down. The last orange cloudy speck had disappeared in the second nose hole.Color returns to the wounded body scathing away those Frost Giant outlines into a incredibly pale  clear functioning pigment. Loki's eyes flip open and then he lunges forward clutching at his chest feeling  really hot stinging pain.

"No!" Loki shouts once he had awaken.

Loki looks around seeing no one in his view except for Thanos's figure.  Loki feels this dread, guilt, and horrible feeling  that wasn't from the pain in his chest. His conversation with Thanos was fruitless. Loki had failed. He had died and then returned from the dead. Loki  takes his hand off the wound on his chest seeing blood on the palm.

"He knew every move I would make." Loki said, analyzing the fight. "Was able make himself  powerful,appeared everywhere around me , and then obviously killed me."  We can tell something had clicked in his mind. He rubs his forehead using the hand that wasn't bloody. "I am an idiot! Thanos brought the stones with him."

Loki gets up as he healed himself.

"Cahif is terrible with directions." Loki mutters.  "And following directions. Obviously  I must help this fool."

 Loki turns into a British Golden Retriever and runs off into the distance.

Our scene returns to present time with Pratt and the strange man. Pratt scooted back far enough he fell  off the edge and lands on the clearly yellow'ish sand.The British Golden Retriever disappears in thin air.Pratt scoots back afraid and scared. After all the man who supposedly passed away hadn't died at all in the world of 'technically speaking'.

"Y-y-y---you should be dead!" Pratt stutters. 

Should we begin calling the strange man as 'Loki'? Obviously we should.

"I know." Loki said.

"You..You...You're the domino dog." Pratt said, gawking up at Loki. "You...you were there every step of the way. Leading  Grandmother to Asgard, luring grandpa Cahiff to Grandmother's house, and participating in the defeat of Thanos!"

"It was fun walking around Cahiff, and then, shapeshifting." Loki laughs so hard, and pretty hysterical. It was strange to see such a prince-like man giggle. "The looks I got from him were worth playing tricks with his mind." Loki  admits. "Your grandpa lost his mind. I used to think he would get out a chalk board and use some chalk to write gibberish after all the stunts he pulled."

Pratt gets up.

"What have you been doing for the past 15,000 years?" Pratt asks.

"Mischief." Loki replied.

"...Where have you been?" Pratt asks

"Midgard." Loki said. "Traveling around; doing a bit of bad and a bit of good.  Mostly good."

"Were you there for Thor's funeral?" Pratt asks.

"No." Loki lied. "Luring your grandmother to Asgard was intended for her to improve her magic skills." Loki look off to the distance easily showing some signs of guilt and pity for her fate. "And I originally hoped to tell her Asgard didn't have long to  exist."

"It exists still."  Pratt said.

"All the works of Thor and Raven." Loki said. "My accomplishment was ending Asgard and killing father."

Pratt's eye became wide.

"You killed him!" Pratt yelps.  "Yo-yo-y-you  killed Odin!"

"I was still experiencing the effects of the Scepter." Loki said. "To be honest; I wanted Raven to take the throne."

"You intended to die. again?" Pratt said.

"Fake it." Loki said. "Not really die."

"...You're still the man who helped save Asgard." Pratt said. "In a way, you did it twice."

"I don't see how creating downfall of Asgard is worth to note as saving." Loki said.

"Bringing my grandma to Asgard, bringing Grandpa to her, and leading The outcast Avengers to Thanos." Pratt said.  "That is a...really different picture of you; Uncle."

The end.

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