The Blood Masters

Kamilah was born into the slave world. Unbeknownst to her, everything would change at the words of an old woman.


7. Chapter 6

           “Come! Sit with us.” He motioned over to the table of nine. There were enough seating to fit twelve, however, so we sat.

           “You have already met Tau, my advisor, and this is Habibah, our cook, and her daughter Yafeu. Masud, is our builder, and he works with Fukayana, our inventor. You have already met Zuberi, and this is Khaldun, my other man-guard, and lastly Zahur, Zuberi’s sister, and she works with Dakarai. They clean this place.”

           I could already tell that he was a well-liked lord. Fukayana seemed like he had a fun time despite being the smallest around muscular men. Dakarai glared at me and Salia, but I pretended not to notice. She was probably jealous we were getting all of the attention.

           It was probably four hours after dawn by the time we finished getting to know each other. The laughter and joking around relaxed both Salia and I right away. Dakarai and Zahur left to clean, and Habibah and Yafeu went to prepare the kitchen for dinner. Masud and Fukayana went off muttering something about teeth.

           Zuberi and Khaldun stayed with Lord Tarik. Whether they stood silently by the wall, or sitting at the table. Tau also stayed with Lord Tarik. Salia and I simply waited to be told where we would be stationed. Would we be in the kitchens or cleaning? Maybe even separated, but at least we would be living in the same house, and as free servants!

           Lord Tarik and Tau whispered over what to do with us. Salia and I nibbled on the leftover food and waited for them to finish. At one point in the conversation they both stopped talking. Tau looked over at us, then back at Tarik in confused awe. I raised my eyebrow, but didn’t say anything of his weird behavior.

           Finally Lord Tarik stood up. “Salia?” He called.

           “Yes milord?” She stood as well, ready to get to work.

           “Zahur and Dakarai should be in the upstairs bedrooms, Tau will first show you to your bedroom, and then take you to Zahur and Dakarai. You will clean with them and I will pay you at the end of every week.”

           She looked astonished. “We have our own rooms?” She asked slowly.

           “Of course! I wouldn’t let you sleep on the floor like slaves!” She smiled, and followed Tau out of the room.

           “Kamilah?” Tarik called.

           “Yes my lord?” I asked.

           “About that prophecy…”

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