The Greasers Across The Street

A group of girls that ran away from home have just moved into the house across the street from the Curtis Brothers. It's no secret that as soon as the greasers meet the group of five girls that a romance will brew. But who's it between?
Side Note: Johnny and Dally are still alive.


1. The Girls

Olivia Hall
Age: 19
Olivia is the only one in the group without a set nickname. Though the girls sometimes call her bruiser or jokingly call her Olive, she really doesn't stick to a nickname. Olivia is a very motherly person. Her parents died when she was 13 and she was raised by her uncle, who more times than not would come home drunk and completely ignore her and her little sister. Olivia ended up becoming the 'parent' in the house and began cooking and cleaning and providing for herself and her little sister. About the time her sister turned 16, they ran off.

Hannah "Blaze" Hall
Age: 16
Blaze got her nickname for her love of fire and the fact that she would always have a lighter on her. Though still called Hannah on occasion, the four girls call her Blaze. Blaze grew up in Olivia and her uncle's care, which was extremely bad, especially since her drunk uncle would beat her. Olivia and Blaze made a dash for it one night after their uncle got really drunk and ended up staying somewhere in town. Blaze met Switch during a fight. Switch held a blade to her neck, thinking she was the enemy. The fight ended in the two girls teaming up against the others and Blaze setting the others car on fire. Switch was the one to give Hannah the nickname Blaze. 

Madison "Switch" Cross
Age: 17
Madison, better known as Switch or Maddy, was always a good kid, until she started getting in fights. No one knew why she started them, but many of them ended in her pulling her switch blade out on the opposite fighter(hence her nickname Switch). Since dropping out of high school she's been keeping herself out of trouble. Unfortunately nobody has been able to link her to her family since she swears she doesn't know her last name. Blaze, Olivia, Charlie and Max are the only ones to know her full name and have sworn not to tell it to anyone. Madison was raised by different people and was in and out of different homes. Eventually she ended up running away from all of that and soon found herself being cornered by a group of boys in a park close to the town. That's when she met Blaze and Blaze took her "home" with her.

 Maxine "Max" Tucker
Age: 14
The one thing about Max is that if you ever call her Maxine, she will kill you. Though a quiet and shy girl, she absolutely hates her name. Max is quiet because of how she grew up. Her parents fought constantly, and would always throw her in the middle of it, which only caused her to scream at them and eventually be left alone for the night. One night, after a bad fight, she locked herself in her room, escaped through the window and started running straight for town. She first met up with Charlie, who was hiding out in a local gas station and since Charlie had no where else to go, Max took her to meet up with a few friends in town who had been living together: Blaze, Switch and Blaze's older sister Olivia.

Charlotte "Charlie" Young
Age: 16
Charlotte, who by the group is called Charlie just to make it easier, had been in the care of her grandparents since she was born. Unfortunately, by the time she turned 15 they had both passed away. Charlie moved back in with her parents, who didn't even consider her their child anymore so she was often forgotten. She made the decision to leave with just a small bag that held a single change of clothes, a water bottle and about 50 dollars that she had stolen from her mothers wallet. Max had found her sleeping in a corner of a gas station store. When she met Blaze, Switch and Olivia, she was welcome with open arms.

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