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1. X-Factor audition

Authors Note: Just pretend that all this information is true.. Thank you my lovelies, (Eww did I just say that😂)

I was nervously waiting and tapping my feet against the ground waiting for my move, the lady motioned for me to enter the backstage for I was performing soon, I sigh. Ok Perrie I can do this just breath in and out, "Ok I can do this", I say patting my sweaty palms on my pants from being nervous. I walked in to the back stage where all the props and that are in, and I see 5 boys, One Direction!! I wasn't a fan but somebody caught my eye!! He had a black Quiff and had a lovely face, In fact he was hot. He looked my way and winked t me, I smiled in return but the laughter of 4 boys caught my attention, It was Louis, Liam, HARRY, and Niall, they were all laughing and pointing to me while nudging Zayns arm. Zayn looked like he was blushing , hmmm weird. "Ok Perrie your up!! I took a deep breath and went to perform!! I was performing the song They don't know about us by one direction!! As I was halfway throughout the song I remembered seeing a notice on the x-factor advertisement, that in one audition a lucky person gets surprised by One direction performing with you towards the end.. I don't know if it was me but as I sang the second Verse I heard a lovely angel voice behind me and as I turned around Zayn was singing the chorus with me while the 4 others harmonised us.When it came to Zayns solo, All the boys were spread around the stage waving to fans while Zayn was right next to me. When it came to his solo, he looked directly at me and sang with the rest of the words. When it came to the line' they don't know about the I love Yous' Zayn looked at me and held my right hand and sang in echo I love You. I think I was going to faint, because when the performance finished Zayn kissed my cheek in front of the audience and shakes my hand, only to find his number written on a paper saying call me with a ;) face on it.I laughed a the day continued with three straight yes to boot camp. I was excited !!!

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