Second (L.H)

"I saw how smart she was. Her hand was up all the time and she was very quiet. But she was still dumb enough to not know when she was being used."

Luke Hemmings was the new boy in town who was still trying to keep up with drama, stereotypes, and cliques of his high school. He's got his fair share of friends and knows the basics. He may even know more than most about the towns people - except the towns reality show of a family the Kingstone's.

Emmanuelle Kingstone is different than other girls in her town. She is the know-it-all girl who sits straight with her hand ready to raise at a moments notice. She doesn't seem to care about getting the next best sports scholarship or what party is going on that weekend. Though she does still tend to crack under pressure.

Emmanuelle and Luke seems to be the only ones who don't know about a big piece of the towns history, the 'winter wonderland' of 2010. While Luke tried o keep up with this project and slove the puzzle that is Emmanuelle Kingstone he is in for a few surprises. But does this know-it-all know anything at all?

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1. Second

This is my first book. I just really wanted to make that clear. This is a book that won't always pull you in at first. Around Chapter 8 or 9 things will pick up. SKIPPING CHAPTERS IS A BAD THING TO DO! especially for this book because its a bit of a mystery that even one word can be a clue. Now again THIS IS MY FIRST BOOK so you may understand instantly who did what and all that but remember that its rude to write all the answers and tell everyone in a the comments/wall. So don't do it😡

also please no plagiarizing this shit takes time and I'm not going to let someone lazy steal it and get unprecedented praise.

Also! At the end of some chapters are some books some online so printed that I think people should check out. just because someone may not like what I'm writing doesn't mean that they should suffer not having an amazing book to read!

okay so please give this book a try and REMEMBER TO LIKE AND FAVORITE!!!

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