The Blood Masters

Kamilah was born into the slave world. Unbeknownst to her, everything would change at the words of an old woman.


12. Chapter 11

          It was magic. We were walking, but not on the sand. We walked just above it. Hardened air stood between the soles of my brand new sandals that were already worn and stained with lion’s blood and the sand below me.

          I felt the warmth of the sun, but it was no longer hindering. The glare was gone, as Isis had given me eye paint and black kohl to wear. I was back to health, drinking as much water and eating as much food as Isis allowed me to.

          The walk didn’t seem that long, but we must’ve walked for miles. I couldn’t see the city any longer behind us. We had passed several oases, but Isis had magic. There was no need to stop and rest.

          I was probably the only person who managed to get away from the blood master’s city alive. I thought back to all the slaves who died in the coliseum. To all the slaves we had heard about trying to escape the city and being caught by the hunting lions.

          The lions had been kind to me though. Was that because I was Isis’s daughter? Or was it because I came back to try to save one of their own? Either way they had let me go. I was right in front of them. I touched them, and they freed me.

          Maybe it was because I wasn’t a slave. Or maybe it was because I understood them. They were forced to hunt for the blood masters. Maybe the high masters had even used blood magic on the lions?

          I didn’t know. All I knew was that I was going to take back the city, free the slaves, free the lions. I just didn’t know how yet.

          What stood before me was a palace like no other. It was shaped like a pyramid, like the other palaces of the cities, but it wasn’t made of normal stone. I walked up to it and touched the side.

          Metal? I looked at the palace as a whole. The sun didn’t glare off of it, reflecting light.

           “What is it made out of?” I asked Isis.

           “Dragon stone.” She replied, looking up in appreciation. “It absorbs the light, and becomes hidden in the sand.” She explained. “Originally it is black, but this place has stood for a long time in sand and sun. It has turned invisible to anyone who doesn’t know it’s here.”

          She led the way inside a grand entryway, also invisible to the naked eye. Inside the stone was black. The entire thing was made of dragon stone. The entryway, the hallway, and even the throne room were entirely too big for humans.

           “What lived here?” I murmured.

           “A dragon. Many people came to this place to see the grand dragon many years ago.” She answered, walking over to a torch and lighting it.

           “What happened?” I asked, touching a large claw mark in the stone floor.

           “He was killed.”

          I looked at her, unsure of what to feel. She looked sad, as if she knew the dragon. “Come with me.” She said, and led the way deep into the mysterious palace.

          Deep within the basement of the dragon stone was a large fireplace looking furnace. “The next part of your prophecy awaits you here.” She whispered, lighting the fire, and disappearing.

          I opened my mouth to speak, but I was alone. The next part of my prophecy? Dragons are ancient beasts. Does that mean those eggs, are dragon eggs? I touched the scaly egg gingerly. As if a voice inside of my head was telling me what to do, I placed them in the fire.

          Grabbing a knife off of a table, I slashed my palm and let the red liquid drip into the fire. I watched as if in a trance. I spoke in mumbles words to bring them to life. I looked into the fire and I saw shapes and pictures. Moving images as if it were happening in real life.

          Crack! The fire popped and an egg moved slightly. The insides warming on a human scale. I reached into the fire, still mumbling, to readjust the eggs. Bad choice. The magic went into my blood and up my arm, sweeping through my neck, my head, and my hair. I shook it off and kept reciting.

          It was hours later when the fire burned itself out. Three shapes stretched and yawned as if awakening from a long sleep. I felt our connection. I felt their power. I felt my prophecy coming into life.

          It was a long night. I grabbed my three beasties and took them upstairs. I simply conked out just below the throne chair.

          When I woke the next morning, I found that my three beasties had raided a fairly old kitchen to find nothing, but Isis must’ve come by because there was a pile of fresh meat they were tugging at, and I was lying on a pile of pillows.

           “Isis?” I called. She looked up from petting the darkest of the three dragons.

           “Good morning.” She smiled. She simply waved her hand and a grand table with human food lay before me, filled higher than I’ve ever seen before. Off to the side were a dressing screen and a wardrobe with dresses.

           “I like what you did with the hair.” She said, smiling and bending back to the dragons.

           “What?” I asked, surprised. She waved her hand and a large mirror appeared in front of me.

          My once dark hair that matched Isis’s was now white, but not wispy and broken like the Oracle’s. It was healthy and young. I turned my head from side to side. It went well with my eyes. I raised a now white eyebrow. It must’ve been when I stuck my hand into the fire.

           “It’s your connection to your sons.” Isis said, answering my question. I sighed. I might as well accept it then. I changed into a white dress, not a wedding dress, that had purple flowers. Isis placed golden bands around my wrists and long golden earrings adorned my ears. My ankh necklace was around my neck, as always.

           “Now what? I need an army to take my city, and my dragons are babies.” I asked Isis as we ate breakfast.

           “That meat is spelled. The more they eat, the more they grow. By tomorrow they will be the size of a horse, maybe larger.” She said, and I glared at her, but didn’t stop my beasties from eating.

           “You need to practice magic with me. It will help you in your fight.” She said.

           “I have magic?” I asked, looking at her.

           “Of course you do, you are my daughter after all. A few days of magic, a few days of your dragons eating that food, and we will be ready.”

           “What do I do about an army?” I asked.

           “I believe there’s one marching to the city already. You can take command of that one.” She smiled, resting her chin on her hands.

           “Let’s get started.” I said, standing.

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