The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Book Edition


1. Chapter One

Before I begin my story, let me introduce myself and where I come from. My name is Kira Lavara and I am nineteen almost twenty years old. I come from a large family that lived in a small town near a large city in Atlanta, Georgia. I had three older brothers an older sister and two younger sisters. My real mom split after my youngest sister was born.

Two years after my dad found another wife and was soon married. Her name was Margret Smith. Long blonde hair with natural thick brown highlights. Her completion was absolutely beautiful. Two of my brothers had our mothers brown hair and the other black like our dads. My sisters had a mixture of the two creating a deep brown. They all had brown eyes curtsy of our mom and I was the awkward one out with green from my dad.

Just when we were beginning to get settled in our home perfectly, Margret took a pregnancy test. As you probably expected it came out positive. Another addition to the family. She was supposed to have twins; a boy and a girl. That didn't work out so well. The boy was still born while the girl came out healthy as a horse. She had a blondish brown hair color. Her name had been Trisha Lavara. As Margret expected I'd shown the most affection toward the baby. Always volunteering to babysit her, feed her, put her to sleep.

Though Trisha was a little miracle from heaven, weeks after she was born my dad found himself struggling to keep up with bills and put food on the table. I got a job at a local food market making minimum wage where I worked after school and on most weekends. We thought everything was going to get better after my father had gotten a raise but that didn't exactly happen. Why? Because that's when the shit hit the fan.

It started out on the news. Videos of people supposively dead eating people. Then it escalated further to where they had been local sightings of the so called disease. After the news stopped reporting that's when people started panicking. So this is my story:

My feet slid roughly on the black cement attempting to get as far away as I possibly could. Kenny told me to run straight and to not stop, that he would soon catch up to me. It happened about three or so hours ago after we were attacked by a heard of walkers. Kenny isn't my father, he died a year after this whole end of the world thing started. He was trying to protect my sister and I but in the process was bitten. The arm he was bitten on was amputated though it didn't work, he was gone an hour later. After losing my sister to some dumb kid who didn't know how to use a gun I wanted to give up. I locked myself in a bathroom at a store. That's when Kenny found me almost dead due to starvation and dehydration. I'm not exactly sure if Kenny is alive or not and I refuse to get my hopes up that he is. I owe my entire life to him, to keep moving until its my time to go. If Kenny were to be dead now I wouldn't have anyone to protect me from the walkers out here. Not that I need protection. I told him the day we met in that bathroom that I can take care of myself. That may have been a lie at the time but now I know I can move on forward.

Taking a look around me there was a large map on a telephone pole.There were plenty of safe places I could possibly write down in case Kenny comes looking for me. It was then I saw in the corner of my eye a university. There may be a few walkers but also protective gates surrounding the perimeter of the entire school. A walker appeared walking on the grass toward me. Taking out my sharp hunting camouflage knife I began my way over to it. At first when it charged at my my knife make contact sliding clear through his chest. A few more attempts were made before I was able to bring my arm up and stab him directly in the head. Once it was on the ground I cut the stomach open covering an old rag I had in its blood. On the bottom of the map I wrote in large letters: 'Kenny at the UNI. Meet me there. Be safe!'. And with that I was on my way.

* * *

After why felt like hours of walking I was sure the road I was supposed to turn at was nearing closer. I could feel my stomach growl wanting the last of the minty candies hiding in my bag. There was a thought I tried so hard to keep in the back of my mind that if Kenny had made it, he would have caught up by now. Tears were threatening to escape my eyes like a waterfall but I held them in as long as I could.

Hearing my stomach make more load noises my bag was opened and a candy was taken from it. I needed food. If I didn't eat now I would pass out. The wrapper was thrown in a nearby trash can. Yes the world did come to an end but that didn't mean I couldn't still put a wrapper in a trash can. Just as I went to pop the fresh minty flavored candy in my mouth there was a knot feeling in my knees and I felt myself about to stumble onto the ground. Inches from the hard cement a strong hand caught hold of my arm. I couldn't believe this was happening.

* * *

"Stop." I heard him say and everything went quiet.

Why was he telling me to stop? Doesn't he know that the street is right in front of us. We could be there in twenty minutes. I gave him a questioning look. It was then I heard the moans gradually getting louder as they moved toward us. He directed me backwards before I pulled him onto a trail in the woods. I thought maybe it could be a detour. We could camp out here for the night and in the morning the roads should be clear for us to begin traveling more.

Being on a dumpy dirt road made the vans on my feet look worse than they already were. The black filled with a light brown. I could feel the dirt reaching into the bottom of my socks.

"What's on your mind?" Kenny asked.

"I think it's time for a new pair of shoes." I admitted.

"We could get some off a walker." He suggested.

"You're gross."

"What? I done it plenty of times before we met. Got these nice boots off an old man." Kenny explained.

"Was he dead or did you kill him?"

"He wasn't necessarily."

"Nobody seems to be." I said quietly.

