Only hearing my heavy breathing, my eyes land on the writing on the corner of the mirror, squinting my eyes to a thin line to find the answers I've been asking for. The writing says 'How about now?' and I'm immediately remember who the person in the mirror is.. It is me.

Entry for The Maze Runner competition.

Copyright © 2014-2016 fearlessxdreamer


1. Awakening

Patient 106 is in the state of consciousness and has woken up probably experiencing drowsiness and perplexity. He looks petrified and unwell due to the Diazepam injection inserted into his veins. The patient's behavior is out of the ordinary and shocking for this project.. He is only afraid. Right now he doesn't remember anything he shouldn't and is in the state of 'amnesia'.. We are afraid that if we go on with our usual scheduled plan, it will fail to be affective. 



My eyes slowly flutter open, exposed to an unfamiliar atmosphere that seems to be a compact room. The energy floating around the room is dull and dead. It feels unsafe and new even though I haven't even processed why I'm here yet. I need to get out of here as soon as possible. I feel drowsy, thirsty and confused. 

I try to roll over to my side but the stiffness of my bones and muscles feel cold and sore against the chilling ceramic, causing me to forcefully roll back to my original position. I feel my chest aggressively pumping blood through my body slowly getting more intense. The sharp sound beeping into my ears distract me from the confusing state I'm in. I immediately find myself fighting for breath, my mouth and nostrils struggling to suck in the air. I feel as though I'm being strangled and when my eyes shift down, I'm shocked to see my weak hands wrapped around my neck with all their strength.

What am I doing?

Why would I do that to myself?

Immediately loosening my tight grip, I exhale the little amount of oxygen I have in my lungs. My boney hands fall to my sides, the sharp pain rushing up my arms. With all the power I had left in my body, I push myself up, leaning against a plain white wall. Now that I'm free from getting choked by myself, I turn my attention to the sounds I'm hearing. The sound of clicking heels and the voice of a male shooting through speakers that seem to be outside the room I've magically appeared in. My mind is flooded with a billion questions I can't find the answers to. Suddenly, the noises I heard only seconds ago fade and the sharp tone in my ears appear, causing me to block them from any further harm. 

Where am I?

Why am I in such a bad state?

Weakly shifting my eyes around the plain room, I find only little clues. A plain white room and a.. mirror. Pushing my messy fridge aside, I begin rubbing my temple with my right hand, attempting to try to recall what had happened to me. I'm immediately disappointed by the lack of knowledge I now have from my past. I can't remember where I'm from, my past, my parents and even my name. It's as if I'm having amnesia.

What happened to me?

Why can't I remember anything about myself?

I part my lips to scream for help but I don't have the strength to. Feeling an unfamiliar and uncomfortable pressure inside of me, I begin coughing out a liquid onto the floor, my eyes squeezed closed from the discomfort. The ironic taste of the liquid reminds me of blood and once I softly brush my fingers over my lips and open my eyes once again, Im exposed to the redness of blood.. my blood.

Why am I coughing out blood?

Who did this to me?

My eyebrows meet at the centre above my nose, uncertainty taking over my mind.  Its strange how lost I am but can't find any clues. I'm relieved once the coughing comes to an end, the taste of blood sinking into my teeth. Breathing heavily, I look around the room once again, trying to find the pieces of the puzzle. My eyes are set on the shiny object reflecting the corner of the wall. There seems to be something written on the mirror but from where I was dumped in, it was impossible to read it. I use my hands to drag my weak body to the corner where the mirror can be seen clearly. I demand my brain to think while I go on the long journey to the corner, my hands running out of energy. 

Why is there a mirror here?

What is the writing on it?

I finally close my eyes, feeling my back against the corner of the plain wall, my heart beating intensively from the hard work. I exhale, inhaling fresh air and open my eyes once again, seeming someone in the object. I immediately jump, frightened from the unfamiliar face in the reflection.

Who is that?

Why is he staring back at me?

Only hearing my heavy breathing, my eyes land on the writing on the corner of the mirror, squinting my eyes to a thin line to find the answers I've been asking for. The writing says 'How about now?' and I'm immediately remember who the person in the mirror is.. It is me.

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