King of Fear

Just a little poem that I had previously written for English


1. ⬇️

Struggle as you might

In the web I rule over

Nothing can save you now

Not even a four-leaf clover

For this is the ultimate trap

Where all your fears come true

Chronophobia, Claustrophobia,

Coulrophobia included too

Oh? You can't tolerate pain?

Then I'll stab your skin with tiny screws

The knife, the dark, Death himself

Its up to you, the victim, to choose

Our world is a fearful place

Filled with dangers, sins and more

Criminals roaming the streets

Seeking blood, lust and gore

Survival of the fittest, its called

Natural selection's another name

We must brave our phobias and fears

As if our lives are a simple game

But it's okay if you don't succeed

It's not yet the ending of the story

Why is that? You're dying to ask

Cause one man's Fear is another's Glory




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