The Blood Masters

Kamilah was born into the slave world. Unbeknownst to her, everything would change at the words of an old woman.


3. Chapter 2

          I was overjoyed when breakfast was over. Salia was called to go with the master and his guest while they walked around my master’s lands. I helped the other girls clean up breakfast, my mind whirling. What did the other lord want with me? Why did he ask me to speak? Never had I been asked to speak in the presence of the master or his guests. We were supposed to be silent. We were supposed to be ghosts, attending to every need of our master. Unless… he wanted to buy me. I was a slave after all. All of us were for sale. Our only use was to serve our master, and now that I thought about it, any girl could take my place.

          Great. What if he was one of those who made his slaves sleep in the barn? What if there were male slaves there and they made us sleep all together? Masters didn’t usually care how well we were treated by other slaves, as long as bruises didn’t show. I had it pretty good here. I just hope it was the same there too.

          It was sunset by the time Salia returned to the kitchen. I was helping Tabia cook dinner, another extravagant meal. Salia tried to avoid being in the way as she stood next to me in the kitchen.

           “What is it?” I asked, looking at her excited face.

           “He talked to me!” She looked so excited, as if she were going to burst from everything building up inside of her.

           “A guard?” I asked, I mean who else would talk to a slave?

           “No!” She scowled; the guards wouldn’t talk to us much. They were like us. Silent, serving, ghosts.

           “The honored guest.” She said it slowly so I would comprehend. I was about to ask if she was joking, but she pulled me away from the dish I was preparing and ordered another to take my place. We went to a corner of the kitchen that was just out of sight.

           “Grisar had drunk too much wine, so he went to relieve himself. I stayed with the guest and he turned to me. ‘Does he always drink this much?’ he asked. At first I didn’t answer, but then I said ‘yes, milord.’ He nodded and then turned back to view the courtyard. ‘Milord, what do you want with Kamilah?’ I asked and he turned to face me. ‘I need her for something. Something important.’” She stared at me intensely as if I was supposed to know what the man wanted with me.

           “I wonder what he wants with me,” I asked her.

          She shrugged. “I just hope he doesn’t take you too far. Then I’ll lose my best friend.”

          I smiled and hugged her. “I’ll miss you.”

          One of the other girls came into the kitchen. “Kamilah?” she asked, looking for me. I stood up, embarrassed that it looked like I was hiding in a corner to get out of working. “The master would like to see you.” I nodded and followed her out to the dining room. I looked back at Salia. She peered out of our hiding place, tears coming to her eyes.

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