The Blood Masters

Kamilah was born into the slave world. Unbeknownst to her, everything would change at the words of an old woman.


13. Chapter 12

          I stood high in the air, on the back of Qeb, the largest and darkest dragon. Asim, my guardian, flew to the right of us, a golden image of glory, his copper scales gleaming in the sunlight. Sefu, my sword, flew below us, getting a good look at everything around us. His interesting scales were green when he was visible, but when he was invisible, that was a different matter.

          Qeb’s dark blue scales would blend with the night, but he stood out in day. Sefu stood out everywhere, unless he was invisible, and Asim tended to blend better on the sand than in the sky.

          Thanks to Isis’s magic they were all full grown at a week old. She had to use her magic to make the dragon stone palace larger, and make it so I had quarters as well as my dragons. They all had “rooms” deep below the palace.

          Below us were coming to be five thousand men, destined for my city. “Qeb.” I commanded. He landed with his brothers in front of the army. The men were shocked, to say the least.

          I walked slowly through the stumbling men until I found one who was dismounting from his horse. “What is this? What are you doing?” He shouted.

          In complete calm, I replied, “I am taking over you army. If you do not wish to comply, I believe my sons are hungry after such a long flight.” He grit his teeth and drew his sword.

           “Very well.” I said. He came at me. With a flick of my hand he fell and slid a long ways toward Qeb and Asim. “Sefu.” I said, and he appeared out of nowhere. The men seemed even more afraid.

           “You will follow me. You will help me take back my city. Any who refuse will be food.” I said, loudly and sternly.

          No one refused. I got on the man’s horse and the men picked themselves up once my dragons were back in the air.

          When we reached the city, the warning bells were already ringing. I rolled my eyes. Reaching both hands in front of me, I concentrated hard on that damned wall. It crumbled. The men on top of it shouted and ran for the side of the wall that wasn’t falling apart.

          I was here to take my city back. And no one was going to stop me. “Advance.” I commanded. “Kill no slave.” I warned them. They seemed to know the consequence, as my dragons already started burning the lord’s houses. “Qeb. Take me to the seven.” I said.

          He landed next to me, scaring my horse almost to death. I mounted and we flew. Flying was the best thing in the world. And flying towards my city was even better. I was going to kill the bastards who dared enslave me and these people.

          Someone made the mistake of releasing hunting lions to try to fight for them. Once they saw who they were fighting, the lions turned on their master. They would not fight their sister.

          The seven were in the leader of the blood master’s palace. “Who are you?” One of them asked, cowering in fear. Abubakar knew, despite my change in appearance. He clenched his jaw and turned away.

           “Do not fight her.” He said, and walked out, never to be seen again.

           “Abubakar!” One of the blood masters called after him.

          I had dragons and magic on my side. They had what? They couldn’t fight at full power without all seven of the blood brothers. The leader of them looked furious. He was about to say something, but Qeb roasted him for me. The others were frightened. Anyone who tried to toss a fireball got a thousand times worse. I barely lifted a finger. The men were stupid enough to fight one at a time.

          Qeb simply roasted them one at a time. I walked out of the palace, the scent of roasting flesh burning my nose. The slaves were gathered below. The battle was over. The lords who didn’t fight were still alive.

           “You are all free under my rule as queen. Take off your chains and your tattered clothing. You will be given new clothes and new homes.” I announced to the people below.     

          I created a crown of gold with my magic and placed it on my head. “Get rid of these forsaken palaces of the blood masters. Rid us of their memory.” I commanded my army, as I started to greet my new people.

          They called me mother. They called me sister. They knew I was queen, but we were a family. 

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