We continued to walk the long trail that soon led up a mountain. Sticks cracked under my feet as I stepped forward. Turning a corner on the trail a set of wooden steps came into view. It was a cabin. From the outside it seemed like a safe place we could camp for the night. You couldn't see inside from the outside due to the curtains hung up on the inside. I looked at Kenny as we walked up the porch.

"It's a good a place as any." He winked.

The wooden door creaked open as I slowly pushed. Kenny and I stepped in quietly. He pulled out the knife in his pocket ready for anything coming his way. As we entered the living room a large golden retriever lie cuddled up on the sofa. It's chest still moved up and down at a steady beat. Kenny gestured me forward towards it.

"I'll go find some food. He might be hungry." Kenny whispered.

I began walking cautiously toward the golden retriever. I wondered if he'd ate anything in the past few weeks. As I neared closer I could hear its whines. A small patch of hair on its tail had been brutally ripped off the skin. It must have been a walker; he was lucky enough to get away. He lifted his head up and stared at me for a quick moment to observe me. My hand was held out and I waited there until he was comfortable enough to sniff it. His nose was damp with a bit of dirt on it. He must have gone outside to find himself some food. Though I hadn't seen any doggy doors that he could get through. My fingers soothed through his soft fur on its back.

From what I observed he hadn't eaten in days. His ribs could be seen at his stomach. I couldn't imagine what he's been through these past years. I'm surprised he made it this far. I was broken out of my thoughts when Kenny's voice sounded in my ears.

"Lucky for the dog, they had plenty of dog food for em'. Not so lucky for us. Maybe three days worth of beans. The people who lived here must've cleaned it out."

"Who could leave this dog behind?" Tears were in my eyes, threatening to escape.


Kenny cleared his throat before speaking, "Uh, you wanna feed him?"

I grabbed the bag of dog food from Kenny's grasp and grabbed a handful holding it in front of myself and the beautiful golden dog lying on the sofa. Once he was done he licked up the small pieces of crumbs left on my hands. He stood up, tail wagging as he begged for more.

Looking around the room I saw a dog bowl at the corner of my eye. It was pulled over towards the edge of the sofa and dog food had been pored inside all the way to the top. On the side of the bowl a name on it was no longer readable. Maybe it was time for a new one?

"Can we keep him?" I asked.

"Maybe. Lets sleep on it. By tomorrow if he likes us enough we'll let him tag along." Kenny suggested and I nodded.

When I looked at the window it had soon become darker outdoors. The trees blew roughly in the wind. It was becoming cold. Soon enough if we done find a safe place to stay hopefully it'll be cold enough to slow down the walkers.

"Come on, sweetie. Get some sleep. Long day tomorrow." Kenny tapped my shoulder.

"Can he sleep with us?" A short silence after the question was asked.


The dream was began completely black. I was stood behind the register at my corner store job ringing up the last few customers. The channel eight news had been playing on the television behind my head. One of the customers daughter pointed out the TV had froze.

Looking back at it, it hasn't froze. The news reports stopped. Out of the blue. Why would they stop? I'm a rush I bagged up the ladies groceries and locked up the store once they were gone.

My car was doing at least thirty on a ten miles per hour road. When I arrived home there were no cars and the door had been left open. Had they left? I killed the ignition and walked into the doors of my home. Clothes had been scattered everywhere. I came to a complete stop upon hearing a loud thump down the hall. A wooden door was creaked open to reveal blood all over the walls and carpet. There stood my step mom turned in the opposite direction towards the Trisha's crib.

"Margret?" I steppe forward only to take two steps back.

Wen she had turned around a chunk of her face had been taken off and her teeth had fresh flesh stuck in them. It was then it hit me that the flesh had been Trisha.

Margret charged forward after me. I turned and ran up the stairs. At the bottom she had tripped and fallen to the floor. I watched a moment as she tried to climb up. A hand roughly grabbed my shoulder and I saw one of my brothers. He looked as she had but a chunk missing in his neck.

I made a run for my room at the very end of the hall. The door was slammed shut behind me and I opened the window to escape. Jumping wasn't the best idea. When I reached the ground my leg had gotten tangled between a hose pipe. Once my leg was untangled and I was on my feet there was a sharp pain in my ankle. Like I said. It wasn't the best idea to jump off a two story house. Looking up I could've climbed down the tree next to my window. I felt like an idiot for not doing so. Though my leg had been injured it didn't stop me from entering my car and getting the hell out of this mess. That was the last time I saw them. Later on that day I found my older sister and father at a fishing spot he used to take me all the time when I was little. I couldn't have been happier to see them.

I was awaken from my dream to voices coming from outside the bedroom. Not that it was a great dream. It was horrible in fact. I didn't need to be reminded about the time I lost my entire family. Rolling over I shook Kenny awake only to find he was already on the verge of waking. I couldn't make out what the people at the other end of the door were saying.

The bedroom door opened quickly and was slammed to the wall. Two men and a woman stood in awe.

"Holy shit." The older man said.

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