Alice in a Twisted Wonderland

This is an alternate version to Alice in Wonderland. It's loosely based off of Alice Madness Returns and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland


6. Cheshire Cat

I continued trying to follow the white rabbit, but soon lost track of him. I entered a new part of this strange universe. This area looked more like a damp, dark forest. I walked on and checked my hand. It had stopped it's bleeding a while ago, but my hand was covered in dried blood, and the pain still stung me a bit.

"Lost, are we?" I heard a voice echo somewhere near me. I looked up and around me, but didn't see anything or anyone.
"Up here." said the voice. I looked upwards to the left.
"No, over here." he said. I looked over to the right. I felt gust of wind behind me and whirled around, only to come face to face with nothing. I narrowed my eyebrows suspiciously, looking around the area in confusion. What is happening? Am I hallucinating? I thought. Then, suddenly, something as light as a feather and furry wrapped around my ankle and pulled me down, tripping me.

I gasped and hit my chest against the ground hard. "Oof!" I exclaimed as I hit the ground. I heard a mischievous chuckle behind me. I groaned and sat up. Above me was a large, fluffy feline. It's fur was striped purple and pink, which was very abnormal, obviously. He wore a very wide grin that stretched from ear to ear, showing off rows of razor-sharp teeth. He rested in a tree on a branch above me, swishing his tail back and forth comfortably.

"Dumb cat..." I muttered angrily.
"Well that's not very nice." the cat replied sarcastically. He floated down from his branch and wrapped himself around me, his body literally breaking up into a spiral around me.
"I'm Cheshire," he said with a low and sly-like voice, "Cheshire Cat."
"Alice." I replied with firmly.
"Ah, Alice..." Cheshire cooed as he circled around my body before landing on my right side, his spiraled body colliding back together,
"What a beautiful and wondrous name. Did you know that 'Alice' means 'strong' in German, dear girl?" I rolled my eyes. How dare this abnormal, alien cat attempt to test against my knowledge?
"No," I started, causing the Cheshire Cat to smirk in triumph, "because it isn't true." I finished.
He frowned, "How do you know if it's true or not?!"
"I'm not ignorant, Mr. Cheshire Cat. I've spent a lot of time in my father's study. 'Alice' does not mean 'strong' in German. It's a French name, and it means Nobility."

"Smart girl." the Cheshire Cat responded. I nodded in agreement. I knew I was smart, and I was not going to deny that.
"But are you smart enough to solve a few riddles and puzzles?" I looked down at the Cheshire Cat, whom was now swimming in the air alongside me.
"What riddles and puzzles, exactly?" I asked.
"Up ahead, you will meet a madman. Well, we're all mad here, but he is one of the most insane. If you listen to his riddles, you will be able to solve various puzzles, and maybe find your way back home." Cheshire Cat explained. I looked ahead, and heard very energetic voices, and maniac laughing. I felt a little panic-stricken, but I managed to get my feet moving anyhow. I longed to return home with a passion. Just before I stepped out of the forest to go meet the madman, the Cheshire Cat flew in front of me and stopped me.
"Be careful out there...Wonderland hasn't been the same for a long time now." I nodded in response to his warning, not entirely understanding what he meant, but decided to note it anyways. I walked on past Cheshire, and onward to the madman. As I carried on, I began to wonder, What did he call this place? 'Wonderland,' was it?

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