One Night - The Chill of Winter 1 (+15)

Callie is pretty much your average teenage girl. At 17 she's at the top of her class, and somewhat popular. Her boyfriend Martin is fantastic, and she never doubts his love for her. There's just one problem. A problem with the name of Luke.
Ever since she met Luke they've had an unusual chemistry. And the more Callie ignores it, the worse it gets. She doesn't sleep at night, her grades a dropping - quickly - and she feels like her sanity might be on the line. Because she's never seen herself as the type of girl who would cheat on anyone. And especially not on a guy who loves her deeply, and is treating her perfectly. But still, Luke is haunting her every waking thought, and as her desperation increases, more an more seems possible. Until it all might just explode.


2. Prologue

Have you ever felt that you were stuck, like a fly between fingernails? I genuinely thought I had. All those times, when two of my best friends got in a fight? Fly between fingernails. Or so I thought. Because those times, it wasn't really about me. I was playing diplomath, but the conflict itself was always about someone else entirely.

Now I know how that fly is truly feeling. On one side, there is my boyfriend. My perfect, loving, reliable, safe boyfriend. Whom I love. But on the other side... This guy is sexy. Smart-ass. A player and a complete douche. But it somehow suits him. I knew him before I even met my boyfriend, and we've always had a killer chemistry. The kind that could set fire to the ocean, really. A single look, a single touch, a single text and the world is upside down in a whole new, wonderful way.

I hate him for the effect he has on me. But even more, I think I might hate him because I've fallen in love with him...

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