Alice in a Twisted Wonderland

This is an alternate version to Alice in Wonderland. It's loosely based off of Alice Madness Returns and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland


4. White Rabbit

...a white rabbit. It twitched it's nose at me before turning around and running off. I've never seen a rabbit in person, only read about them in a book I found in father's study. I quickly plucked the rose without a second thought, clutched my notebook, and chased after the rabbit. It ran on hastily, as if it were in a hurry for something. As I chased on, I realized it was gone. The rabbit went...missing. I slowed down to a walking pace and looked around, trying to find where the rabbit went. I was about to give up and turn back around, when the rabbit popped up from a bush and continued to race on. I grinned excitedly and ran after it curiously. Is this a game? I began to wonder, Am I playing chase with a rabbit?! A part of me was slightly aggravated, but I was also having fun chasing this rabbit around. This is probably the most excitement I've had in a while.

It ran and ran; I chased and chased. I kept my eyes on that rabbit, making sure not to lose it again. All I wanted was a closer look, why was it running away? I'm not that scary-looking! I was so focused on the rabbit that I didn't notice the hole up ahead. I didn't notice it until the white rabbit went down, and I had so much momentum that I couldn't stop myself from falling in after it. I tried to grab something-- anything, even a root if possible-- to pull myself up and out of the hole, but the laws of gravity were not on my side in this predicament. A fell down at a fast pace, unable to grab onto anything, really. I realized how abnormal this hole was. This is no rabbit hole... I realized.

Finally, I hit a landing. For some unknown reason, there were pillows at the bottom, but that didn't help with making it a comfortable landing. I still hit the ground pretty hard, with my back being slammed to a solid, dirt ground that is only slightly cushioned with pillows. Was this planned?! What kind of ignorant prank is this?! I thought furiously. I sat up and felt a sharp pain in my hand. I looked down at my hand and noticed blood beginning to spill out. That was the hand that was holding the rose. As I was falling, I must have clenched the rose stem tightly, which caused a few thorns to penetrate through my skin. I suppose I was experiencing too much adrenaline while being frightened as I fell that I didn't notice the pain until now. I sighed sadly and rose to my feet. I noticed that I dropped my notebook across the room, and walked over to retrieve it. I studied the room for a moment. No rabbit...There was absolutely no rabbit. I noticed an exit with a dim light shining through. I walked towards it, in hopes of finding my way back home.

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