Alice in a Twisted Wonderland

This is an alternate version to Alice in Wonderland. It's loosely based off of Alice Madness Returns and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland


5. Wonderland

I walked through the exit in which the light was shining from. What I saw was not what I was expecting. It was a whole other world. A rather...unique universe. It wasn't like Earth, nothing like it at all. I walked on down the path and observed the strange area around me. I find it interesting how I spotted light, given the fact that the setting around me was actually pretty dark and grim. I felt as if I had shrunk and was dropped into a dead sort of garden. I passed under a towering a flower. I looked up at it and noticed how it was wilting, with its leaves slowly trying to detach themselves. I looked around at the scenery and noticed more abnormally large flowers scattered about, all dead and dry. 

I heard a faint voice in the distance. As I walked on quietly, I listened carefully. "I'm late, I'm late!" cried the panicky voice. An impulse within me caused me to charge towards the voice. The faster I ran, the more I heard the panicked voice cry out, "I'm late!" Soon enough, I saw a figure running along. The figure was about as tall as I, but it was covered in white fur. It wore a black vest with a blue coat. I noticed this figure also had a small tail.... A rabbit tail! I chased after the white rabbit-man faster until I caught up with his hasty pace and tackled him to the ground.

"No! No, please! Please don't hurt me!" he cried out in fear.
"What are you going on about?" I asked, "I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to talk to you!" The white rabbit looked into my icy-blue eyes with his beady, blood-red eyes for a moment before shoving me off of him.
"No time for chit-chat," he called out as he continued to run off, "I'm late! I'm late for a very important date!"

I sighed and continued to chase him down. I was curious, and something told me that he could answer my questions. If only he weren't so hung up on whatever he was late for... I also noticed that he had a handkerchief in his pocket, and my hand was still bleeding from the thorns of the rose. I needed something to quit the blood spill and help with the healing process... Perhaps he'd be willing to hand it over soon.

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