The Greasers Across The Street

A group of girls that ran away from home have just moved into the house across the street from the Curtis Brothers. It's no secret that as soon as the greasers meet the group of five girls that a romance will brew. But who's it between?
Side Note: Johnny and Dally are still alive.


2. 1.

Third Person POV

        "We've been in this car for too fucking long. How much longer til we get there?" Max asked, throwing her feet out the window and slouching in her seat.

        "Watch your mouth." Olivia said. "And give it another thirty minutes. I swear you won't die."

        Max groaned as she threw a blanket over her face, "We've been driving for like twenty hours."

        "15 and a half now shut up!" Charlie yelled from the front seat.

        "It's a good thing this'll be our permanent home because I am never taking you on a road trip again." Olivia mentioned.

        "Good because I don't want to go on any more road trips." Max mumbled from under the knitted blanket.

                Switch and Max had fallen asleep in the car. Switch had been out since their last stop, which was maybe two hours ago and Max had fallen asleep right after complaining about driving forever. Olivia parked in the driveway of the house and her, Blaze and Charlie got out, admiring the house from the outside.
        The five girls got pretty lucky with the house they got. A four bedroom house with a kitchen, living room and bathroom was pretty good. Though all four rooms were pretty small, they were still four separate rooms. Charlie and Blaze shared a room, but they got the biggest of the four rooms so it wasn't so bad. Max, Blaze and Charlie were all on the second floor while Olivia and Switch were on the first. That was the agreement they had before moving all the way to Oklahoma. 

        "It's...kinda sketchy don't you think?" Blaze asked, glancing at the house they'd parked in front of.

        "It's all we can afford as of right now. But, we can get jobs and save some money and maybe fix it up." Olivia smiled. 

        "No, not the house. The neighborhood. It's sketchy, y'know?"

        "I guess so." Olivia shrugged. "but at least there's a school. That way you, Charlie and Max can actually go to school."

        "What about you and Switch?" Blaze asked, pivoting on her heals to face Olivia.

        "We're gettin' jobs is what we're doing." Olivia laughed.

        "How much money we got left?" Charlie asked, joining the two girls against the fence.

        Olivia's voice softened and became quiet."Combined? I'd say maybe 100 bucks." She straightened up again and this time talking in her normal tone and volume. "But don't go spreadin' that around. Not in this sketchy area."

        "Sketchy area?" Someone said behind the three girls, causing them to jump. They turned around, meeting the face of a boy no older than 17. The boy had dark golden hair and dark brown eyes was pretty dang good lookin'.
        "Sodapop Curtis." The same voice said, holding his hand out. Olivia shook his hand, looking him dead in the eye. "I couldn't help but notice that someone moved in across the street." The girls stood quietly, simply nodding their heads. "What? Cat got your tongue?" Sodapop asked.

        "'s just that usually neighbors don't just go out and greet other neighbors, do they?" Charlie asked.

        "In this neighborhood you do. Everybody knows everybody here. Mostly you'll just see me and my gang around though."

        "Gang?" Blaze questioned. "I told you this was sketchy." She whispered to Olivia and Charlie. Sodapop laughed and shook his head.

        "We're really not that bad. The Socs are the ones you gotta worry about. Us greasers wouldn't hurt nobody without a good reason. Anyway, what's y'alls names?" He asked.

        "I'm Blaze, that's Charlie, and that's Olivia." Blaze said, motioning to both Olivia and Charlie. "And Switch and Max are in the car." She pointed to the red Ford, parked in the drive way.

        "Switch and Blaze. Gosh, your names are just as crazy as my brother Ponyboy's and I's." Soda laughed. "Speaking of Ponyboy, I should probably get back before he starts wonderin' where I'm at. It was nice meetin' you." Waving goodbye he took a few steps backwards before turning and jogging back to the house that was directly across the street.

Max's POV

        "Rise and shine it's beautiful day!" Olivia said, drawing the curtains to the window in my room.

        "Why did you wake me up so early?" I groaned, turning over in the bed to face away from the window.

        "You, Charlie and Blaze are going to school!" She shouted. "and I suggest you get a shower before Blaze or Charlie does. I woke you up first, you're welcome."

        I groaned and flopped my legs over the side of the bed. I groggily arose and made my way to my tiny suitcase, which held no more than a weeks worth of clothes. "We've gotta go shopping." I mentioned before Olivia left the room. I gathered a change of clothes and made my way down the stairs to the bathroom. A warm shower was enough to wake me up, even if the shower was only around 7 minutes. 

        "Breakfast is on the table." Olivia said as I passed her by. 

        "Blaze hurry up!" Charlie called from the front door. "Max and I are waiting and Olivia and Switch are already in the car!" 

        Blaze came jogging down the stairs, bookbag in hand. "God damn, do you ever calm down?" She asked, glaring at Charlie.

        "You missed breakfast." I said quietly.

        "I know." Blaze spat.


        The school day would've gone better if I  had known which classes I was going to. At the beginning of the day all we were handed was a schedule with classroom numbers and class names on it. It only got worse though. Being the youngest in the group wasn't always fun. Sometimes it was all games and jokes, just like how it was today after school. Blaze and Charlie had left and walked home together, leaving me walking on my own.

        "You know, it ain't safe for a girl like you to be walkin' by her lonesome!" I heard a voice call from behind. My breath hitched and I closed my eyes, not wanting anything more but to be home, but the footsteps behind me only seemed to get closer.

        "No, seriously. You could get jumped." A different voice said. The two voices had finally caught up to me and they ended up being two boys' voices. I sort of recognized one of the two.

        "I'm Johnny." The second voice said. "Johnny Cade."

        "And I'm Ponyboy." The first voice said. "Where ya heading?"

        "Home..." I said quietly. 

        "By yourself?" Johnny asked.

        "I was supposed to be walking with my friends...who are kinda more like my family right now, it's all super confusing...anyway...they sorta ditched me so I'm just walkin'."

        "What's your name?" Johnny smiled.

        "Max. Short for Maxine but I cannot stand the name Maxine."

        "Hey, we've got the same math and english class together." Ponyboy smiled. I smiled and nodded, remembering his face. I'm not much of a talker around new people, but I enjoy listening to them. 

        Johnny's house was the first stop. He said goodbye to Ponyboy and I and sprinted into his house, avoiding the yelling that was going on in there. Pony and I kept walking. Ponyboy was kicking a small rock around and I was just admiring the neighborhood.

        "This is my stop." Ponyboy and I had said at the same time. I laughed and looked over at him. He was laughing as well.

        "Guess we live across the street from each other..." I smiled.

        "Well then I can walk you home everyday." He smiled back. "S'ya later Max!"

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