Stealing Her Heart

A man is sent on an unusual mission; to steal the heart of a young girl named Tatiana. If he fails to win her heart within two months, he is to steal it in another way; to kill her and bring her heart to his master.


1. Calvin's Mission

"I expect you to fulfill your purpose, and I want to hear from you in two months at this time," Bellowed the voice. I shook in fear, when the master said something, he always meant business and devoted no time to failure. He had explained to me my purpose-my mission- and had called me personally from where I was working. He told me that I was to meet a girl-not just any girl, but I girl I had to make fall in love with me, and if I couldn't, I had to cut her heart out. One problem: I have a fear of touching people. I've had this since I was a little boy, but it rarely bothered me unless it was a girl. I am also Closter phobic. For this mission to become successful, my evolution wasn't making me the fittest of boys for this task.

"Yes, sir." I said, bowing my head politely. I accepted this fate even if it is impossible. 

"One more thing you forgot," he said, "Her name." 

"What is it, Master?" 

"Tatiana Harris." 



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