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  • Published: 21 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 21 Oct 2014
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They feast on my flesh as I lie lifeless on the hard, cold marble table...


1. Supper

I opened my eyes,

awakened by the sound of their

forks and knives scrapping

on the plates;


Brought back to consciousness

by the booming sound of their

laughter that echoes in the room,

clinking glasses,

tobacco smoke,

and a dramatic melody of a violin

playing on the background,


Tonight will be the last


I cringed,

lying helpless,

powerless, and

hopeless on a hard, cold marble table.

My head turned,

and vision darkened.


When will this end?


They cut through the flesh,


gently, and


carving through the skin,

through the muscle and

through the bones,

enjoying every moment of it.


A jolt of searing pain finally awakened me,

I watched them gnaw and feast on my flesh

while I lie lifeless in front of these heartless souls,

their mouth filled with bits and pieces of me,



consuming all of me,


I lie lifeless on the hard, cold marble table

as they begin to feast my body on my last supper.

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