One Night - The Chill of Winter 1 (+15)

Callie is pretty much your average teenage girl. At 17 she's at the top of her class, and somewhat popular. Her boyfriend Martin is fantastic, and she never doubts his love for her. There's just one problem. A problem with the name of Luke.
Ever since she met Luke they've had an unusual chemistry. And the more Callie ignores it, the worse it gets. She doesn't sleep at night, her grades a dropping - quickly - and she feels like her sanity might be on the line. Because she's never seen herself as the type of girl who would cheat on anyone. And especially not on a guy who loves her deeply, and is treating her perfectly. But still, Luke is haunting her every waking thought, and as her desperation increases, more an more seems possible. Until it all might just explode.


4. Chapter Two

'We'll be there in 2 :D'

Just when we turn around the corner of his street, I see Luke coming out of his house. Well, his parents' house, but business-people travel a lot.
Marissa parks the car at the curb, and not surprisingly gets out along with me.
”Hey Callie. And Rissy!” Luke yells as he meet us at the car. He quickly takes a step back though, when Marissa lashes out to slap him.
”Ha! Miss!”
”Shut up with that name!” she hisses, only half serious. Mari, Mar, Ris, all those are acceptable. Rissy? Not so much, but she doesn't expect any less from Luke.
”Or is someone being pissy?” he mocks with fake horror. The look on his face is so epic I burst out laughing. He looks like an indignant gold fish.
”You're such a douche!” Marissa sneers, but her eyes betrays amusement.
”Does that come as a surprise to you? I mean, I've practically lived in Eric's room since you could walk, how can you not know me already?” he laughs, and I can't help but enjoy their sibling-like bickering.
With a thick british – albeit fake – accent, Marissa says: ”Oh darling, I am not at all surprised. You never fail to offend me.”
”Show-off,” he mutters, and turns his attention to me. ”Hello beautiful,” he says and grabs after me, but I jump back and end up behind Marissa. Luke looks more than a little confused at my seeming rejection, and I crack him a smile. His devious expression sends little fluttering creatures into my belly as he goes for me again. I sidestep around Marissa once more, and she turns to keep her eyes on Luke.
”Hey! What is that about?”
We keep circling each other while I answer.
”I just don't think Mari deserves to see your grabby hands all around her best friend. That would really ruin her day,” I explain to him, expression overly solemn.
Mari looks like she just bit into a lemon, while Luke is wearing his usual smile. The smile that almost makes his I-own-the-world attitude understandable.
”Why not? It's not like she's never watched porn,” he smiles, and blinks at her. I know her cheeks will turn red, before they do, and when she looks like a tomato in the face, she hisses: ”It's not my fault some porn is always playing when I want to talk to you and Eric!”
”No, but it is kind of given, don't you think?” he laughs. Marissa slaps at him, and even though he leaps out of the way he is not fast enough, and his jaw connects with her hand with a loud 'smack.'
”Oh my God! You just got totally bitch-slapped,” I giggle, and then look at Mari. Luke looks a bit shocked, but he still has confidence radiating out of him.
”And now I think it's time you leave, love,” I tell Mari with a smile. She's grinning all over.
”I can't believe I'm leaving you alone with that douchebag,” she smiles.
”Oh well, me neither, but you better do so.” I give her a quick hug, and sends her on her way to the car again.
”Please crash on your way home,” Luke yells after her.
”Jerk!” She flips him off when she slides into the driver's seat of the VW, and keeps her finger up all the way until she turns a corner.
”Hey baby,” Luke murmurs when we're finally alone, and this time I let him catch me when he grabs for me.
”Hey. Want to get going?” I ask, while feeling his hand sliding down my back.
Everything is burning when we're alone, and he's touching me like that. The lawn we're on? Ablaze. His hands on my skin? On fire. My mind? Alight. There is no other way to describe it. And even though I am well aware, even now, that I will hate myself later, I can't pull away. I don't want to.
Because he is so tall, and his dark green eyes are looking at me with a flame in them I only see in moments like this.
And I know he doesn't love me. Not the way I want him to. I know he's bad, so bad, but he is so good at it that I don't even care. So I grab his hand and pulls him towards the Chevrolet Cruze he loves so much more than he will ever love me, and ask him where we're going.
”Wait and see babe, wait and see.”

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